Prepositions after "gifted"

"gifted with" or "gifted to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases gifted with is used

You are gifted with beautiful talent.

Participants were also gifted with a.

We are All Gifted with Some Strengths 1.

When it comes to financial management, not everyone is gifted with the same talents.

Writers are gifted with the ability to tell stories and their stories will be heard.

He doesn't accept that only those gifted with their hands can make good instruments.

That because we're not gifted with a sense of critical mass -- or centre of gravity, if you will -- to begin with.

Words can never fully express what someone feels in his heart at a time like this; and I am not gifted with words.

Such people are the ones who are truly gifted with the kalimah or a good outcome before departing from this world.

In 22% of cases gifted to is used

Gifted to a useful purpose? Hard to say.

RC's spiritual virtue was gifted to John.

This love is not gifted to you by anyone.

The land that is handed down to a particular people is gifted to that people in trust.

How you wish you can keep the gorgeous rose bouquet gifted to you for a few more days.

I made it here in some silver-grey linen gifted to me by Veronica when I was in Paris.

This mausoleum gifted to us by the Chinese to signal their aggressive entry into the construction business in Ghana.

They see the animals as a symbol of wealth and believe the entirety of the world's cattle was gifted to them by God.

Income from gifts If you invest the cash gifted to you in, say, shares, the income generated from this will be taxed.

Vari-da-bagh is gifted to her by her mother in law as a mark of welcome to her new house just after after the wedding.

In 14% of cases gifted in is used

He is also gifted in leadership.

She is gifted in a way I never was.

I feel blessed and gifted in a way.

I was classified as gifted in Grade 5, but have never had enough drive to do anything.

Both of my children are incredibly intelligent, but they are gifted in different ways.

She is extremely gifted in the areas of channeling, psychic seeing and energy clearing.

So either those guys (MD ANDERSON) are less than ideally gifted in the intelligence department or the nay sayers are.

It was not only as a mathematician that Rosenhain was extremely gifted for he was also gifted in languages and music.

Defenders will often be as gifted in possession as some other place, a trait not identified in other places in soccer.

The young princess began to cry, and her brother -- a prince who was much gifted in the art of magic -- became furious.

In 9% of cases gifted by is used

I have a Mac Air gifted by son.

They are gifted by God to do that.

Fresh from the pot, gifted by Sim.

The bronze lamps on either side of the mihrab were gifted by Suleiman the Magnificent.

Another expensive gift came in the form of a BMW 3 series that was gifted by my sister.

Ever green just like its brand says gifted by nature, Uganda is the best place to stay.

Nowadays we are very much gifted by the internet world and few websites which pay you hefty in terms of your writings.

It displays the eternal love that you have for someone otherwise readymade gifts can be purchased and gifted by anyone.

Total Pageviews Disclaimer All products mentioned on this blog were purchased by myself or gifted by friends and family.

The King also gifted by royal edict vast sprawling acres of highland and paddy fields for the maintenance of the Sangha.

In 6% of cases gifted at is used

He was naturally gifted at maths.

But she was gifted at dodging my attempts.

Anything you know you are gifted at; use it.

It just happens that some people are more naturally gifted at one thing than other people.

Turns out he's gifted at taking pictures with iPhones without being able to see the screen.

She was especially gifted at capturing the spirit of the little girls in the story ' Prelude '.

He made this statement today when he commissioned the Jigawa State Academy for the Gifted at Bamaina in Birnin-Kudu.

She's eager to please and gifted at lifting spirits -- in a large part due to a staggeringly talented singing voice.

Stefanie is a lover of music, tv and movies, and she is gifted at absorbing and retaining useless pop culture trivia.

Dear Bruce -- You are so very gifted at employing ordinary words in new and novel contexts, which I really appreciate.

In 2% of cases gifted for is used

Note that you are gifted for something.

Not recognizing the gifted for WHO they are, vs.

Her impact will not end with CHI-she is too gifted for that.

