Prepositions after "google"

"google for" or "google Plus"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 41% of cases google for is used
    google for both cities and browse by items of your interest.
    You can google for polls conducted by neutral foreign news sources in Kashmir.
    Remember: Blessed are those who google for a local Indonesian restaurant right now.
    If you google for ' reflection for C++ ' you will find lots of information including few very promising open source APIs.
    I shop online for stuff so I don't have to go to the shops, and I google for information so I don't have to go to the library.
    Localization of software is fine (and let keep Fabrice his job) but keep ALL the error messages in English so EVERY developer can at least google for it.
    More interestingly, if you google for Agenda 21 these days, you're likely to find a whole bunch of nutball right-wing conspiracy theories about it being an agenda to destroy American freedom.

    In 24% of cases google Plus is used
    The week ending July 25th google Plus had 21.
    The week ending August 11th google Plus had 39.
    I think that's why I'd less attracted to google Plus than some.
    Which settings to get max resolution of 2048, does google Plus take.
    google Plus also had been witnessed a high usage as compared with last year.
    Please explore more the photo aspect of google Plus, as this is why I sought an invite.
    I've started the blog British Telly on tumblr and there is also a Facebook Page and google Plus Page.
    W would like to inform our users that google Plus One feature won't be available anymore on AddMeFast since 7 of September.
    How is the best way to bulk upload photos and video, can I use picasa or do I have to use the awkward web based interface of google Plus.
    More than 45% spent over 5 hours per week advertising their services on social media including Facebook, google Plus, LinkedIn and twitter.

    In 12% of cases google in is used
    The survey also throws light on the cities across the globe that have the best chance of producing the next IT giants like Microsoft or google in the coming years.

    In 7% of cases google as is used
    One of those benefits is that people will keep using google as their search engine of choice.
    If your website can provide a good user experience, google as the referrer will also gain good benefits from it.

    In 5% of cases google on is used
    Roger Smith, watchmaker extraordinary on the Isle of Man (google on him ), gets 5000 views as of this date.

    In 2% of cases google after is used
    google after users enter particular search order in which pages appear on terms) may essentially change the point is that with the facebook web services advent of caffeine page rankings (the.

    In 2% of cases google beyond is used
    Science student my foot, do you know that removing any layer from your skin prons you to diseases like cancer? Just google beyond bleaching and see what will come up.

    In 2% of cases google instead is used
    If you decide to look up something online, you google instead of search for it.

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