Prepositions after "fixate"

fixate on, by, with, from or upon?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 86% of cases fixate on is used
    In the West, we are fixated on vitamins.
    My eyes are always fixated on the breast area.
    You want to be sociable, not totally fixated on one guy.
    We don't even understand why the Argentinians are so fixated on these rocky outposts.
    We remain fixated on things that can be accomplished through broad policy initiatives.
    Routley could breathe on his own, but was unable to speak, fixate on people with his eyes, follow people with his eyes or show emotion.
    She becomes so fixated on Brody's guilt that she shows up at his house, confronting his wife and daughter about the husband and father they love.
    PS: Here's another bit of luck for Mr Cameron: while Westminster is fixated on hacking, very few people are talking about his Government's decision to take.
    No player is perfect, and fixating on the flaws of any as a concrete reason to avoid them, while assigning less credit to their positive attributes, is silly.

    In 6% of cases fixate by is used
    Gaunt was fixated by the danger of miscegenation.
    Explore as much as you can rather than be fixated by money making alone.
    Rather that consider the possibilities and potential rewards, we become fixated by the risks, both real and imagined.

    In 6% of cases fixate with is used
    It's no surprise I am fixated with locations where people have died.
    These pledges, to me, also represent how Cebuanos spite a stoic bureaucracy, like the COA, whose minds are fixated with rigidity of procedure than consideration for well-meaning endeavors.

    In 1% of cases fixate from is used
    JaeJoong's sole attention was immediately fixated from the moment he laid eyes on them, much to the envy of the fans around.

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