Prepositions after "friendly"

"friendly with" or "friendly to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases friendly with is used

The people are friendly with it.

Subbarao is friendlier with Mr.

Iam very friendly with the people.

Be friendly with the people working here and there is absolutely no hazzle at all.

Sidhu seemed quite positive and friendly with all the contestants during his stay.

Everyone else be non chalant, vapid and super friendly with ask to buy them lunch.

After stalking her on the internet, he walks past her house and sees her being extra friendly with another teen.

Arjuna was the third son of Pandu and Krishna was related to and friendly with both factions of the Kuru family.

It all starts with the meat: Get friendly with a reliable butcher selling locally sourced, humanely raised meat.

In 27% of cases friendly to is used

The enemy is not friendly to you.

He was very friendly to the Fianna.

He was very friendly to many people.

The reason the Indians were welcoming and friendly to the Pilgrims on Plymouth rock.

In return, I felt much more friendly towards her -- even though nothing had changed.

In addition to be friendly to the environment, she's also friendly with your budget.

They were used to target Tamils supposedly friendly to the LTTE, inasmuch as the LTTE continued to target Muslims.

Currently, 39% say the administration is friendly to religion, 32% say it is neutral and 23% say it is unfriendly.

The building looked scary but I was told it's friendly to the environment, and that's all that matters these days.

In 12% of cases friendly against is used

I arranged a friendly against the reserves.

A friendly against Egypt in March 2010 was won 3-1.

It opened on 3 September 1955 with a friendly against Barcelona.

I just remember that U23 friendly against Mexico before the Olympic qualifiers.

He was in the England squad for the friendly against Holland earlier this year.

I looked ahead to my first game in charge -- a friendly against Real Valladolid.

Whether thats a competetive match against a top nation or a friendly against the Faroe Islands is irrelevent.

His performances also led to him being recalled to the England squad for the friendly against Spain last week.

A further friendly against Japan was played in Graz, Austria on 30th May with England again fortunate to win 2-1.

He received a second call-up to play a friendly against Switzerland in February 2012, but didn't make an appearance.

In 8% of cases friendly in is used

People are very friendly in NZ.

People are very friendly in Ireland.

The people are very friendly in Jamaica.

Canada's last win over Honduras was a 2-1 victory in a friendly in Montreal in Sept.

But not at all environmentally friendly in the long term, which is what we all need.

In their most recent friendly in Cebu last November 15, Sacapao had one of his best.

The 27-year-old has withdrawn from Denmark's friendly in Turkey on Wednesday in order not to aggravate the injury.

The Swazi people are open, joyful and friendly in spite of the heartbreak and hardship they endure on a daily basis.

I try to be extra friendly in my professional emails because I don't want to them to be interpreted in the wrong way.

Cisse, 27, was due to meet up with Senegal ahead of Wednesday's friendly in Niger but withdrew due to a back problem.

In 4% of cases friendly towards is used

He was always friendly towards Britain.

I am warm and friendly towards everyone.

Let us learn to feel friendly towards our body.

They were friendly towards the Army as the Army had been friendly towards them.

The locals aren't necessarily friendly towards us when we try to talk with them.

So I will like to be a little more friendly towards my students -- and it works.

He brought up the example of hotel facilities which were often not friendly towards the handicapped like him.

Thomas was a very humble man, kind and friendly towards all, especially those who were unhappy, sick or poor.

Any other interrogation has almost exclusively come from the Irish government and media friendly towards them.

In the meantime, there should be greater focus on making cities more friendly towards cyclists and pedestrians.

In 3% of cases friendly at is used

People were friendly at every turn.

The staff was very friendly at check in.

So off to my friendly AT &T; store I went.

The staff was not as friendly at all like all the other hotels around north Vietnam.

China and New Zealand played out a 1-1 draw in their friendly at the Hongkou Stadium.

Why they organise an International friendly at this stage of the season beggars belief.

The questions were very pointed but pertinent; selectors were really professional but warm and friendly at the same time.

Cesare Prandelli adopted an experimental 4-3-3 system for this international friendly at the sold out Stadio Tardini in Parma.

Everyone is very nice and friendly at the school and there is a great mix of students that makes it an energetic place to work.

In 3% of cases friendly for is used

Read How to Be Friendly for more ideas.

Much more friendly for a novice developer.

The check in was not very friendly for me.

Also I find that the Xilinx toolset is also very friendly for first time designers.

One of the guests seemed agitated and he wasn't as friendly for the rest of the day.

The trail was friendly for anyone who can walk in between the raindrops for 2 hours.

For Seattle to be truly friendly for people biking and walking, we need to improve our commercial streets, as well.

Our system has not been too friendly for the disabled and this can be seen at public places and in our various homes.

We found one that is pet friendly for us, oh and if the ad does NOT clarify, then ask the real estate broker about it.

Twitter has settled on an ad-supported revenue model and it needs to make its platform more friendly for those brands.

In 3% of cases friendly on is used

It is not only friendly on your pocket.

Save $$, and friendly on my dogs and baby.

It was distinctly friendly on one occasion.

Pakistan will face Singapore in an international friendly on November 19 in Singapore.

I was at a function with another DJ (whom I shall not name) who's very friendly on air.

It is a constant surprise to me that the staff can be so very friendly on a daily basis.

To wrap up 2012, Colombia will face Brazil in an international friendly on November 14 at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey.

The FIFA World CupT bronze medallists started the 2010-11 season with a 2-2 (1-0) draw with Denmark in a friendly on August 11.

