Prepositions after "flick"

"flick through", "flick on" or "flick to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 41% of cases flick through is used
    Each person has their complimentary earphones on, flicking through the channels when suddenly.
    I remember flicking through it constantly and picking this one out as my favourite aged seven.
    But as I flicked through it I realized there wasn't a single recipe or physical exercise of any kind.
    A means of identification is needed, even if this is simply flicking through pictures until a look-alike is found.
    They will flick through a magazine when they have the opportunity, but for advertisers that engagement is harder to measure.
    If you decide you want access to them later, just flick through the pages of applications and you can still access all of them.
    The user shall be able to scroll though the album covers of each album in a fashion similar to flicking through the albums you have on your shelf.
    Having only flicked through the book, it feels like Redniss has captured, alongside Pierre and Marie Curie's work, the faith they of their science.
    I like instant start and pause anywhere, skimming through the movie to find stuff and the sheer convenience of flicking through my collection on my HD.
    I flicked through the menu so many times, there were tempting choices galore, I couldnt get my head around what I wanted to have, each tapas sounded better than the last.

    In 12% of cases flick to is used
    flick to Requests to see if a friend has invited you to play with them.
    flick to Collection and press to open a game you've already downloaded.
    If you want to see whether you have a game invitation or a turn notification, flick to Requests.

    In 11% of cases flick on is used
    Pushing open the door, Denise flicked on the lights and gasped in surprise.
    You walk into a room in your house and flick on the light switch, but nothing happens.
    Numb, I bend over and pick it up as Andy flicks on the ventilation and disappears back into the maze.
    Emley restored their lead when Levi Maturine flicked on an Aaron Joseph cross and Anthony Leech volleyed in from the edge of the box.

    In 8% of cases flick between is used
    An optional heads-up-display can be flicked between several modes, including a handy GPS-based reminder of what the current speed limit is.
    Thankfully you can easily flick between the two: On any device: Use the Windows key (four white squares, bottom left of the keyboard) to toggle between the two desktops.

    In 5% of cases flick into is used
    Only one of these televisions is on at a time - just one, then another and another, flicking into existence and then out.

    In 5% of cases flick with is used
    I don't walk around with two cameras every day to be taking flicks with my cellphone.
    Sehwag was at his attacking best, cutting, driving, flicking with disdain as he sent the England fielders on a leather-hunt.

    In 3% of cases flick onto is used
    Lets say you had a bit of turd flicked onto your leg and somebody offered you a choice of A) dry tissue paper or B) soap and water to clean up with what would you choose? It would be B) right.

    In 2% of cases flick across is used
    Whenever I flick across one of the dog-training programmes, the breeds chosen are always very different in behaviour from our sighthounds, many seem very poorly socialised too.

    In 2% of cases flick at is used
    Ava gently flicked at it with the whip.

    In 2% of cases flick by is used
    The screens flicked by too quickly for Holden to follow.

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