Prepositions after "frequent"

frequent in, with, for, among or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases frequent in is used

Its frequent in semi rural areas.

This usage is frequent in Persian.

Blizzards are frequent in Antarctica.

Tuberculosis, which is more frequent in people with HIV infection than other people.

As they are random, and often frequent in that area, this is a luck-based sidequest.

This is especially frequent in those who combat submit-nasal drip or mouth inhaling.

Somatic mutations are more frequent in patients with normal karyotype compared to those with abnormal cytogenetics.

The condition normally begins after the age of 50 years in 90% of patients, and is slightly more frequent in women.

As I have explained countless times before, violent crimes without repercussions are easy and frequent in Cambodia.

This disease is largely linked with bad cleanliness and is much more frequent in regions with inadequate sanitation.

In 6% of cases frequent with is used

The rest are just as frequent with it.

They seem to become less frequent with age.

They get more severe and more frequent with age.

I experimented with a new travel scheme, one that I may become frequent with school.

As a result of the move, Francis now lived by the sea and had frequent with those who went to sea.

By all which its plain to me that it was frequent with Manetho to repeat the same kings several times.

NDE reports are increasingly more frequent with continual advances in medical technology and resuscitation techniques.

The usage of ice in tropical countries is frequent with the requirement to keep food and beverages cold for consumption.

Asymptomatic viral shedding is more frequent with HSV-2 and occurs nmost commonly in the first six months after infection.

It is not used with the prepositions in, into and out of that are very frequent with sight and view: There was nobody in vision.

In 5% of cases frequent among is used

However, those shortcomings are frequent among people.

Overall, CVD was more frequent among females than males.

Between 1730 and 1733, prophetic utterances became increasingly frequent among them.

Conclusions: Undiagnosed coeliac disease is frequent among pregnant women (>1% ).

Music The mention of music for inspiration seems to be pretty frequent among artists.

Depression is more frequent among people living with MS than in the general population or in other chronic diseases.

Completed suicides become approximately 4 times more frequent among boys, whereas attempted suicides are approximately1.

Frequent exposure to loud music and having played in a band were, in contrast, more frequent among subjects without tinnitus.

Discussion Anterior balance was more frequent among the subjects who had shortness in hamstring group muscles and hip flexors.

In 5% of cases frequent for is used

Atopic Eczema is the most frequent form of Eczema.

Heaviest and most frequent for parts of SW England and Wales.

It is also quite frequent for these patches to be infected with bacteria.

A suspicion of severe trauma was significantly more frequent for HMICU than for GMICU.

That's what didn't happen yesterday and that's what's becoming too frequent for my liking.

If possible, it might work better if you can make it more frequent for shorter periods of time.

Hence, when we say that a theme is marked, we are saying that it is less typical or frequent for it to be realised that way.

As he step down out of the car he was complaining of chest pain (it has been quite frequent for the last few months for him).

If a person angered Shaka for any reason, he might simply order them to be killed; a frequent form of execution was impaling.

These too-frequent encounters (and once a year is too frequent for my taste) cost too much psychically for me to engage them.

In 4% of cases frequent on is used

Accidents are also quite frequent on highways.

Bristle loss is most frequent on the anterior notum 35.

These spouts are frequent on the coast of Syria; and Dr.

If this is something frequent on Macs then this lil beauty is going back to the store.

This is usually done to enhance the life of the monitor by curtailing the frequent on and offs.

They also suggest serious accidents are more frequent on fast rural roads than on slow city streets.

All the new technologies in the book printing industry resulted in creativity becoming more frequent on book covers.

Leopards have also been spotted in Bologonja and Wogakuria areas while cheetahs are more frequent on the Lamai side.

I heard about the l aguna yesterday, and as is becoming more and more frequent on this journey, picked up early this morning and went.

The Gilded Iguana, a hotel/restaurant, tends to be the place well frequent on a Tuesday night for some live music and a few drinks with friends.

In 3% of cases frequent as is used

He said his visits to Kenya will be frequent as the country gets.

And the incidents got progressively worse and more frequent as the years passed.

Work conditions Travel: during work day is frequent as well as working away from home.

Blackouts across the country grew more frequent as the cold snap stretched into the New Year.

It is perhaps one of the most frequent as well as most common reasons that work behind the loss of a laptop.

Thus, in NYTAC, kind of fun is still as frequent as very fun in these more marginal adjectival environments.

Like a woman with a child, the pain becomes more intense and frequent as the day approaches for the birth of the baby.

Right from the off the hits were big, tough and frequent as both sets of players set about laying down a marker or two.

Fires undoubtedly became more frequent as the climate began to dry out during the Tertiary period over 20 million years ago.

Cases like this are becoming more and more frequent as the top clubs spending in the Premier League shows no signs of stopping.

In 3% of cases frequent at is used

Live music performances are frequent at these bars.

Similarly fear, jealousy are frequent at pre-school years.

