Prepositions after "forgiving"

forgiving of, to, for, in or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases forgiving of is used

I'd kind and forgiving of people.

Now, I'd a little more forgiving of it.

They are not as forgiving of a cover-up.

The right is not as forgiving of those it elects as the left is (think Guantanamo).

Another requirement of God answering our prayers is we must be forgiving of others.

People are forgiving of those who accept responsibility and acknowledge pain caused.

It needs to listen beyond what is physically said, and it needs to be forgiving of the way a question is phrased.

They also tend to be far more forgiving of the female offender and frequently try to make their excuses for them.

So now? Now I'd buying peplum shirts that are more forgiving of a tummy that has stretched to hold kiddos I adore.

In 9% of cases forgiving to is used

Birth is natural, empowering and totally forgiving to your body and mind.

You sound a remarkable and perceptive man and extremely forgiving to your tormentor.

I won't be here forever, and they aren't as forgiving to you because you have no power.

It's a shame we're not as understanding &; forgiving to other players as we are to Tv5.

None of us are truly giving or forgiving to each other, especially when things go wrong.

Caesar got stabbed to death because he was significantly too forgiving to defeated enemies.

Because of these weaknesses, they tend to be very forgiving to others that to a certain extent.

And most surely I am most forgiving to him who repents and is guided by the Wilayah of the true Imams.

So, one has to constantly keep away from internal and external demons and should be forgiving to everyone.

The weather was so forgiving to me that no single droplet of rain came in, and it was not too hot as well.

In 7% of cases forgiving for is used

Knits are never forgiving for me.

Except, I am a lot less forgiving for Google.

AdSense is not at all forgiving for violators.

They are remote controlled via infra red and are very forgiving for any new pilot.

My cooktop has a textured white on black, and I find that it is forgiving for cleaning.

I find it is more forgiving for a pinch of this and dash of that, but baking is a different story.

CPS also agreed to make the evaluation system more forgiving for teachers who score low but not at the very bottom.

People are willing to forgive a lack of perfection; they are much less forgiving for those who get the facts wrong.

He was not forgiving for his country's western, Christian values and he said that Canada stands firm on those values.

The queen mattress is too forgiving for my liking; there's no bath; no board in the Scrabble box, and no view as such.

In 7% of cases forgiving in is used

I am very forgiving in literature.

Women can be more forgiving in certain areas and men in others.

Forgiving in the full Christian sense is a form of loving and caring.

Although I have found that DRS a little more forgiving in this game on long curves.

I hope Matthew's struggle is a little less and that people are more forgiving in the future.

Pine is also forgiving in that surfaces can be restored reasonably easily when marked or damaged.

The Victoria Racing Club's ground staff watered the track enough to ensure it would remain forgiving in the warm conditions.

For al dente lovers, whole grain pasta is definitely much more forgiving in how long you can cook it while retaining its firmness.

If you do buy these expect something very flattering and forgiving in a shade that will make you feel very seasonally appropriate.

I have observed that the younger generation of Singaporeans are now less hardy, less tolerant, and also less forgiving in a relationship.

In 4% of cases forgiving about is used

Our system is just very forgiving about this.

I am quite forgiving about these sorts of things.

Some parsers are more forgiving about this than others.

I think it is really magnanimous of you to be so forgiving about it.

They will tend to much more forgiving about any difficulties, however, when you're friendly and reassuring.

Investors were less forgiving about a full set of disappointing figures for UK industrial and manufacturing production.

Checked with a few more that said don't do that, Windows 7 is less forgiving about allowing files to overwrite an existing installation.

The woman was very sick and kept pushing through because parents weren't very forgiving about having to care for their own children for a few days.

In 4% of cases forgiving towards is used

It is extremely difficult to love others but not being forgiving towards them.

This may translate into him being more benevolent and forgiving towards people.

He is tolerant and forgiving towards him, thus hoping to earn reward from Allah (S.

You will find that you are able to be more accepting and forgiving towards yourself.

