Prepositions after "flock"

flock to, towards, by, around or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 88% of cases flock to is used
    People flocked to Egypt for jobs and food.
    People flock to the night market to shop for.
    Well, people would still flock to Ocean City.
    About 850 people flock to Totaranui to camp each summer, and most were Cantabrians, he said.
    When I get back home tomorrow night, I'll see what the torrent of people are flocking to.
    As young people flock to the monasteries en these regions, they will need training and support.
    For years, tech grads had reason to stay in Ontario, but if the community withers, more could flock to Silicon Valley.
    Cheers! what'd I tell you? soon as they're done with hunger games, they all flock to the next jennifer lawrence movie.
    But more people than ever flocked to online communities in 2012, and the opportunity for fame increased exponentially.

    In 3% of cases flock towards is used
    When winning championships becomes synonymous with your brand, people will begin to flock towards the product.
    More and more sneaker heads are actually flocking towards this style of zigtech shoes as we see different styles appear.

    In 2% of cases flock by is used
    Considered to be one of Europe's tourist attractions, castles all over Europe are flocked by people from all over the world.
    Despite the growing popularity and flocking by foreigners, local clubs are yet to match up even with close neighbors in the East African region.

    In 1% of cases flock around is used
    Can we succeed in life simply by exposing our wishes to the mirror? However, people flock around such Sophists who may have a private agenda.

    In 1% of cases flock into is used
    The economy suffered, however, from the 1972-74 drought and rising unemployment as farm workers flocked into the cities.
    But over here in the UK, we sure aren't complaining about a day of brilliant bargains, and thousands are flocking into shopping centres today to pick up their favourite pieces of tech.

    In 1% of cases flock with is used
    Roger and Hilary combine a 600-strong sheep flock with turkey rearing and a 25-strong sucker herd - with all calves reared for beef - on their farm at 31 Ballygowan, Road, Kells.

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