This is more frequent at the beginning of treatment or at dosage increase.

In general, disturbances are more frequent at the high parts of the solar cycle.

And we were frequent at the shop of a certain saddler who sold leather sachels and whips for riding.

Q: Is the Aircoach less frequent at the weekend, or on Bank Holidays, or around Easter, Christmas and St.

However, once the marriage ends up distracting and frequent at that, some changes must be made for things to return to normal.

Predators thrive on the abundance of young calves, and sightings of lions, cheetahs and hyenas are frequent at this time of year.

Shingly shores are frequent in many parts and correlated with the great river-beds Rocky shores and cliffs are frequent at many points n the coast.

Traffic jams are fairly frequent at the moment as people suddenly suffer the inability to drive in the dark with daylight saving time ending last weekend.

In 3% of cases frequent of is used

That bus service wasn't the most frequent of all.

China and Africa have enjoyed more frequent of high-level visits.

Forgetting our objectives is the most frequent of all acts of stupidity.

These hints have grown more and more frequent of late, and more and more pronounced.

Violent bear and whale attacks both material and spiritual have been frequent of my life.

The goal machine himself Kevon Farquarson has been finding the back of the net frequent of late.

Snap divisions seem to have been rather frequent of late, far more frequent than the geranium blooms are likely to be.

Frequent of severe heartburn may be an indication of gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and requires medical attention.

I have not experienced as frequent of egg problems as the OP, but I do think that the attention to egg cookery has fallen off a bit.

Everyone participates in the major ceremonies, the most frequent of which are funeral celebrations which typically last several days.

In 3% of cases frequent during is used

Thunderstorms are very frequent during afternoons.

Mating and births are most frequent during the rains.

Vehicle theft and theft from cars has become more frequent during recent months.

These westerly winds are at their most frequent during winter but decrease in late spring.

Flights from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery in Buenos Aires are more frequent during the summer.

This species has become significantly less frequent during my five years around Arusha-Moshi.

The incidence of soil erosion is very high and roads blockage is frequent during the rainy season.

Keep a battery-powered or crank radio on hand as power outages can be frequent during severe storms.

Respiratory events were most frequent during anaesthesia and vomiting was commonest postoperatively.

In 2% of cases frequent to is used

Deaths were not more frequent to the Maroons than elsewhere.

Our tours are the most frequent to this area due to the private land.

But it got more frequent to the point that I am returning the book and also The Crowded Shadows.

That may be the reason why at times my visits became too frequent to your place whenever I was free.

This skin ailment is frequent to fair skinned people particularly those with European and Caucasian roots.

For example, in Paraguay it is frequent to paid double or more for a seafood course in comparison of a local dish.

Trains are frequent to the circuit (and I am sure were free on Saturday and Sunday -- we stay on Lake Como now so some time since we did the trip from Milan.

When there is one frequent rule in marketing as well as advertising which is frequent to both the internet along with other media it's which money is certainly required.

But they behaved themselves hereat like poltroons, not uniting in the common cause, nor helping themselves, as they should do, which is a misfortune frequent to the nation.

In 2% of cases frequent over is used

The latter outcome has been most frequent over the past two months.

Often it becomes more frequent over time until walks become difficult.

Fluctuations in the global economy have been common and frequent over the past year.

Snow is comparatively rare near sea level in Northern Ireland, but much more frequent over the hills.

It occurs mostly during the spring and is most frequent over northeastern Siberia, Alaska, and Greenland.

In addition, there is a frequent over expression of several key enzymes of glycolysis and attached pathways 3, 4.

This may be limited to one or two conferences a year at the start, but will likely become more frequent over time.

Tina Vozick, who has been editing Wikipedia entries for six years, says disputes have become more frequent over the years.

Sporadic attacks on the security forces and the police have grown more frequent over the years, and have also crept closer to Kabul.

Status &; Distribution: Fairly frequent over much of England south of the Humber and in south Wales, less frequent elsewhere in Britain.

In 1% of cases frequent due is used

It is getting more and more frequent due to the stress-load we all bear.

Anonymous The female geek is a rare variant, but is now becoming more frequent due to environmental factors.

Full-blown family reunions and get togethers are less frequent due to the distances we live from other family members.

Aside from having some of the strongest winds on the planet, cyclonic storms are frequent due to the varying temperatures and the large open waters.

Poison The deliberate poisoning of animals has been a problem in the past but is becoming less frequent due to educational campaigns and police prosecution.

A pang of death or someone's motionless dead body on the street is not uncommon in some parts of the world where death is more frequent due to malnutrition and man-made or natural disasters.

In 1% of cases frequent within is used

They are frequent within countries too.

The nose tackle is most frequent within the 3-4 defense.

According to nationally representative research, herpes simplex virus is very frequent within USA UNITED STATES.

Though such GBV incidents are said to be less frequent within the camps, some women told IPS that they feel insecure and scared at night while sleeping in the makeshift shelters.