Of course we give children responsibilities and we should be forgiving towards adults.

The UN was also very forgiving towards the green new deal's conspicuous lack of greenness.

It was LESS forgiving towards its own allies during the war than its OWN ALLIES were towards Germany.

As it was he just flattened a referee and probably made the referee less forgiving towards the Irish side.

He was very forgiving towards people who'd hurt him a great deal, just keen to repair the friendships he valued.

Natasha, by what you've written, you sound far more forgiving towards the people of Egypt than me, and I commend you for that.

In 4% of cases forgiving with is used

Be patient and forgiving with your boy.

People are very forgiving with minor bad points.

The micro heli is also very forgiving with crashes and what are called blade strikes.

Fans in Edmonton have been incredibly patient and forgiving with respect to the slow rebuild process.

I kinda suck at shooters on console, for instance; which means I'll often be more forgiving with a game.

Those in the south west are the most forgiving with only 17 per cent forming their opinion about someone purely on their appearance.

I haven't a clue what's going on because IE seems a bit more forgiving with cursor placement, but sometimes works and sometimes does not.

It's why he went to Lebanon, and it's even possible it's part of why he's so forgiving with Carrie when anyone else would have cut her loose long ago.

Equally though with a lot of English supporters they are nt going to be very forgiving with those players unless they provide magic moments every game.

Creditors are normally very understanding and forgiving with debtors that show a budget surplus, not so much with those that run trillion-dollar deficits.

In 3% of cases forgiving on is used

TaylorMade R11 Irons Very forgiving on missed shots, ball flight is great.

Oh also you should probably make the game more forgiving on the food/water levels.

I do also believe that it is forgiving on lower quality samples like low bitrate mp3's.

Q: This track is arguably the least forgiving on the calendar SV: but that? s the challenge.

Ironically, Biron's own boss is rather forgiving on those occasions that Biron himself fails.

Needs to Be Much More Forgiving on Home Loans The housing market is where the Great Recession started.

Those who have issues with Mac keyboards will be more forgiving on using the clunky un-backlit ASUS keyboard.

Have you questions about Mount Mafic? I advice that you watch your tongue and your step-- lava is not so forgiving on flesh.

The ovals were too far to one side to be read by the older machines; apparently the newer machines are a little more forgiving on that.

I would think the electorate would be a lot more forgiving on first term implementaion issues if the party had a more even keeled leader.

In 2% of cases forgiving as is used

And over time, we'll become more forgiving as a result.

Their body won't react the same way and be as forgiving as for someone who is loose.

He is non forgiving as a business person; he goes after Cinderella for the debt she owes him.

Not judging as a sufficient and forgiving as a necessary condition: -Matthew 7:1-2 -Judge not, and ye shall not be judged.

It seems that colleagues at the Village Square are not exactly as forgetfull and or forgiving as the generality of Nigerians today.

While most fans seemingly agreed the police should have sought permission, they also urged Bachchan to be forgiving as the campaign was for a good cause.

If your work could change one thing in this world -- what would it be? Help people to better understand themselves and each other, and to be more tolerant and forgiving as a result.

In 1% of cases forgiving at is used

Manchester United, it is safe to say, will not be as forgiving at the weekend.

The courts weren't too forgiving at that time, so he prayed to an Irish goddess for help.

The general public can be much more forgiving at times when it comes to rides I'd considerable nearly unride-able.

Whichreally does just leave jean because denim is durable hence its prevailence the world over and s forgiving at the same time got to be jeans for any sensible mans attire.

In 1% of cases forgiving toward is used

Martin O'Malley has not been particularly forgiving toward the company.

A historical perspective may incline us to become more forgiving toward current abuses, but it shouldn't cause us to become complacent about them.

In 1% of cases forgiving without is used

Its aim was ' forgiving without forgetting '.

The result is subtle and forgiving without compromising the overall experience.

You can't access the moral high ground of forgiving without fully committing to jumping off the boggy terrain of hurt and hostility.

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