Prepositions after "great"

great for, in, at, with or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases great for is used

Yep thats great for the planet.

Less jobs is great for the GOP.

And it's great for the economy.

American paranoia will be all the greater for seeing the worst nightmares come true.

So what Do You Think? Delicious in Grey Lynn has been consistently great for 10 years.

The problems that beset protein synthesis apply with greater force to DNA synthesis.

However since the amount of cellular subscribers increased, this number slowly greater for you to 21 years of age.

Finally if you read the article you would realise the volume of data will become to great for the fibre to the node.

Great for the experience, but not a place you can visit regularly for what you're paying (and what you're getting!).

Why don't you speak to your parents and ask them if you could go to a different school? This would do great for you.

In 15% of cases great in is used

The flight was great in and out.

Hawaii sounds great in the fall.

He was great in the playoffs too.

Great in the manner of the Lithuanians, defeated 2-0 in Vaduz in front of 1,886 people.

All of us cricket players were terrible at batting in Rounders, but great in the field.

It was great in ' 84 but I am getting tired of your doing this schtick 3 decades later.

Take some time off and really think about the true bogan and what made this site great in the first couple of months.

The good thing about using tea tree is the fact that has antiseptic properties which is great in treating the fungus.

SoundDiego TV airs on NBC 7/39 at 1 am, after Saturday Night Live, which should be great in the wake of the election.

Publicly available information on such matter is not great in the area either but the Internet is a different matter.

In 9% of cases great at is used

USA is not great at everything.

I'd not great at down climbing.

He's less great at the execution.

Great at domestic level and elevated to legendary status by Manchester United devotees.

He's not great at quietness, more suited to brash action and loud noises, but he tries.

Zack is probably the MVP in all of Canada and he's going to do great at the next level.

He is just a fairly skilled basketball player; who's just a little bit good at everything, but not great at anything.

But isn't it great at the same time? It's a game brave enough to punish sloppy preparation and rushing in recklessly.

I know that I often rush through writing, I'd not great at editing my work and I should be working harder to do that.

The differences are greater at Aduku than at Walukuba, and greater with HRP-2-based RDTs than with pLDH-based RDTs.

In 6% of cases great on is used

Looks great on the counter too.

He wasn't great on the overlap.

Ann Curry was great on the show.

Firstly, prevention is better than cure: - Make sure your sites have great on page SEO.

PES was great on the PS2 as in really really great especially with friends come around.

The Nation works great on the Kindle, and I find it very easy to get around each issue.

This time around, it feels as though the need for a win is greater on Wearside than it is on the banks of the Tyne.

The team clearly saw good things from him on film, but it does not discount the fact that he was not great on Sunday.

Ivan's had a few occasions where a sure-fire FOTN effort was taken away by something even greater on the card above.

So, we have an absence of midwives and yet the demand for them has never been greater on this little island of ours.

In 6% of cases great with is used

Also great with added beetroot.

Great with food but a bit young.

Sure he was great with the kids.

But, potential savings are even greater with use of more than one solar technology.

The nurses ' satisfaction with the overall transport was greater with the CP group.

Her eyes rolled, yes, this would be great with a very dry, authentic German Riesling.

Make your software look great with a set of professional-quality software stock icons in raster and vector formats.

Not only was this a clear act of insubordination, I assumed it wouldn't look that great with the staff seeing this.

Just some tips - add carrot (one) and also use skinny milk instead of the oil - still tastes great without the fat.

This way, your macaroni will turn out perfectly every time and will taste great with the cheese melted over the top.

In 5% of cases great about is used

In fact, we feel great about it.

There is nothing great about it.

I do nt what's so great about it.

And it was kind of devastating but also really relieving, and he was great about it.

What's great about the British rally scene is the amount of old cars that still run.

What's great about it is that it uses simple and basic words inside its definitions.

It makes me feel like I am not ever going to understand the what is so great about the book, and Partick Rothfuss.

I can suddenly walk into a room and feel GREAT about myself knowing that I am a BEAUTIFUL, wonderful child of God.

What surprises me is my mum still thinks she was really great about it, just beacause she didn't insist I ate meat.

