Prepositions after "generous"

"generous with", "generous to" or "generous in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases generous with is used

Be generous with your courtesy.

Be generous with your blessings.

It's generous with the fish too.

However, he was not as generous with the royalties from his dozens of other books.

Congratulations on your success and thank you for being so generous with your time.

And they were very generous with their products! Did not stinge at all on anything.

People were just so generous with their time, and I sent her a screener and I got this beautiful email back and.

By the end she was basically wearing green paint with a zipper and was not being overly generous with the paint.

Of course the nature of the resolution will be specific to the issue itself, but be generous with your solution.

These guys were young and funky, but ultimately warm and generous with their knowledge of the menu and wine list.

In 23% of cases generous in is used

That's a bit generous in my eyes.

Generous in the face of suffering.

You are generous in your attributions.

He was, as I have always found him, open, honest and very generous in his discussions.

The author has been most generous in giving me permission to use it in whatever way I.

Black Dog, I think you are being too generous in trying to cover for Tone's behaviour.

Several other groups were very curious and generous in their compliments to the lovely wee boat we raced Saturday.

Both contrasts make it clear that all men are capable to responding to God's generosity by being generous in love.

I am definitely unfinished, but hopefully on the path to becoming more and more generous in my thinking and acting.

You are too generous in your view of this post and the implications that it made about why ED Kain wrote as he did.

In 22% of cases generous to is used

Najib is indeed generous to a fault.

Generous to a fault that Guy Garvey.

Some bankers are generous to a vault.

Therefore, a very good way of atoning for our sins is by being generous to the poor.

She was generally a most placid woman, forgiving, humourous and generous to a fault.

If we expect God to be kind and generous to us, surely we are expected to be equally.

Frankly, FiveThirtyEight ' s estimate that Corker has a 97% chance of re-election seems generous to the Democrats.

Dorotheus Generous to a fault and so charitable towards fellow Christians -- the hallmark of orthodox Catholicism.

TDKR has received mixed reviews -- especially from the critics; I don't think people have been overly generous to it.

Plus he isn't very emotionally generous to his fans, he always acted like the fans were a bother on the RA Army site.

In 8% of cases generous of is used

Very generous of you mondeomam.

Not very generous of him is it.

Wow, that's really generous of you.

Yet somehow he managed to remain spirited, generous of heart and witty till the end.

It's generous of the developer to take the time to come up with such unique rewards.

He is incredibly generous of spirit and pokes harmless fun at those who comes across.

Our family friends kindly offered their amazing home to us for the wedding reception which was so generous of them.

It was incredibly generous of you &; it gave us great pleasure to share the contents with our longterm caregiver's.

It is very generous of you to reach out to the widows in your area, they are lucky to have your support and wisdom.

It was said that the Prophet, already the most generous of men, was even more generous during the month of Ramadan.

In 2% of cases generous for is used

I say generous for two reasons: 1.

Billabong was very generous for giving out GCs and a Sony mobile.

Our offer is generous for the reasons above and we will not increase it.

Perhaps this is what is Zizek's strategy as well, just to be generous for a moment.

As it was generous for Steven to put aside his doubts and allow me to change his mind.

The good part though is FUP is quite generous for a mobile user and cost is affordable.

At one moment a person can be kind and generous for them, and at the other moment, the same person can be cruel and evil.

Spanish mortgage losses have defied gravity due to unemployment benefits being especially generous for the first two years.

The 1939 amendments August 10, 1939 Added dependents and survivors benefits and made benefits more generous for early participants.

But if it was adequate for that family it would be generous for a single man and inadequate for a family of four and more children.

In 2% of cases generous on is used

Feel free to be generous on that front.

Dan, LFC (Never too generous on the praise).

My allowance for higher costs is generous on this count.

Very generous on British and Irish players, minus Ferris, who I desperately want to.

Also, you are very generous on throwing words like idiot, stupid, break the leg etc.

The rationale for going so generous on Andhra, Rajasthan and Kerala is as follows: 1.

