Prepositions after "full-time"

"full-time in" or "full-time for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases full-time in is used

He began writing full-time in 1992.

I have to work full-time in another job.

He gave it up to write full-time in 1997.

I am also a science nerd, since I work full-time in a medical science research lab.

Since July 2008 he is working full-time in Matemwe and we don't let him go anymore.

My mother worked full-time in the home, but she wanted us to do whatever we wanted.

Emotions experienced when making the decision to go full-time in a new venture Once he committed to Understoodit.

How long does it take to pull the event together? I started part-time in October 2009 and full-time in April 2010.

With Trevor Bayne set to take over that ride full-time in 2013, Roush wants to keep his veteran leadership in place.

This is her second Olympics and she has been training full-time in Australia for the London Games for the past year.

In 18% of cases full-time for is used

He has played full-time for only 2.

I worked full-time for other companies.

She currently works full-time for a company.

I was in a relationship, had one child &; i worked full-time for a number of years.

He was a full member of VTW and has been full-time for The Rescu for several months.

Other retainers are worn full-time for about a week, and solely at night thereafter.

She has spent three years training full-time for this and her knowledge and experience of this venue is obvious.

Playdates for my younger ones would be fab too, as they won't be at school/pre-school full-time for a while yet.

Even though they are older than I am, and much, much more spiritual (They work full-time for my church fellowship).

In the long run, this will probably work out to be cheaper than using an agency full-time for a long period of time.

In 11% of cases full-time at is used

I was working full-time at HubSpot.

I work full-time at slightly above minimum wage.

She starts full-time at a new high school today.

My daughter decided to stay home and work full-time at the family convenience store.

Our only paid staff is those local people hired to serve full-time at the orphanages.

The point is an American working full-time at minimum wage ($10/hr) earns $20,800/yr.

Sean is one of those people, he works full-time at Purpose, and writes for the popular design blog FormFiftyFive.

He said police alleged that the brother worked full-time at the primary school and the teacher was a relief teacher.

This would allow people to work full-time at home while doing business with different industries even those overseas.

In 9% of cases full-time on is used

He works full-time on unlimited contract.

He will take up the post full-time on Thursday.

Jake said it was and began work full-time on the band re-saw.

Lynda teaches full-time on the course, along with the support of her course tutors.

Their headcounts generally range from 4-10 employees working full-time on the product.

That's paid work, of course, and won't always involve working full-time on FOSS projects.

Touesnard worked on WP App Store on nights and weekends when he began, though he is now full-time on the project.

You don't have to work on the side to live, so you can go full-time on your business and hopefully see rapid growth.

When it was accepted for publication, I had to start working full-time on finishing the conversion from thesis to book.

Bell will transition to working full-time on NBC's Olympics coverage, a role he played during the London games in 2012.

In 8% of cases full-time to is used

Now, I devote myself full-time to writing.

Went from using a walker full-time to using a cane occasionally.

It may mean gradually phasing down from full-time to part-time work.

Let's take a look at the structural shift from full-time to part-time work in the US.

It is definitely a reality check when you go from studying full-time to working full-time.

Since 2008 DFS has a position at Headquarters dedicated full-time to environmental issues.

Meanwhile, UNB has maintained its average class size at 31 and preserved its ratio of full-time to part-time faculty.

De-registering may mean that you become part-time, or you may move from full-time to part-time at the end of the year.

Over a decade ago, Phillips says, the major newspaper outlets each had a journalist dedicated full-time to this sector.

But eventually, in 2009, with tens of thousands of virtual students, he quit to devote himself full-time to Khan Academy.

In 7% of cases full-time as is used

I'd in college full-time as a single parent.

Oisin now works full-time as a writer and illustrator.

Crane has worked full-time as a Muslim activist in America.

I was able to quit my job and work full-time as a drag queen, which is really cool.

In 2005, Kim launched the operation full-time as the Free Medical Clinic of America.

He still needs to write his dissertation, but he is working full-time as a professor.

Doing this full-time as a sole source of income is very different from writing a paper for your friend in college.

Williams was enrolled full-time as a journalism student at the University of Missouri in Columbia from 1929 to 1932.

For example, whilst I work full-time as a consultant I also volunteer part-time with 2 NGOs and I'd doing an MSc part-time.

In 7% of cases full-time with is used

Part Three Now working full-time with flower essences.

CB: You recently signed full-time with Hospital Records.

He has been working full-time with GCS since October 2010.

I am divorced and my child from my previous marriage now lives full-time with me.

It was not until 1839 that the post became full-time with the appointment of the Revd.

It inspired me to start my own little blog after I had been home full-time with my son.

Some want to work full-time, others part-time and still others prefer to stay at home full-time with their children.

Monaghan recently signed full-time with Lou DiBella and gave up his bricklaying job to pursue his professional dream.

Shouldn't I be at home, full-time with my kids raising them to be good, spiritual people? And some day, I may do just that.

He said he is eager to start working full-time with Lakers stars like Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard.

In 4% of cases full-time during is used

He attended class full-time during the day.

You can work full-time during vacations, within the above limits.

You can work full-time during vacation periods, within the above limits.

Additionally, the water spray would not be functioning full-time during those six hours.

If you are allowed to work, you can work full-time during vacations within the above limits.