Passionately Red is not enough, especially when you are NOT GIFTED for it.

These sites are gifted for us to choose a web hosting site for our website.

Many are struggling today in vocations and careers they are not gifted for.

We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.

Moses and Paul were called and gifted for powerful prophetic ministries unique to their periods of salvation history.

Where products are gifted for review or inclusion on Coco Mama Style, this is stated in the post, and honest reviews given.

It's sweet because I believe with all my heart that this is God's will and that Jared is uniquely gifted for this hard task.

In 2% of cases gifted of is used

The most gifted of character comedians.

She had the strength of man yet gifted of all women's charms.

We are the redeemed, the forgiven, the gifted of God (Eph 1:7-8).

Do take the time to read up on one of the most gifted of all the Great Founders of this country.

Until my mid 30? s I had very little self esteem despite the fact that I was the most gifted of her three kids.

Khalilou Fadiga, the most naturally gifted of the outstanding Senegal team of 2002, had a spell with the club too.

The fact that Cahill was by no means the most gifted of footballers was often forgiven due to his work ethic and goal threat.

I digress, but the point remains- memory, when applied incorrectly can tarnish the reputation of even the most gifted of players.

Naki was a surgeon - a pioneering surgeon considered by colleagues to be the most technically gifted of the hospital's medical team.

By nature there are certain things that only women are gifted of doing and there are certain things that only men are capable of doing.

In 1% of cases gifted as is used

Gifted as well as disadvantaged kids.

Exceptionally gifted as well as a get things done person.

Fessenden was far more gifted as an inventor than as a businessman.

The rites are gifted as an energetic seed which must be grown with fire to really blossom.

He worked hard and was also gifted as a small-scale farmer, a basketmaker, a tinsmith, and a carpenter.

Greeting cards that the volunteers made themselves for the kids were distributed and pencils were gifted as a Christmas gift.

We have frustration and unfulfilment among the gifted as well as the not-so-gifted because metta has never been considered important.

While EJ is physically gifted as a thrower and as a runner, he does struggle in the pre-snap and in reading the middle of the defense.

Woods is not naturally gifted as a public speaker, and it's easy to tune him out when he talks about the foundation or the learning centers.

In 1% of cases gifted from is used

Herbs and roots are gifted from nature.

However, the morality and benefits of separating gifted from ungifted is a question of fact.

It was a book, gifted from a good childhood friend, that got me started on the self-development path.

Threw a bright pink blazer over and paired it with the cutest floral headpiece gifted from the beautiful Kani.

The tree of wisdom: In several cultures tradition says that the olive tree was gifted from the gods to people.

Price, Black and brass Rosette necklace Viatuzi, long double strand necklace Gifted from a friend comes with the drop earrings.

Have it gifted from your parents Every year, parents can gift their children 3,000 without any repercussions in terms of Inheritance Tax.

The jewellery gifted to me from my side is in my mom's bank locker and the jewellery gifted from in-laws side is in my MIL's bank locker.

These accounts are not used to purchase apps, they are simply to receive apps that are gifted from the main school ipad admin itunes account.

In 1% of cases gifted on is used

He was gifted on defense and a pretty good banger.

The child is very gifted on the one side yet reveals no true character.

Horror candelabra There are a lot of different candle stands that are gifted on the occasion of Halloween.

Have a blessed New Year!! I completed all of Christmas knitting, although one was gifted on the needles and finished the next day.

First and foremost ensure that the gift is something which you have never ever seen gifted on few special occasions like birthdays.

The jazz legend Bix Beiderbecke, dead at 28, was known as Louis Armstrong's match on the cornet, but he was equally gifted on the piano.

While the Scottish midfielder is not the most gifted on the ball he is efficient in shielding the back four and in breaking the opposition attacks.

Re: How far would you go for a session? A certain player I know, who is a gifted on several instruments, has graced our session on more than one occasion.

It is heavily centred around having three midfield players who are all similarly gifted on the ball, feeding a striker who is expected to take and create chances.

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