Prepositions after "foolish"

foolish for, of, in, to or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases foolish for is used

I was very foolish for doing that.

It would be foolish for either Mr.

We are foolish for helping them in any way.

It is foolish for such Christians to not make police reports against secular crimes.

I'd going to hope this thing peters out and we all look foolish for being so scared.

It is inevitable - and I feel foolish for even thinking that it was all over in 2005.

Beyond that it was neither my duty nor my inclination and I felt foolish for harbouring any guilt in this respect.

Fundamental issues completely ignored, and in general the list makes me feel foolish for even offering to do this.

Go figure! I would have to think it would be foolish for the MLS to decline an opportunity to increase its fanbase.

However, you should always take basic precautions &; I feel the McCanns were foolish for leaving their child alone.

In 17% of cases foolish in is used

It may be foolish in your opinion.

You were too foolish in all aspects.

That approach is foolish in two ways.

Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish in the crowd.

It would seem so amateurish and foolish in this regard as to amount to a total failure.

To concentrate only on the aspect of punishment is shortsighted and foolish in the extreme.

Discounting De La Salle in Munster has proved foolish in recent years and they are an experienced, committed bunch.

What we must make certain never happens again is the foolish in fighting among Republican that gave us Bill Clinton.

I think you should write an article about people who are penny-wise and pound foolish in what should be frugal times.

We are foolish in the extreme to want to dismantle these impediments to the unrestrained exercise of political power.

In 17% of cases foolish of is used

It had been foolish of her to try.

It was very foolish of him to lie.

It would be foolish of them not to.

It would be foolish of him to make a decision on such a matter when he was so emotional.

I'd never noticed it in previous years which was, in retrospect, somewhat foolish of me.

Romain called me by a filthy name and I showed him that it was foolish of him to do that.

I know that was foolish of me and it was probably a contributing factor to yesterday and I put myself at great risk.

While this is already happening today, it might be foolish of Google to put such tools in the hands of its publishers.

It is foolish of Premen Addy in his letter in the same issue to deny that Mahatma Gandhi supported the First World War.

To deny it is foolish, and those responsible for funding the argument against fossil fuels are the most foolish of all.

In 10% of cases foolish to is used

Everyone looks foolish to Boon.

They are foolish to the natural mind.

People appeared enormously foolish to him.

Please, please, please; you said you were foolish to bring up games in the first place.

It is foolish to shorted the winter day increasing energy costs when energy is so expensive.

And it is foolish to the Greeks because they believe only what agrees with their own wisdom.

They are foolish to the extend that they regard freebies as a form of concern but which infact is to buy your vote.

Kenyans are not fools as you think!! While its your choice not to be married at your age, its foolish to some of us.

All it does is villify people who may have committed no offence and make you look foolish to more considerate people.

All of the sudden - the very same investment philosophy didn't appear to be quite so foolish to those same individuals.

In 5% of cases foolish by is used

You look more foolish by every passing hour.

Don't be foolish by the fairy tails from SMB leasing.

You might not want to appear foolish by being honest.

He felt he had been made to appear foolish by what he considered to be Helen's deception.

Am I being foolish by waiting until I feel financially secure before reproducing? Ariel says.

Having him and Song together in the center of our line-up yesterday was neglegent and foolish by AW.

Don't try to do anything foolish by thinking that you will be able to get away with it while earning big hard cash.

But if you do not vote, then you are seen as not exercising your privilege and deemed foolish by those who do vote.

But that's only because I was foolish by leaving the game in the console and left it running because I forgot about it.

Many respected scientists have made themselves look foolish by speaking on subjects which lie outside their fields of expertise.

In 4% of cases foolish on is used

Extremely foolish on their part.

This is foolish on so many levels.

He made Ryan look foolish on foreign policy.

So why should we be so foolish on the basis of our petty little material attachments.

So it's foolish on the scientists ' part to automatically think of this as an invitation.

It will be foolish on your part to get training for a sector that's actually on the decline.

Our common public is made foolish on the behalf that our army is the only one which is cure to each and every problem.

So, it would be foolish on his part to become a sinner for the sake of those people who would desert him in his distress.

Needless to add that it would be foolish on our part to be casual about our obligatory duties, in the belief that they can be fulfilled after our death.

It will be foolish on the part of Sardars if they ignore common baloch people and try to negotiate unilaterally, such negotiations will end up as delusion.

In 3% of cases foolish at is used

Funny at times, but foolish at heart.

A hatred a day keeps the foolish at bay.

It's relatively young and very foolish at times.

If we are foolish at the moment of phassa (sensory con-tact ), we have foolish feeling.

Academics don't have some automatic claim to wisdom either, and can be quite foolish at times.

Riggleman made the Nats look foolish at the time, but I'd say that it has worked out pretty well.

The man responsible for the shrewd hire of Steve Clarke, which many including myself thought was foolish at the time.

