Prepositions after "frighten"

"frighten of" or "frighten by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 38% of cases frighten of is used
    I said what name would I be frightened of.
    Do not be frightened of raising questions.
    She was frightened of what the story might have let in.
    People were frightened of this very big, very powerful company and the man who ran it.
    People were frightened of flying anyhow, so when that happened, it sent a shiver through everybody.
    I was frightened of making a living, quitting tenure, quitting regular income for the rest of my life.
    Write a book I've always been frightened of writing fiction, so this will likely take the shape of family history.
    Scotty the terrier, he tells his therapist Dr Rosenthal (Elliott Gould ), is frightened of everything and everyone.
    When I was a tiny kid, two, three-ish, I became desperately frightened of cameras, of the flash bulbs, particularly.
    There are some on the center-left, but the hard left doesn't believe in private ownership of firearms, and is frightened of them.

    In 33% of cases frighten by is used
    She wasn't frightened by Yasmin's story.
    We and other residents have young children who were frightened by the noise.
    The stupid man creates the stupid snake, then he is troubled and frightened by it.
    The markets have been frightened by the prospect of the rescue package going through.
    JLeeGeorge: I also feel extremely frightened by the developments leading to Loading comments.
    While he restrained himself from hurting her further, he was frightened by his loss of control.
    When the sons of his son Mulasiri saw him, they were frightened by his ugly looks and began to cry.
    Some older people can be quite frightened by very loud fireworks and are more appreciative of a creative, imaginative approach.
    But the magic usually don't work because the players will already be expecting a monster that they know and won't be frightened by it.
    People tend to imitate what others do and then pass the habit along, as in the story of the rabbit frightened by the fallen bael fruit.

    In 7% of cases frighten at is used
    Truthfully, I don't remember feeling particularly stressed or frightened at the time.
    The railroad had just been built, and the animals seemed terribly frightened at the cars.
    His voice was raised to such a high pitch that many people became frightened at his loss of temper.
    They were terribly frightened at the lion, and stopping in their flight stood all huddled together.
    I couldn't make out what was up at first -- didn't tumble to it's bein ' the bread he was frightened of, seein ' as he looked like a man as ' ud be frightened at anything else afore that.

    In 7% of cases frighten to is used
    I am frightened to death of all the promises being made which are outside their remit.
    Another hare saw him scampering off, as if frightened to death, and asked the cause of his panic flight.
    It is better that we should be drawn to what is good by a child-like hope of God's favour, than that we be frightened to it by a slavish fear of his wrath.

    In 3% of cases frighten for is used
    It sickens me and I am frightened for their children's future.
    The old maxim, ' divide and conquer ', is being played out to the limit worldwide to ensure that everyone is frightened for their personal safety, and to be suspicious of everyone else.

    In 2% of cases frighten about is used
    Even more frightened about what lay in stock for us, I paid no heed to her and just opened the door then I jumped to the ground, knocking my head on a hard substance.

    In 2% of cases frighten off is used
    Also, Sir Jimmy was not averse to engaging Queen's Council to frighten off the media.
    Or put it another way, if the green taxes are high enough to pay for all the tax cuts, then they're also going to be high enough to frighten off the voters.

    In 2% of cases frighten on is used
    To be honest, I too am not that good with heights, and have been scared on occasions when I've been on a roof or ladder - and yet I never felt at all frightened on the Barranco Wall.

    In 1% of cases frighten before is used
    If people are more frightened before bed, then exposure therapy may give them insomnia.

    In 1% of cases frighten during is used
    Resources When I returned after six months on short term disability, I felt intimidated, confused and frightened during the negotiation meetings I was required to attend.

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