Prepositions after "fixed"

"fixed in", "fixed for" or "fixed on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases fixed in is used

You will thus get fixed in the Self.

Earlier, I was very fixed in my ways.

I really hope this gets fixed in the patch.

But I would expect the problem now it is known to become fixed in the next code release.

The free ends being fastened by bull dog clips at least two fixed in opposite directions.

However, you appear to want to remain fixed in your biases, regardless of what anyone says.

David Manvell I expect all of this to be fixed in Kandy Korn or whatever they will be calling the next Android version.

He despised himself for that; and besides, the look with which Hawke had returned it somehow remained fixed in his mind.

It's a desaster of an grafical user interface which might not get fixed in favor of a faster cpu or better camera mpixel.

Which one teleworking annoyance would you like to see fixed in the future? The worst thing for a commuter is battery power.

In 15% of cases fixed on is used

The gaze Remains fixed on the sky.

His eyes remain fixed on the Father.

Their eyes stayed fixed on each other.

His attention appeared fixed on her lips and she could see he was not listening to her.

Safwan's cold and unflinching stare stayed fixed on her as she struggled to break free.

Maybe I get fixed on Sunday? Chip Kelley's teams have never lost after leading at half.

The ratchet member RM is made of a? shaped plate and fixed on the center of the horizontal portion 112 of the stay 114.

The ratchet member RM is made of an L shaped plate and fixed on the center of the horizontal portion 112 of the stay 114.

The next step is to develop some mastery over this wild mind by training it to remain fixed on a single object, the breath.

The next step is to develop some mastery over this wild mind, by training it to remain fixed on a single object: the breath.

In 12% of cases fixed for is used

We did barter to have it fixed for 900.

Initial boundaries remain fixed for one year.

All this, and more, got fixed for the A version.

And in fact, it's not just the computer that needs to stay fixed for everyone internet sites.

However in reality the value of the Australian dollar remained fixed for long periods of time.

The cause of the crash has been identified and fixed for the next version, we apologize for this.

The final was set for Ballingarry on a Saturday evening but I had an AIL game with Shannon fixed for the same afternoon.

Therefore, apparel experts need to know what requirement of RO EU fixed for accessing Bangladesh RMG into their apparel market.

Harpo Does Something Funny: His material is pretty fixed for each tour, but he will approach it differently from night to night.

When someone invests in decentral or home based wind or PV generation, the feed-in tarrif is known and fixed for about 20 years.

In 8% of cases fixed to is used

Our cats are all 3 fixed to date.

Two iron rings can still be found fixed to the wall.

I stood fixed to my spot, watched the light turn green.

If you are building a mobile app I would recommend fixed to the right side of the screen.

But it just feels a little incomplete that this game never got fixed to perfection like the rest.

The older telcos has already disrupted themselves ones in the transition from fixed to mobile telephony.

Under a perpetually cloudy sky the old idea would have remained fixed to terrestrial soil like the oyster to its bed.

We were offered the chance to add money to the mortgage and to change from fixed to variable rate, but we declined both.

One of the recently advertised securities was an Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) instrument with a fixed to floating rate coupon.

Straight bar is secured to wall with cup head square lock bolt inserted to prevent head turning once unacessable fixed to wall.

In 7% of cases fixed at is used

Her loan was 30-year fixed at 6.

The Earth has been kept fixed at the middle of each diagram.

His eyes kept fixed at Mark's face, looking for further instructions.

Most fixes are relatively simple, but can cost quite a bit to get fixed at a repair shop.

As the Company is a non-profit organization, the value of these shares will remain fixed at $25.

However, there is no guaranty that our mind would get fixed at the feet of God at the time of death.

When I got my mortgage 5 years ago I was only given an option of 5 years fixed at 5% and then moving to tracker for 40 years.

The 2 percent figure is almost double the real amount, and the rate of growth has been declining, not remaining fixed at 12 percent.

Offset is available across a wide range of loan to values with some of the top deals as follows: First Direct three-year fixed at 2.

In characteristic chick flick the go to the john, still, she gets pissed fixed at James Marsden's article and changes her compulsion.

In 6% of cases fixed by is used

I hope its fixed by double xp weekend.

This is not gon na get fixed by next Tuesday.

I think we politicians have got fixed by Parthipan.

If any instrument is destroyed by anyone he has to pay fine fixed by the college authority.

If any one cause any harm to science lab he has to pay fine fixed by the college authority.

People began finding them when they got their after they sent their bricked/broken PSP-2000 models to get fixed by s0nY.

I'd certainly not defending Commandant Bloomberg, but the problems in the US aren't going to fixed by voting for a party.

Elections for Senators and Members of the House of Representatives shall be held in the manner and on the dates fixed by law.

They shall receive such compensation as may be fixed by law, which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office.

In 4% of cases fixed with is used

Will that get fixed with technology.

There where things that could have bin fixed with one liners.

Managed to get that fixed with windows repair with the OS disk.

I'd assuming I can get this > fixed with the correct drivers and/or new IDE cable.

The foot pegs are a little narrow when standing up -- easy fixed with a set of PivotPegz.

I'd assuming I can get this > >fixed with the correct drivers and/or new IDE cable.

I quickly fitted some windscreens cut from 10 thou glazing fixed with Formula 560 Canopy Glue and finally added the nameplates.

Although the stars have positions that appear fixed with respect to each other, the planets, the Sun and the Moon appear to move.

To-night they seemed fixed with unusual firmness in the blue, and flashed back such a ripple of light into her eyes that she found herself thinking that to-night the stars were happy.