BEING GENEROUS One should be generous on one's family and dependants and spend more on them than what is normally spent.

Many are proponents of women paying, yet you are admitting that you actually are chivalrous and generous on your own dates.

They were very generous on spending money, and even overspent the money without parents ' notice, which created disapproval of him towards them.

In 2% of cases generous towards is used

I feel we should be generous towards her.

She was very generous towards her midwives.

He was most generous towards the poor and the afflicted.

She is sacrificing by nature and tends to be sensitive and generous towards others.

Anyone upon whom Allah confers with graces should be generous towards his prisoners.

Something about the post-war period not being terribly generous towards idle wealth.

He was very generous towards people and it was easy for him to give away a banch of bananas to someone in need.

One criticism of the webmasters book is that the education chapter is far too generous towards current schooling.

Giuseppe grew increasingly generous towards the sommeliers, sending for older and older vintages for Caterina to uncork.

To be generous towards other people, to be charitable, is a virtue; and to have a desire and passion within is not a virtue.

In 1% of cases generous about is used

Amazon is quite generous about free samples.

I think I would be much more generous about that.

Namco isn't exactly known for being generous about what you.

I'd less inclined to be generous about their selectivity with the WHO statistics.

You have been so open-hearted and generous about even such deeply personal things.

So, if you really want to get things done, be generous about giving away your ideas.

I love that I'd always learning something new, and that writers are so generous about sharing their experiences.

Now you do not keep this Joy to yourself but you become generous about it, and you go all out to give it to others.

But let's be generous about all the wonderful, quirky differences that exist in variations of English around the world.

Courteous, kind-hearted, and generous about apt a fault, he gained friends wherever he went, and it was with some reason that Mrs.

In 1% of cases generous at is used

Billy is quite generous at sharing.

At least one partner has to be generous at any time.

I completely agree with what you said yanfeng, that 14th is most generous at the end.

You Learn to be Mean and Generous at the same time A bit contradictory statement I suppose.

Verily, Allah's Messenger was more generous at giving bounty or charity than the blowing wind.

She is incredibly generous at the same time, supporting her friends and her employees ' children.

The seat pitch for economy class seats is quite generous at 32 inch -- comfortable even for myself (at 1.

Likewise, there have been many courageous people, who have not been able to be and generous at the same degree.

One of them was Mike Littler who had been so generous at Wellesbourne when I had flown in there in shocking weather.

And just to show you that I too am generous at heart, I will send you A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF GULLIBILITY at no charge.

In 1% of cases generous by is used

They are quite generous by non-military standard, and rightly so.

I think you are being very generous by calling this a model, pope.

And that's generous by the way to say we should have beaten everton.

The package was generous by way of education, tuition, accommodation and daily subsistence.

Almost as bad as all the facebook groups, you're not being generous by just clicking on links.

They won't have to be seen to be generous by others and therefore ' paid ' by feeling superior.

If you are not, do not be so generous by offering people around you a free wireless network connection from your home wireless.

The pittance allowed in the US for benefits was under 19K per year and it is not generous by half of what is on offer in the UK.

If you're not confident the Government will be as generous by the time you retire, you could play safe by halving that estimate.

Generous by nature I bought far too much alcohol and my very sensible friends drank responsibly leaving me with boxes of the stuff.

In 1% of cases generous toward is used

The president was generous toward Romney.

We must be generous toward God? s work, first making the care of His servant a high priority.

And I don't think I am unusual in feeling less generous toward charities that pay their staff.

So if you're feeling suddenly more generous toward your partner than usual, credit the love hormone.

On the other hand, the Obama administration was far more generous toward traditional college education.

Portland voters, apparently feeling pretty generous toward education, also approved a $482 million bond measure.

And what He is doing is forgiving and healing and releasing and changing and loving and being generous toward us.

However, this division seems unduly generous toward Obama because it includes policies he supports, or has supported.

He who is generous toward the people wins their love, and a people living under a mild rule becomes strong and powerful.

Now more than ever you can be generous toward each day that comes, young, to disappear forever, and yet remain unaging in the mind.

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