Prepositions after "fun"

"fun with" or "fun for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases fun with is used

My favorite was Fun with Music.

Have fun with the bubble bursts.

Avoid have fun with a long time.

First Day of Kindergarten -- Fall 1959 Back-to-school shopping was always fun with mom.

Ms Little said the clothing and wigs were there for people to put on and have fun with.

Biting, rough messing around with clawing is fun with the kitten yet damaging in a cat.

Whatever it is, it disable you the ability to have fun with the girl, enjoy the moments you both are having together.

It's a reasonably amusing idea, and the script duly has fun with the contrasts between LA-la land and sleepy Suffolk.

If all you do is banter with him you're in danger of becoming JUST a friend who he can hang around and have fun with.

In 24% of cases fun for is used

It's fun for the entire family.

That was all fun for all of us.

Sure, it can be fun for a while.

Remember that she has to think being around you is fun for HER and not just fun for you.

Those surprises where so fun for us that I totally understand adding gender into the mix.

The best comics are definitely the ones that are fun for both the reader and the creator.

I agree with the supporting cast in The Office US getting more involved makes it way more fun for a long running show.

And it's not just fun for the kids: I actually found myself picking the book up and suggesting that we read some more.

Spending quality time together to create a life history book for the person with dementia can be fun for all involved.

Don't forget right kit and good navigation are a must, teach the kids the basics it'll make the walk more fun for them.

In 14% of cases fun in is used

Have fun in the Philippines Mr.

There is zero fun in it for me.

I think there's more fun in it.

The girls had fun in the garden so that kept them happy and Daisy was pretty settled too.

So that when it snows or rains everbody can have fun in the winter but stay dry and warm.

With children's races and an all day party atmosphere, it was fun in the sun on race day.

I admit to watching movies that are fun in that vein but it doesn't make worthy of a three or four star review, either.

But without each other we wouldn't be able to create the amazing, inspiring websites we do and have fun in the process.

I should try to watch a movie in the way you do, maybe I will find more fun in it rather than just swallow its content.

Maybe they were just dead hungover or maybe the need to not have fun in the beautiful ceremony overcame their good sense.

In 7% of cases fun at is used

And I bet you're fun at parties.

But you can make it fun at home.

Have fun at pet day on Saturday.

Of course, the locals had fun at Buck's expense teasing him about not selling that rifle.

I find my initials to have a bizarre connection to certain people and it is fun at times.

I have way more fun at the stadium cheering my favorite team on surrounded by other fans.

He said children could be entertained by council staff in the museum next door while their parents had fun at the ball.

Here is just a short summary of activities you can engage in while visiting: Go to the coast and have fun at the beach.

So I encourage you to go out of your way this holiday season to nurture fun at work, as well as passion and motivation.

In 5% of cases fun on is used

It will be fun on the ice: www.

We want to have fun on our own.

Have fun on your new adventure.

I LOVE Halloween, and it is also my daughters birthday, so I really have fun on that day.

Download one or all of the games above, and you are guaranteed to have fun on your phone.

I rest my case and let u have fun on this wonderful blog infested with all kinda nutters.

LTT The students had fun on the following BBC sites that helped them experiment with various force and motion concepts.

It's even possible to have fun on the Danforth, the Junction or the Beaches! Love your whole city, not just your ' hood.

The year was fantastic and busy, the wildlife was spectacular and I think it's safe to say that we all had fun on safari.

Parents take their children to public playgrounds so that they can burn off their excess energy and have fun on a budget.

In 3% of cases fun to is used

But it's always fun to prospect.

This is not very fun to some kids.

But they're not fun to party with.

Could be fun to try though but it has never been the natural way of writing songs for us.

Not only fun to cook but the pleasure in your guests faces when they indulge in the meal.

Yet -- oh, I can't explain! But what you and Charlie Moon call fun wouldn't be fun to me.

That's part of the fun too, I'd finding: The freedom to create instinctively without being tied to a visual impression.

I have copied some websites below that are fun to practice map reading skills: learning about maps and adventure island.

This show was not only fun to watch but it was also interesting and informative, which is why I never missed an episode.

I enjoyed the concert so much and it was fun to not really know what everybody was going to sing for their solo numbers.

In 2% of cases fun about is used

That's the most fun about writing.

This was fun about us and coming home.

Still, there's something fun about this.

In all seriousness though, there is little that is fun about watching Ireland right now.

Why should gluten free travellers visit your town? Tell me something fun about your town.

I'll save you the rant I originally wrote, but I'll state for the record that there was nothing fun about that night.

I find that side of things really fun about the project because in certain ways I don? t think about the song structure.

However, what hasn't been fun about these Olympics is thinking about who's not on the team this summer because of injury.

There's nothing fun about not being able to show your friends how smart your dog is because you forgot your treats at home.

In 1% of cases fun along is used

But make no mistake, he has fun along the way.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun along the way.

Also, don't forget to have fun along the way -- buying a.

Start from where you are and you'll perform well, recover better, and have fun along the way.

But the odds are against that happening, so it is important to make sure you have fun along the way.