In 2% of cases fixed as is used

People who didn't actually watch fully get caught up in what other people say and then this gets fixed as the conventional wisdom.

By chanting these holy names of the Supreme, one reaches the level of love of God, in which one becomes fixed as an eternal servant of the Lord.

The EU enthusiasm for Kyoto has always been based on its massive 1997 coup, when it had 1990 fixed as the base year for calculations of emission volumes.

By the time an organism's efforts to control its activity in response to some stress has become fixed as a habit, then an irreversible, material change has been made in the organism.

In 1% of cases fixed within is used

The understanding that arose must lead to the Dhamma becoming fixed within his own mind.

As long as he remains fixed within a dualistic conception of the world, this fulfillment will elude him.

Certain flowers though, remain fixed within the calendar itself, relating to particular seasonal customs.

I am hoping a few of these issues obtain fixed within the next day or two just before We show up at my following on the internet class program.

In 1% of cases fixed during is used

If you find wear and tear that must fixed during the renovation, you'll be ready.

Indeed, many people get fixed during the holiday season since they do not plan well.

In 1% of cases fixed vs is used

Here's our Fixed vs Floating calculator to help.

That means my views on Fixed vs Floating are changing.

Fixed vs floating: Fixed-term rates out to two years are currently below floating rates, while three-year and longer fixed rates are only slightly higher.

Fixed rates Fixed mortgage rates have been edging lower in the last three months and are now at or below floating rates, making the fixed vs floating decision a tough one.

In 1% of cases fixed versus is used

Some people manage to alter their outlook simply by being introduced to the fixed versus incremental distinction.

In 1% of cases fixed upon is used

What was the reason that a Naturalist was not long ago fixed upon? I am very much obliged for the trouble you have had about it; there certainly could not have been a better opportunity.

In 1% of cases fixed up is used

Inge fixed up time with one of the women to go see her water pump.

At another location, next to the fixed up greenhouse, tomato plants and tomatoes were growing and vibrant.

This investment firms will need a fair estimation of your business shares and then will procure a fixed amount of shares at a fixed up cost.

A woman friend of his had advised him to suggest that I go to a doctor to get ' fixed up ' and to always let him know by phone if I wasn't going to be home for breakfast.

Instead, Stam was considered to have lost his pace after returning from an Achilles tendon injury, and because the club had, in Ferguson's words, ' fixed up another player.

Luckilly, we don't need a fixed UP direction, because you only want to rotate the point clockwise or countsreclockwise around the center axis, and don't need to know what angle it is actually at.

In 1% of cases fixed throughout is used

Fixed Cost: Fixed costs are those costs which remain fixed throughout the production procedure.

Interest rates may remain fixed throughout the bond's life or vary according to the bond's terms of listing.

Our neural pathways established during childhood, common wisdom held, remained fixed throughout our mature years.

His position remains fixed throughout the narrative, at the water source, the well, while the rest of the characters come and go.

Fixed Cost: - Fixed costs are those costs which remain fixed throughout the production period whatever the number of units produced may be.

If the focus remains fixed throughout an ad sequence where the interesting and active part area changes, we can track whether the respondent is following the sequence intended.

In 1% of cases fixed per is used

Rs 300 fixed per month for any 30 movies of their choice and available in the list within a period of one month.

However this does not mean that the Cafe owner can't be creative and explore different business models for fixed per head menu pricing.

You state that monetary inflation can be controlled by fixing or limiting the amount of money in the system to stay fixed per person, we know that fiat currencies do not meet this requirement.

In 1% of cases fixed over is used

This discrepancy will get fixed over time, the company says.

Economies this bad don't get fixed over night, nor are they fixed by one person.

Why on earth does everyone seem to be making the simplifying assumption that the multiplier will stay fixed over the unfolding cycle? As a businessman my instincts tell me otherwise.

For example, if you took out a two-year fixed over a 25-year term and the fixed rate is coming to an end, when you remortgage you should be aiming to bring the term down to 23 years.

In 1% of cases fixed because is used

It took us two years to get this fixed because of the politics involved.

I say this problem will not get fixed because of the amount of money it will take to fix it.

In 1% of cases fixed of is used

Mortgage, 92%, was 256400 based on a 3 yr fixed of 5.

These are the fixed of people that can be disabled or outdated.

In 1% of cases fixed into is used

Again, this is to ensure that the leads have had time to become fixed into position.

It turns the fixed into the variable, and sees the universe not as being but as becoming.

The function-idea, he says, ' turns the fixed into the variable, and sees the universe not as being but as becoming '.

If you measure fixed into it, you are going to have different numbers, despite the fact that it's the same fire station.

When he later assumed the appearance of other persons, he seemed able come back to his original form, until he got fixed into the form of John Locke.

This then gradually changes and becomes fixed into a particular and very individual song (as in, unique to that one bird) over the course of the ensuing Spring and Summer seasons.

In 1% of cases fixed before is used

Will this get fixed before release? I agree.

You think they would have got all that fixed before the show.

Will this get fixed before release? +1 You need sea sick pills to watch.

I have a little chip in my front tooth which I am considering getting fixed before the Wedding but seriously like I can afford it - I'd sure I'll need fillings too.

Would you recommend getting this fixed before returning? I have previously been recommended not to fix it as it was so small people might think that the damage was worse then it actually was.

In 1% of cases fixed from is used

Often times, the radio station can have a lot of fixed from travelling out of your city or condition, which means this provides you with continual leisure in your journey.

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