By: meomeo on January 24, 2011 at 9:56 am heechul and suju never could sing but I like them because they were friendly on shows.

She is very friendly on email, which we use a lot between workers, trying to pretend she loves working with me, and covering herself.

In 1% of cases friendly about is used

They were very friendly about it.

There was nothing friendly about it.

Even then, I hope I would remain placid and friendly about it.

You kinda went off on this guy, he was just wrong, and friendly about it while wrong.

Could they please turn the tv down a notch? And I make a point to be super friendly about it.

Londoners, in my experience, are less friendly about it, but most of them will at least give it a try.

I actually asked the girls what they reccomended and how they thought we did, they were super friendly about it.

I found people there to be more supportive and friendly about each other's goals, much more so than in a small town.

Even those who are friendly about it often can't believe someone would choose not to drink milk and ask many questions.

Our experience was wonderful! On the way to the river tubing one of us got sick in the bus and the driver was very nice and friendly about it.

In 1% of cases friendly as is used

Not so friendly as the Italians were.

They are very friendly as well as helpful.

The people were so nice and friendly as well as the place.

Cork is actually an additional environmentally friendly as well as lasting materials.

The staff were very cheerful, friendly as well as helpful and patient with the newbies.

They were just as interested and friendly as the throngs of young families lining the route.

There are many ways to describe New Zealand people: they are highly educated, friendly as well as very down to earth.

Share a ride Environmentally friendly as well as cost efficient, ride sharing makes crossing the country cheaper and better.

LEDs are much more efficient and even more environmentally friendly as the mercury that is an issue with CFLs is gone in these.

Great food and from the staff a friendly as the other! During the day there are lots of possibilities to the biking Mountaineering.

In 1% of cases friendly between is used

Take for instance a recent friendly between the US and Turkey.

I wouldn't have minded watching a glorified friendly between LA and Seattle last spring.

Men are also much more open and friendly between each other than are women, which also helps.

A treasured memento of his career was Pele's shirt from a friendly between Canada and the NY Cosmos.

In the dying minutes of a pointless friendly between Sweden and England, Zlatan pulls this out of the bag.

Noatter how quick he does things now there is only one friendly between the asia tour and the start of the season.

In fact, I once went to see a friendly between Celtic and Birmingham at St Andrews and the City fans held up UVF flags.

So relations were not always friendly between the white men, even though they were the only qallunaat in all of northern Baffin Island.

However, the legendary friendly between United and Sporting, where Ronaldo was so memorising United's players persuaded Ferguson to sign him was false.

On 17 November 2004, he became one of the main targets of racist chants from the crowd at an international friendly between England and Spain in Madrid.

In 1% of cases friendly by is used

And they superbly friendly by nature.

Americans are very friendly by nature.

This makes The City look friendlier by the minute.

We were welcomed very friendly by the IT/Math teacher who was happy to show us around.

Some of the things you do in good faith are considered not very friendly by higher souls.

There's a good chance that India and Pakistan can become friendly by focusing on what is doable.

Don't take a girl's number if you don't plan on ever calling her and don't be over friendly by asking for her BB pin.

Of course the rooms are small by American standards but this is Paris! The staff was warm and friendly by any standard.

Also, Ram is easy-going and very friendly by nature, so he can adapt himself to any social and work culture comfortably.

I agree they could make the default setup of KDE/XFCE/LXDE a bit more friendly by adding a GUI package manager by default.

In 1% of cases friendly of is used

It is also one of the friendliest of countries.

Singaporeans are not the most friendly of people to be around.

It is said to be the friendliest of all the Sri Lankan hotels.

This is no mean feat given the Hunter Valley is not the friendliest of places for the vine.

But we were welcomed by the friendliest of smiles and that brightened our evening instantly.

It was fantastic to meet people from all over the country who had come to this most friendly of festivals.

No matter how friendly of a smile Adrian had, how bright his eyes were, he just brought around a simply creepy mood.

My bet is they stayed as far away as they could, whether they were members of the CBC or the friendliest of NO-voters.

The local area of Treasure Beach is widely known as the most friendly of all Jamaican resorts and also the most racially diverse.

McTeague was one of the more friendly of the MPs when it came to talking to people in breaks, including conversations he had with me.

In 1% of cases friendly toward is used

Moore's Preface is very friendly toward E.

He was friendly toward his former adversaries.

We were always friendly toward those around us.

It has a wingspan of more than fourteen feet and is friendly toward the penguin.

A majority of Republicans (56%) say that professors are unfriendly toward religion.

We're also friendly toward any spiritual practices, but not excessive proselytizers.

About half of white evangelicals in the survey (53%) say reporters and the news media are unfriendly toward religion.

Well, ever since then, the guy i fell in love start acting a little bit friendlier toward me and would not act mean.

All those people! All those books! All at once! The vibe at SIBA/Naples was supportive, warm, and friendly toward authors.

In 1% of cases friendly without is used

The sevice was very friendly without any stress.

The staff were friendly without being intrusive.

Faculty treats the students friendly without any partiality.

Their garments are all work friendly without compromising on style or sophistication.

The welcome from Julian the proprietor is warm and genuinely friendly without being claustrophobic.

They said it was outstanding--smooth, deft, and friendly without being intrusive--and indeed it was.

The provided ' help ' files are excellent and customer support is quick, effective and friendly without fail.

Friends Aries women make friends easily, most of their relationships are friendly without being totally committed.

The ambience was warm, friendly without being pushy, the restaurant was almost full and yet service was unobtrusive.

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