Prepositions after "fold"

"fold in" or "fold into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 34% of cases fold in is used
    fold in the set vanilla pudding.
    Gently fold in the rest of the sugar.
    fold in half diagonally a second time.
    fold in shifted flour and cocoa powder.
    Stir into the pure, fold in the whipped cream.
    The device would have folded in half like a book.
    Add crumbs and when it stops being amorphous, fold in the crab.
    Each of the two Sheets is folded in a separate folding Process.
    Stax folded in 1975 as a result of a costly legal battle with CBS.
    Add glue along the small side and fold in half along the centre line.

    In 22% of cases fold into is used
    Almost like you kind of fold into the floor.
    The manipulator fingers folded into a point.
    The failed bank is usually folded into a sounder bank.
    It got folded into the general argument concerning education, though.
    Break the honeycomb in large chunks, gently fold into the ice cream mix.
    It is traditionally wrapped in banana leaves folded into a pyramid shape.
    It is these vetted ideas that are ultimately folded into the greater discourse.
    Just before using, whisk up the egg white and fold into the batter to lighten it.
    They fold into a compact round shape and come with a fabric bag for storage and transport.
    Giving GDS feedback to fold into the platform has been really good, and it's nice to know.

    In 6% of cases fold under is used
    Wood had folded under pressure.
    Quite often, they fold under the name-calling from the left that invariably results from being right.
    Release the pinned backing and fold under the raw edges to match the base of the folded triangles, covering the seam line.
    The most recent favourite is one leg folded under me, leaning my chest against my knee to support me as I lean towards my computer or over increasingly darkening sheets of paper.

    In 3% of cases fold around is used
    Her arm folded around his shoulders and squeezed encouragingly.
    You may place your other gifts on top of the prefolds and fold around them to keep them in place.

    In 3% of cases fold over is used
    It was folded over one shoulder.
    Later, an assistant steward saw him standing alone in the smoking-room, his arms folded over his breast and the belt lying on a table near him.

    In 3% of cases fold like is used
    We'll march till we drop, The girls and the fellas, We'll fight till the death Or else fold like umbrellas.
    The bread was baked in round, flat loves and so could be folded like pita bread and used in place of a spoon.

    In 2% of cases fold after is used
    In 2001 the International Hockey League folded after fifty six seasons and the AHL absorbed six of the teams.

    In 2% of cases fold with is used
    Then the dough is folded with a leaf and burnt by fire and shared by all members of the household.

    In 2% of cases fold to is used
    The tow bar can be folded to either side of the bike for storage.
    While in the Shrine Hall, refrain from loud talk, noise, play, reading of newspapers and the like Sit with your feet folded to one side or cross-legged.

    In 2% of cases fold out is used
    The table folded out of the side panelling and slid towards me, and proved stable enough to type on.
    The camera -- standard in the US market -- is integrated into the rear boot lid above the number plate, with the image visible on the LCD screen folding out of the centre stack.

    In 2% of cases fold for is used
    They should be stored flat but if they must be folded to be stored, you may want to wait to press them until just before folding for use.

    In 2% of cases fold along is used
    They can be folded along the body during rapid swimming and act as brakes when erected.

    In 1% of cases fold without is used
    Conservatives just folded without a fight.

    In 1% of cases fold from is used
    With the ball spinning and bouncing appreciably, England's tail meekly folded from 382-5 to 413 all out, with Ojha continuing his impressive series with figures of 5-143.

    In 1% of cases fold against is used
    The dining table should be square of rectangular in shape and should not be attached or folding against the wall.

    In 1% of cases fold throughout is used
    He was wearing a dark red t-shirt and had his arms folded throughout most of the hearing.

    In 1% of cases fold through is used
    Chorizo is flash fried and then tossed with a salad of red onion, cherry tomatoes, olive and parsley before being folded through warm pasta.

    In 1% of cases fold at is used
    The New York Knickerbockers defeated a hard luck team called the Toronto Huskies, which folded at the end of the season.

    In 1% of cases fold before is used
    Probably the only way to ever truly enter the cronosphere (sp?) unless our control of creating materials increases 1000 fold before our manipulation of magnetic fields.

    In 1% of cases fold depending is used
    Factors of improvement range from 2 to 11 fold depending on the cell type expanded and tissue formed.

    In 1% of cases fold down is used
    So one day, fed up, I dropped the laundry off at fluff and fold down the street.

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