People who want to make a product that can influence the world, and have a lot of fun along the way.

The goal was not to acquire funds; it was to tell a story about a journey and an adventure, and to have fun along the way.

A typical of countless might be the applications recognized to because unschooling that's generally more fun along with other.

I am a warm trusting and caring individual who just really w date ideas ants to have fun along with enhjoy life to the fullest.

Thinking outside of the box is 100% needed in order to not only complete your goals faster, but also to have fun along the way.

In 1% of cases fun as is used

Which is fun as well as useful.

It's okay to have fun as a Christian.

Make your hobby to be fun as well as profitable.

A key aspect to developing your child's sense of humor is to take time to have fun as a family.

Avoiding these un-fun traits is just as important to being fun as the ideas above, maybe more so.

Spearfishing should be fun as well as providing you and your family with the freshest and tastiest food.

Even fun as a couple; been there, done that! Jake About me I'd a 24 year old American who traveled Australia for a year.

Social innovators often want to have fun as well as change the world: government seems to have forgotten all about that.

It was more fun as a crew member (world experience of its own -- 60 different nationalities, over 1000 crew members on my ship).

You can still dance, have some yard games (still fun as an adult ), and your guests are home in time to still do something else.

In 1% of cases fun by is used

Getting there from Hamburg is fun by itself.

Let's have fun by discussing about Belgium facts.

You can make photography more fun by creating challenges.

Cucus are supposed to be fun by you are more of a mother of teenagers than anything else.

You can make it fun by singing songs and playing I-Spy with the things you see along the way.

They also have fun by taking part in interesting activities right on the day of this festival.

While it isn't fun by any means, morning sickness can be treated by eating certain foods that help your body feel better.

Your entire article is condescneding and ' elitist ', looking down on people that choose to have fun by going on cruises.

I've had some of the most fun by leveling up as a healer (with a friend of mine who was a tank) when we were dungeon running.

We were young, and anything fun by somebody we knew and we weren't invited to be part of was seen to be a grave traitorous act.

In 1% of cases fun during is used

Try to have fun during the test.

Have fun during November, stretch your.

We'll have even more fun during our annual.

I really think he had fun during these times and we tried to make them pleasant for him.

We will make sure that you have the most fun during the whole season and start winning with us.

In fact, one of my goals for the week was to not stress about this race and to have fun during it.

Summer is the best time to be in Linkoping for sure but that doesn't mean you cant have fun during the winter season.

It was all fun during the Central Manchester Returned Citizens Association fund day at the Astra Country Style Inn two weeks ago.

I'd glad everyone had fun during the event, and that everyone else who could not attend, participated in the nomination and voting process too.

Also, if you've promised to send photos back to the guides with a testimonial on how much you had fun during your holiday, do keep your promise.

In 1% of cases fun like is used

Free date site is more fun like this.

It was exciting to have fun like that.

It's not fun like a swim at the beach.

He's still in college and hanging out with his friends to have fun like parties sometimes.

Because you'll have fun like never before in its 3 lake-style pools, which are linked together.

I'd hoping I end up with enough of it to do something fun like that! I hope Emily is on the mend.

The thing to remember is that you need not wait until you have guests to have fun like this -- have such an evening with.

I don't like the nuns in this doposcuola; they're not fun like the ones my parents sent me to when we first moved to Italy.

At school he worked diligently, was popular, ate well, slept well and had fun like normal teenagers do when they are with mates.

The chance to do something fun like this and be able to support a very worthy cause is an opportunity we are not going to pass up.

In 1% of cases fun of is used

It was the most fun of my short life up to then.

For me, this was the most fun of the armor build.

Thought it was, by far, the most fun of the three films.

Football is totally fun of them, the players whose every mistake was another person fault.

Personally I think Peace Walker is the most fun of the three, all of which I have on Vita.

The next few months were spent getting to know each other and having the most fun of our lives.

Obviously, if everything goes smoothly you'll be doctor, and if you are fun of American-style movies, then you could joke about it.

Actually I've fun of a necklaces I have here a list of Name Necklaces I'll give to you the link for I am sure you are fun of fashion too.

They have lost sight of the one prerequisite of any good party -- that the guests should have fun, and the guest of honour the most fun of all.

They are coming from other countries who are fun of viewing and experiencing the beautiful beaches, resorts, and even festivals in every region.

In 1% of cases fun without is used

I can have fun without drinking.

They're much more fun without a guardian.

Just try to have fun without paying a cent,.

But at least this made me realise I don't NEED it and I can still have fun without it.

I'd glad for these two things as it wouldn't have been fun without a bit of a challenge.

Pubs aren't fun without beer, the albert hall is rubbish without music or seniors tennis.

It is possible to have fun without acting totally without regard for consequences -- and students should have fun.

These double blade skates give them the confidence to get on the ice and have fun without fear of falling constantly.

I guess I want validation from you ladies that I should, in fact, go and have fun without feeling obligated to the MM.

For those whose first week was a string of attempts to have fun without meeting any Freshers, we dedicate this report.

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