Prepositions after "free"

"free of" or "free from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases free of is used

Both events are free of charge.

Keep Skin Clean And Free Of Oil.

I want to be free of this burden.

Free of grief, free from the dart, the Noble Disciple has quenched * himself completely.

We are under no illusion that women's lives before contact were free of social problems.

He thought of the flies that tear their legs off struggling to get free of the flypaper.

We get to consume more than ever, free of the supposed guilt that comes from consuming the wrong stuff or selling out.

He is exhausted and wanted to break free of the reality (too stress) and so, i added his dream to fly free, (freedom).

Free of it, they feel the Church has a better chance to reach out to the young and claim its relevance to modern life.

There is a range of spares available, most of which are FREE OF CHARGE, with larger items having a token? 25 pricetag.

In 26% of cases free from is used

We are then made free from sin.

He was now free from all doubts.

We shall be free from idle talk.

Only in baptism does our old sinful person die and our new person rises free from sin.

Jesus set him free from the stunted, distorted self-image that had corrupted his life.

In this state one is not free from vasanas and so one does not therefore attain mukti.

In this century no Anglicans warmed to the idea that the Church of England was not free from the power of the state.

At the stage of Stream-winning he is free from the craving that is strong enough to consign him to the lower realms.

Both of them are spiritual, free from birth and death, free from deterioration and free from material contamination.

Still, we each of us should be allowed our choices, free from the criticism of others, or at least the condemnation.

In 9% of cases free for is used

And that makes it FREE for you.

Free for children under 15 years.

Download Cost: FREE for Basic, $0.

He bought a well from a Jew in Madina and gave it free for the use of Muslims in Madina.

In the UK, it? s free for the first year, and this means you will have that date logged.

The fallacy of that statement is that Autodesk products are FREE for non commercial use.

Thunder Road is about hopping in a car, feeling free for the brief time that the gas is in the tank, driving nowhere.

The Health Fairs were free for the communities that we serve and were in celebration of National Women's Health Week.

BSNL recently launched Rs 549 plan that provides you to talk to any STD BSNL Landline and Phone For Free for 1 month.

The program is completely free for the students and the centre is funded by international donations and sponsorships.

In 7% of cases free to is used

And free to what? Free to obey.

I am virtually debt free today.

Admission is free to the public.

The more the merrier! The volunteer sellers get in free to the (sold out) Grey Cup game.

So what is 10 years! He is free to utilise his talent as he pleases after that 10 years.

When stopped at lights, if they inch forward, feel free to narrow the gap a little more.

Montreal Jazz Festival In several cities we encountered music festivals that were free to the public all weekend long.

I noticed on LyngSat there are some NZ free to air stations on this satellite and the footprint covers both AU and NZ.

Biggy I think if the leaders can make education free to the secondary level it will be of a great help to the country.

Just because *others* pay *indirectly* for vaccination via taxes doesn't mean it isn't free to the poor, for instance.

In 5% of cases free in is used


The food was free in the canteen.

You can not be free in the future.

In the context of education, education should make a person free in all spheres of life.

Doc asks Teacher Lee if she's free in the weekend which makes Coach Baek's ears perk up.

We could not wait for time; we wanted the whole of Southern Africa free in our lifetime.

So if there is a company out there, big or small, who has the balls to ask us to do their work for free in return for.

Three -- I think that when someone zings a birther comment at this point it is to live rent free in that persons head.

Find a way to be so comfortable and free in your posture that you could stay there for a few minutes if I asked you to.

There was no stopping Morris on 17 minutes, however, as fast hands from Ford and Matt Smith put him free in the corner.

In 4% of cases free on is used

Call us free on 0808 808 00 00.

They can get it free on the web.

Nothing is free on the internet.

Posted by: Roy Smith 20 Nov 2010 AVG I have run AVG free on all my computers since 1995.

A limited amount of Canadian caselaw can be accessed for free on the Internet at CANLII:.

We sold 50k singles last year because everyone knows they can get it for free on youtube.