Jenny may be somewhat foolish at times, but I may be saying this only because I'd a bit cynical of how the world works.

For Democrats to keep debunking polls just because they do not tell you what you want to hear is beyond foolish at this point.

Feeling good is also a skill you can learn, you just have to be willing to put forth some effort and maybe feel a little foolish at times.

In 3% of cases foolish with is used

Don't be foolish with your most precious asset -- life.

The broadcaster won't look so foolish with the HIV film.

You just make yourself look more foolish with every word.

Manziel made Tide defenders look foolish with the awkwardly elusive moves he put on guys.

Wizard G, you are mistaken and foolish with all you pontification that this Prez is a Wizard.

March 21, 2012 at 6:45 am by InTheZone I think these families are just foolish with their money.

Elizabeth felt very foolish with the girl fanning the back of her neck and the Chinaman grinning in front of her.

And he should have known better, because his rivals regularly make themselves look foolish with similar statements.

It's too bad we have to be so foolish with our votes that we will have to suffer such humiliation as a country -- a damn shame.

If you're serious about this rather than using it as a critique on other religions, I'd say you're extraordinarily foolish with your life and your money.

In 2% of cases foolish about is used

It is easy to be foolish about the connexion of thought with national life.

And we may tenaciously hope against hope and begin to feel foolish about it.

Something foolish about stability and development bandied around in my head at the time.

Graphite says: November 27, 2012 at 1:02 am Exactly what is foolish about that? Everything.

Pip, ' said Estella, casting her glance over the room, don't be foolish about its effect on you.

What the government is so foolish about it that the will to avoid taxes also goes up as you raise taxes.

Feeling foolish about his earlier attempts to hide the phone he reached beneath his seat to retrieve it again.

He felt a little foolish about wanting to reassure himself that Tam was still there, but it was that kind of day.

I was going to tell you that there is something a little foolish about preaching about nature on a beautiful spring day.

He would be retiring soon and intended to hand over the business to his son-in-law but not if he was still being so foolish about this whole matter of where he lived.

In 2% of cases foolish as is used

Makes us look foolish as a nation.

Instead, he looked foolish as the ball knocked the off-stump.

Still, there's no need to be penny wise and pound foolish as a consumer.

This is foolish as the BBC is funded by taxes via The Secretary of State.

It held, foolish as the idea was, something of her own in it, this country sky, this sky above Westminster.

And the other one, was that there is not someone so foolish as the man who does nothing because he can only do a little.

However, being quite young and all, I was foolish as a lad n ' spent money I had on gambling and expensive rent on various hotels.

It wouldn't help him as a rider, and you would have to be suicidally foolish as a jockey to take cocaine, because you are bound to be found out.

He clarifies that he does not really believe the West to be that foolish as to risk unleashing that kind of unutterably unpredictable storm of conflict.

In 2% of cases foolish like is used

She thinks I am mad but she is foolish like Rosco.

I can say Queen of England is an alien lizard but without some evidence I will foolish like M.

Thankfully I don't picture Arsene making himself look foolish like this (or with an eye gouge, Mourinho style).

You need an absolute minimum of 2GB of memory to run XP (I know Microsoft say it'll run on something foolish like 128MB, but it just isn't so).

I am 19 and I'd not going to be foolish like my elder brothers who refuse to convert to Christians even after all the Islamic prayers failed to break the curse.

In 1% of cases foolish after is used

She hadn't been so foolish after all, as to have left home without a credit card.

If only one of us is fighting and behaving antagonistically, the other one is likely to look very foolish after a while.

Dustin Brown, Right Wing, Los Angeles There was talk of trading the Kings captain at the deadline, but that notion seems foolish after Brown scored four goals in five games against the Canucks.

In 1% of cases foolish because is used

The lion felt foolish because of this lack of courage.

For who think that IY is foolish because of the choice she made.

If it was then it was the mildest deliberate head-stomp there ever was and doubly foolish because of it.

Very early on I realized that my teenage dream of glamorous suits was foolish because of the relatively poor quality of life behind those glamorous suits and money crunching.

In 1% of cases foolish from is used

The whole thing has been shameful and foolish from the start.

Ordering a custom poster without planning where it would suit would be really foolish from your part.

It doesn't make what he did right, it simply makes it stupid and foolish from someone who should have known better.

Add in the functions that Siri will be bringing to the party in iOS 6, and moving off iCloud seems more and more foolish from a usability standpoint.

Personality is a contributing factor too - not being able to tolerate feeling foolish from making inevitable errors will make learning a new language a difficult process.

April 14, 2011 at 5:32 pm Big J This is so foolish from the Chinese Government, that just movies, movies should bring people joy and fun that is nothing do with culture and Chinese heritage.

In 1% of cases foolish over is used

I know it's only Monday morning, and I really should be savouring my first coffee of the work-week while focusing on the joys to come, but I did something foolish over the weekend.

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