Deadman switch: Though I'll admit I'd not great about using it, I do when I plan to cross something very rough solo.

In 2% of cases great as is used

Great as well as exact details.

The atmosphere is great as well.

Howard world be great as a judge.

Final Fantasy 9 pair: They worked great as a duo, and individually the detail holds up.

However, it's not that great as the percentage increase in Magic Power isn't that high.

They look great as the jacket was a mix or red and white so they looked like high tops.

The Opus Dei's role in the Apostolic Palace has become noticeably greater as the Vatileaks scandal has gained pace.

Great as a lip balm, softens elbows and knees, great as a highlighter, tames unruly brows and makes eyelashes glossy.

Great as a lip balm, softens elbows and knees, great as a highlighter, tames unruly brows and makes eyelashes glossy.

I have to confess, I've never tried a mix of fish &; orange before and this one was great as a first time experience.

In 2% of cases great of is used

Great of you to stop by, Kinna.

Glad to read about how great of a.

A great of editing will be needed.

Ty must be smiling ear to ear knowing how great of a Halloween celebration you all had.

CASSIO 360 This did I fear, but thought he had no weapon; 361 For he was great of heart.

The first one (he had two) hadn't really done that great of a job, and had little effect.

To the online converter, at the same time, it always accepts only small size original file and costs a great of time.

It was at this time I realized how great of a capacity for motivating and helping others was innate in my very being.

Richards easily met residence qualifications to play for England and could have become an all-time great of the game.

Raising taxes just makes the federal government bigger and more powerful and we all know how great of an idea that is.

In 2% of cases great to is used

They have all been great to me.

Its great to do and challenging.

They have gone from great to good.

Needless to say, the chicken tastes great to me and i eat it whenever i get the chance.

In this depressing economic climate it is indeed great to see the generosity in people.

Hamilton has been great to me but the organization is going to have to make a decision.

Fit it into a sentence or an introduction or just a comment, like it's great to do stuff like this with friends, too.

We had all sorts of visitors from the great to the good, with many of them wondering if we were a commercial gallery.

Alot of what you are talking about sounds great to me, but I know many that would find it bothersome and unrewarding.

The G Man and the Zoo Project were so great to me! It was something special, something you'd have to see for yourself.

In 1% of cases great after is used

Things worked great after that.

Bet I'll smell great after that.

My hair smelled great after use.

I, on the other hand, felt great after the birth and had not experienced any stress.

The need to keep up the facade isn't nearly as great after the election, win or less.

When Meng is up it is great after a Maddening Shout, when your raid is low on health.

I'd starting to get a bit worried the the great Art O Neill challenge might not work out to be so great after all.

We worked like 6 hours the 3 of us at least and it was great after expending so much money in the city of Auckland.

This would have been great after Spa last year, for example, to examine a real talking point incident in more depth.

Well sited rural, non-airport stations show a warming nearly three times greater after NOAA adjustment is applied.

In 1% of cases great by is used

Glasgow We grow great by dreams.

Your images are great by the way.

Lincoln was made great by the war.

Wangaari Maathai, who was undoubtedly great by all standards, was not re-elected as MP.

Who was great by the way, except for the part where he thinks he wants to charge me 130.

Some buyers are able to prove whether the bottle you have is great by how you stored it.

I can definitely say that we would likely never have played Hunterville, which was great by the way, without Powertool.

Wasnt great by any stretch of the imagination, if we pound the ball we win, its a very simple solution -- pound the ball.

By the way, we didn't get the picnic presentation glamour that is in Carol's photo (all the photos are great by the way).

In 1% of cases great from is used

They are a great from of protein.

They look great from the outside.

He's simply not GREAT from the pocket.

It is all a result of the system that has made this country great from its inception.

Looks great from most angles except the rear three-quarter one, which is a tad plain.

It's maybe not so great from an environmental and animal welfare part of view though.

Wow: Another great from Science: Google has become the primary form of external transactive memory for our brains is.

My favorite part of the cathedral is the rose window, which looks great from both inside and outside of the building.

The bowling wasn't great from there yet the North Cork man looked to have it secured holding good law with two to go.

The room service is great from either their own kitchen, the local Indian restaurant or the French restaurant, La Plage.

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