Prepositions after "fry"

"fry in", "fry for" or "fry to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 40% of cases fry in is used
    fry in hot deep fat for 2-3 minutes, or until golden brown.
    What's a pattie? Mashed potatoes and herbs, deep fried in batter.
    Dip your veggies into the batter and deep fry in lard if you have it.
    In the same pan, halve the potatoes and gently fry in the lamb fat until nice and crispy.
    Form into patties, handling as little as possible, and fry in a little butter or good oil.
    Are not allowed to eat any food that has been fried in oil, as it will effect your menses.
    Always fry the murukku in medium hot oil, if u fry in high heat, it tunrs golden brown soon but the inner side will not cooked properly.
    After frying a batch of fritter, wait for a minute to get oil hot again n then start dropping the second batch and fry in medium high heat.
    While the oil get hot, shape the dough in to greased Ziploc or plate or ladle and when oil gets hot, drop the shaped murukku and fry in medium hot oil.
    As for the fish fried in the same oil in which a haram but tahir chicken was fried, according to the above mentioned view of Ayatullah Makarim -- it should be permissible to eat that fish.

    In 13% of cases fry to is used
    They chicken was fried to perfection and the waffles was cooked just right.
    Do the law: all the materials were placed in the pot, add 1000 ml of cold water, fried to a rotten beans.
    The pancake is fried to perfection with fresh seafood, pork, and vegetables at every minute so that the supply does not run short.
    Ridden with lice, they would pick the bugs from their heads and place them on a pan, chuckling as the tiny insects fried to their deaths.

    In 12% of cases fry for is used
    Add in the thyme and pinenuts and fry for a few minutes.
    Add the onion and fry for a minute or two then add the garlic.
    Add the beans and stir fry for a few minutes until they turn a bright green color.
    fry them until they're nice and golden, then add the mushrooms and pepper and fry for another 3 minutes.
    The stone point is very alleged to kneel able horses of respectively complex kitchen times, european as tinder and tendency, which likely is explicitly also fried for the public value.

    In 9% of cases fry with is used
    Choose a deep, very heavy skillet to fry with.
    It's wild flowers fried with egg and sesame seeds.
    It will make an outstanding tamale or you can use it to fry with, however, that lard is most likely from confined animals.
    But sometimes some fried food is just what you want! If you're going to consume the calories, make sure that the food is perfectly fried with these tips.

    In 6% of cases fry at is used
    Favourite meal is stir fry at the moment.
    Fish fry at Taino Beach is most popular with locals and tourists alike.
    Best for socialising Splurge The south coast of Barbados has a lively bar and nightlife scene at St Lawrence Gap, and the fish fry at Oistins on Fridays is a big, lively street party.

    In 4% of cases fry into is used
    For the past six years, those efforts have included releasing millions of salmon fry into nearby rivers.
    O ' Chien: fried Baby Oysters - local baby oysters are fried into a sort of omelet made out of a mixture of cornstarch, eggs and chopped pickled Chinese radish.

    In 4% of cases fry till is used
    Add the onions and fry till translucent and slightly softened.
    It's seasoned with salt and pepper, lightly coated in flour and deep fried till crispy.
    Push aside and add the dried chilli, ginger and garlic to the hot oil and fry till fragrant.

    In 3% of cases fry on is used
    Grill it Slice the bulb like an onion and fry on the braai (barbecue) or griddle pan.
    BoltV3 The best part about the gaming side? While they complain that their year old game system just fried on them.

    In 1% of cases fry from is used
    Cheap cheap will not last and keep the thing oiled or you will loose the bottom and black bits in any stir fry from the pan is not nice.

    In 1% of cases fry like is used
    fry like pancakes on a non-stick tawa.

    In 1% of cases fry until is used
    My favorite? Start with a few strips of Jalapeo Spam fried until crisp in hot oil (or pork fat!).

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