I purchased a carton of cigarettes duty free on holidays and it was considerably cheaper than cigarettes in Australia.

In view of this cost perception, 40 per cent of exhibitors expect Free on Board prices for their products to increase.

RUFF China has just announced that it's upcoming event RUFF 5 will be streamed live and free on QQ (Tencent) and PPTV.

With the threat of uprisings abroad and financial crisis at home, Britain reluctantly set Ghana free on March 6, 1957.

In 3% of cases free with is used

Entry is free with an NUS card.

Free with museum admission: $7.

FREE with Museum entrance ticket.

There are plenty of places where you can find a paper for free with a little research.

To be free with your mind and have some time with your fellow friends can help as well.

But I am taking my time, b/c I want it to be error free with no errors in grammar, etc.

You can get just as good a resultfrom submitting to free directories, or those that are free with a reciprocal link.

I applied two coats of every shade with this eyeliner brush that comes free with the brilliant Maybelline gel liner.

I bet I won't be the only that feels this way either! We're talking about earphones coming almost free with a phone.

He was then putting money in to a trust which loaned him 6 million interest free with repayment being discretionary.

In 2% of cases free at is used

Under 3's bowl FREE at all times.

Trello is Free at https: //trello.

Feel free at this point to exclaim.

Local alcoholic spirits and cigarettes are cheaper to buy than at duty free at airports.

It was very free at the time; women were becoming emancipated and people were searching.

Sarah Siggins pointed a free at the other end to restore the five point lead and left St.

Many will charge for fees and services, like WI-FI, that are often free at domestic hotels that are also much cheaper.

I am not saying that poor people would no longer receive their benefits or medical attention free at the point of use.

What we found with him was that he was ready to be nappy free at night (when he did it) So we took him out of nappies.

If you don't want to be outdoors for the closing ceremony, you might prefer to watch if for free at the cinema instead.

In 1% of cases free after is used

All City Buses are FREE after 6pm.

His calendar is free after Lincoln.

He's free after the school gets over.

Thankfully, quite often a spot would suddenly be free after a 10 to 15-minute search.

Lucky the fourth was built like Arnie and finally got us free after a few hour's work.

In the UK, the debtors could be free after 12 months if they co-operate with trustees.

Xiaowei (Zhou Xun) is an ancient fox spirit who has just been set free after being imprisoned in ice for 500 years.

When I put a short story up here for free after finishing it in the challenge, I have it already for sale on all sites.

But at the same time, I'd not gon na let agniveer go scot- free after making those claims about Christianity and Bible.

By 1935, the Kalat National Party made it implicit that the Baluch wish to live free after the departure of the British.

In 1% of cases free as is used

Offer to work free as an intern.

You are free as to what to write.

It is available free as an e-book.

Incidentally, Kaiser's excellent book is available for free as an e-book on his website.

The only bonus was that I was free as a bird to explore every inch of Port Kembla beach.

We Bay Area folks will give Oakland and the Raiders for free as a package deal to SoCal.

There are gluten free beers that are also alcohol free as well as the usual sentiment containing an amount of alcohol.

Part of this choice is why I may switch to GMO free as the premium may allow more profits for my farm over GMO plants.

This went on for six days and people began to confess their sins and come free as the Holy Spirit brought them through.

I know for myself when I go for any run or consider a kayaking trip I feel alive and free as well as pleased and alert.

In 1% of cases free by is used

Request yours FREE by calling 800.

Today am free by the grace of God.

They are free by the current standard.

By the healing love of Christ, all of creation will finally be set free by God's action.

In East Africa, Tanzania is the only country classified as yellow fever free by the WHO.

Stay tuned for more, and if you want to keep updated, subscribe for free by email or RSS.

Bad Piggies which is free by the way is available to download from the Google Play and Apple App stores from Thursday.

The following music was all provided to us for free by twelve gracious artists eager for the world to hear their music.

Make Transit Windsor free by creating a small surcharge for users of EC Row -- think of the 407 -- but more reasonable.

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