Prepositions after "glue"

glue to, on, in, into or onto?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 86% of cases glue to is used
    I'd still fairly glued to Homeland.
    They would be glueD to the group for safety.
    Marie Landry kept me glued to the page for hours.
    When driving, your eyes are glued to the road, not to the person in the passenger seat.
    However those are glued to my mind that I can repeat hundred times with minutest details.
    Or have you friend glued to your phone, refusing to return it, until they beat your score.
    The staff were glued to the TV watching the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy that was tearing up the North Atlantic coast.
    I'd bet most of them don't read about the war anymore and are not glued to the tv anymore when the war is covered in the news.
    And unashamedly will be glued to the screen for I'd a Celeb, if only so I can vote Nadine Dorries for a bushtucker trial every day.
    In this case females need to be extra cautious, they need to bring some changes if they want their partner should be glued to them.

    In 2% of cases glue in is used
    Once this was achieved the front brackets were glued in place.
    Whatever pages he loved from other books were also cut and glued in the volume, including segments from the Old Testament.
    Once you're happy glue it in place and wait until it's totally dry and sturdy, if you're using the Ovaltine container you can use the lid as the back, again, glue in place and wait for it to set.

    In 2% of cases glue with is used
    Floating Floors Floating floors are in the engineered flooring application where the tongue and groove have been glued with an adhesive.

    In 1% of cases glue from is used
    It will keep you glued from page one.

    In 1% of cases glue like is used
    If so, why are they glued like limpets to their offices, sharing with Sinn Fein in the day-to-day administration of Northern Ireland.

    In 1% of cases glue of is used
    The round search loop needs to be glued of fixed to a wooden/plastic handle, With the circuit board inside a small plastic box at the other end for balance.

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