However, for her first 90 days she was required to work full-time during the day for training.

But colleagues who worked as independent contractors often didn't come in full-time during February and March.

Metro will have a paleontologist on-site full-time during shaft excavation in the fossil-bearing layers of earth.

They must have strong journalism experience, problem-solving skills and should be able to work full-time during the summer.

This permit allows students to work for 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during holidays and semester breaks.

In 2% of cases full-time from is used

Others work full-time from New Zealand or overseas.

You want to eventually quit your Job and work full-time from home.

I am a 20 year old dude and I work full-time from Monday to Saturday.

Permanent contract, full-time from January 2013 (probationary period of 4 months).

I work full-time from home as a computer programmer for a major truck manufacturer.

In fact, they gave-up their stable jobs and work full-time from home using the Internet.

We raised three children here and now blog full-time from the Nutmeg state (check out all of our sites at sweetiesbrand.

It was clear from Ms Mayer's own evidence that she would not have been able to work full-time from home while caring for her child.

Therefore, a student's status can vary between part-time and full-time from one semester to the next depending on their study load.

She was employed as a researcher at the IPS, part-time during 2004 while undertaking post graduate study, and full-time from 2005 to 2007.

In 2% of cases full-time since is used

He has been writing full-time since 1982.

Have been full-time since getting out of high school during the dark ages.

She's been traveling around the world with her husband full-time since 2003.

The League was founded in 1980 by Joe Scheidler, who has been fighting abortion full-time since 1973.

He has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas.

She has been there for almost 6 years in total, and has lived in Santiago full-time since September 2007.

He has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in other countries.

He has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in various countries.

He studied under renown street magicians Eric Evans and Jimmy Talksalot and has been busking full-time since 2006.

He has been in radiology consulting practice since 1997 and been involved with chiropractic education full-time since 1995.

In 1% of cases full-time after is used

I worked full-time after 2 but part-time after 3.

Shorn of the likes of Wayne Rooney, England to lose at full-time after drawing at.

Loftus Road was filled with boo's from the home fans at full-time after another under-par performance.

Plus, many organizations ask their former students to return to work for them full-time after graduation.

I envision I can start employing 1 person full-time after 7 months and 2 people in part-time employment after 10 months.

I asked what life was like for him and his wife, who also worked full-time after her maternity leave, in an important and demanding job.

I worked a roofing job with this guy and the roofing company ended up hiring him on full-time after seeing that he was competent and reliable.

Personally, I don't know what the LPC is! So, can I just clarify your advice - she is currently finishing up at Uni and works several days a week in an insurance role, to be full-time after exams.

In 1% of cases full-time by is used

Today, more than 1 million people are employed full-time by the fur trade worldwide.

I finished my first draft while I was working full-time by writing before dawn, during vacations, and in my sleep.

Since then, he has been employed full-time by Afya Serengeti tracing rabies cases that have occurred during the last 5 years.

A part-time student may also change status from part-time to full-time by taking the same course load as that of a full-time student.

The position in Denmark is unpaid, says Barber, noting that federal rules say Rysgaard must be paid full-time by the University of Manitoba.

A former UN employee has been reemployed full-time by Aegis Trust in order to demonise the Sudan and call for reducing diplomatic representation with it.

If you do not meet these definitions then you are not able to claim exemption from council tax as a full-time student, even if your course is defined as full-time by your university or college.

In 1% of cases full-time into is used

So I went full-time into banking security.

I fear having to work full-time into my 70s and hope I can do enough, early enough to stop that happening.

The successful ones, on the other hand, already had ongoing concerns when they went full-time into their businesses.

Founding father Heseltine duly followed his long-term vision of his personal future by moving full-time into politics.

The initial sadness of being unemployed was occupied by the activities that I have embarked on since I went full-time into investing.

Resulting cuts over the course of 2012 resulted in seven employees let go and the reclassification of three full-time into part-time positions.

Oh, and bring your mobile device to church with you! We get to commission a couple from our church as they enter full-time into the mission field.

I went to Davis (UC Davis) for graduate school several years later after working in the brewing industry for a couple of years and then coming down to California and getting more full-time into wine.

In 1% of cases full-time outside is used

I worked full-time outside the home until this past year.

I work full-time outside the home and live for the weekends.

The year that I was a leader, all four of the leaders were mothers that worked full-time outside the home.

Spokesperson Aine U Ghiollogin says most Irish mothers would prefer not to work full-time outside the home, but have no choice.

I know it is a hard decision to make, and in some cases, going back to work for somebody full-time outside of the home is really the only option.

In 1% of cases full-time within is used

As the seasonal part of the job ended, he checked into what his options were for staying on full-time within the company.

Alessandro has been full-time within the business for two years, while younger brother Gianluca has only recently started.

He envisaged providing employment to scores of the unemployed and, with a bit of luck and hard work, being able to quit his new job to run his business full-time within a few years.

He has experience in both the NHS and private sectors of health care alongside a career in various professional sports and has been full-time within private practice in London for the past two years.

In 1% of cases full-time without is used

He began toying with the idea of living full-time without money.

Full-time means full-time without a break for every year enrolled.

My husband and I work full-time without kids, and I make many of the same types of compromises I see you doing.

I'd able to make art full-time without too much compromise or the distraction of a day job, which puts me in a position of privilege by default.

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