Prepositions after "glean"

glean from, by, in, at or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 78% of cases glean from is used
    Here are a raft of stats, gleaned from around the web.
    Such a position may be gleaned from works of scholarship.
    Some are meant to be gleaned from observing occurrences around us.
    Those are the main plot points that I managed to glean from what I saw when watching it.
    Not surprisingly, in many instances, little can be gleaned from these historical sweepings.
    These were stories gleaned from his experiences and materials collected when he was a seaman.
    Based on the information gleaned from those polls, CDW created ads attacking attempts to remove the secret ballot process.
    Facts that have been gleaned from the focus groups that I conduct on a regular basis, with normal people, some of whom even live outside of the M25.
    Information on this site has been gleaned from various sources and while every care has been taken in it's compilation, accuracy can not be guaranteed.
    Hopefully, African scientists and decision-makers can glean from these experiences useful approaches toward solutions of Africa's range management problems.

    In 7% of cases glean by is used
    Information gleaned by the CCN is that about 1:30 p.
    Information gleaned by the CCN is that about 1:00 p.
    Not to take anything away from major destination or big event road trips, but a greater sense of discovery can sometimes be gleaned by veering off the super highway and into the heart of Americana.

    In 2% of cases glean for is used
    Now that you have the glossy shine (or otherwise) that you like, you should apply a thin layer of lacquer with a clean brush or even cotton wool, which will help keep the glean for longer.

    In 2% of cases glean over is used
    His willingness to help in whatever way he can is a precious rarity and he shares most freely the knowledge and contacts he has gleaned over the years without either a second or a selfish thought.

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