In 1% of cases frequent from is used

Such basic mistakes have been all too frequent from QPR this season.

Which isn't often, and is likely to be even less frequent from here on.

Local trains are very frequent from Tokyo Station and take around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

By Road Buses, coaches and taxis are quiet frequent from Kasauli to Chandigarh and Delhi.

International flights are reasonably priced and frequent from airports like Narita, Haneda, Nagoya, Sendai, Fukuoka and Osaka.

Letters written to Darwin by persons unknown to him became more frequent from the late 1860s onward, as his international fame grew.

Poor satellite geometry warnings were also frequent from the TCS2 controller, this contributed to poor results obtained for the VRS survey.

In the beggining of the century before the europeans arrive dangerous animals were a present danger and pirate raids are quite frequent from the sea.

In 1% of cases frequent across is used

It also anticipates that such extreme weather events will become more intense and frequent across Europe.

Sunny spells and showers across the rest of the UK, the showers most frequent across Wales and southern and western areas of England.

In order to avoid including these restricted words, we include as keywords only those words which are frequent across a range of different types of text.

Accompanied by heavy instrumentals and a powerful beat, this shift from quiet to loud is frequent across the album and aids in the creation of a lasting atmosphere.

The Cers is very frequent across the Aude region in south-western France, blowing at sustained wind speeds greater than 20 knots for a total of about 200 days per year.

In 1% of cases frequent by is used

Right now it's some pub frequent by drunkards like Alwin.

The surau is taken care by our Muslim employees and frequent by them as well.

This shopping complex are most frequent by those who looks for new &; hot items, be it clothing, shoe,.

The account in the Culavamsa clearly gives the impression that trade voyages between Sri Lanka and Ramanna had become quite frequent by this time.

What does this mean for Northland? Flooding -- More heavy rainfall will increase the risk of flooding, which could become up to four times as frequent by 2090.

In 1% of cases frequent between is used

This was going to be another of those tests of will that were becoming more frequent between them.

This service is frequent between 9am and 6pm, tailing off in service frequency just before 9am and just after 6pm.

Onset of rheumatoid arthritis, an auto-immune disease, is twice as frequent between October and March as other times.

In Hollywood and New York, however, relationships are frequent between men of forty and girls very little older than Lolita.

Meetings were held with the Oba of Benin as unspeakable incidents became more frequent between the restive population and the Biafran soldiers who had become viewed as an army of occupation.

In 1% of cases frequent before is used

I do not know wheter it was more frequent before 1/11.

Such episodes were more frequent before the per-fection of the wireless and the submarine telegraph.

There's usually a bus every 10-15mins, but they're less frequent before 8am, after 9pm and on Saturdays.

It is also frequent before a sonorant consonant in the same environment, as in witness? w?? n? s, atlas?? l? s, network? ne? w?? k, quite wrong? kwa??? r??

The following day, Kartel was taken to a series of premises he's believed to own or frequent before being held in custody at a Kingston based jail last weekend.

In 1% of cases frequent because is used

Conceiving naturally after 50 is becoming more frequent because of this.

This chance is not so infrequent because of the multiplicity of database tables concerning each single Production rule.

This chance is not so in- frequent because of the multiplicity of database tables concerning each single Production rule.

You might unconsciously behave in a manner that might hurt your partner, and this can get a little frequent because of his/her high sensitivity.

In 1% of cases frequent around is used

La Nina is frequent around solar max.

Arrested people to buy Nike Air Max Ltd and Air Max retro is becoming increasingly frequent around the globe down the Nike.

In September the humid air is exposed to increasing periods of cooling by night and fog is frequent around dawn in low-lying districts.

Sick days, legitimate or otherwise, also become more frequent around the winter holidays, with nearly one-third of employers reporting more employees call in sick during the holiday season.

In 1% of cases frequent along is used

Occasional light rain for some eastern areas, most frequent along coasts of eastern England.

In other words, frequent along with increased liquid intake throughout the diet will help cleanse the body.

In 1% of cases frequent after is used

Service are less frequent after 7pm and finish around 11pm.

It became more and more frequent after a few days, so I looked into it some more.

Cattle-raids on neighbours and attacks to ward off enemies have become more frequent after independence.

Instead say But frequent after the game complain, make sure that those admirers disappointed, hollister.

Key messages AKI is frequent after cardiac arrest - approximately 50% of cardiac arrest patients may be affected.

They were less frequent after midnight and I'd have to wait almost seven minutes for the next one passing by this station.

Especially for the unambiguously nominal uses it is clear that after a sixty-year period of stasis, nominal fun suddenly grows more frequent after 1989.

The use of such measures (anti-dumping and countervalling measures) against developing countries ' products has become more frequent after the Uruguay Round.

Services are less frequent after about 7:30 pm at night, with buses every 15 minutes until midnight and, as your last resort, a bus runs every hour all night.

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