Prepositions after "gossip"

gossip about, to, in, on or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases gossip about is used
    Women of other nobles maliciously gossiped about this happening.
    I told him, if people are gossiping about me, don't listen to them.
    She does not gossip about what we say and does not waste our provisions.
    I assumed that people were gossiping about me and telling him to not talk to me.
    Kitchens are as quick to seize upon these things and gossip about them as drawing rooms are.
    I would have at least understood a little more about why women gossip about silly little things.
    It is the spirit of hell that makes people to complain that they have been slighted or that people are gossiping about them.
    Since then there have been many false-starts, nasty rumours and gossip about how she hasn't been able to pick herself up post the breakup.
    It means when you're out at drinks with your girlfriends gossiping about your favorite sex position, I have no idea what you're talking about.
    Instead, they gossip about those who are being hung out to dry by the MSM such as Gary Glitter and Jonathan King, both of whom are already universally despised by the public.

    In 9% of cases gossip to is used
    He has recently written a letter containing lies and gossip to the local newspaper.

    In 3% of cases gossip of is used
    Against all odds, they turned a deaf ear to gossip of clan and friends and moved to Baguio to raise a family.

    In 3% of cases gossip over is used
    The nosy neighbour gossiping over the fence has been replaced by twitter.

    In 3% of cases gossip until is used
    It was a small town in two steel structures, where kids ruled the block, and parents sat on the steps of the pool gossiping until the sun went down.

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