Prepositions after "fit"

fit for, with, in, into or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases fit for is used

Fit for dinner with friends, no.

This car is not fit for purpose.

These cars are not fit for purpose.

When I read the selection criteria it seemed that Esprit would be great fit for the show.

You must be born and bred in one of those suburbs fit for the movie Delliverance! VA:F 1.

Any Wii owner and fan of the series can tell you that this would be a perfect fit for the.

In other words, he's the perfect fit for the late-night block of experimental programming on a cable network for kids.

Thanks Damien! - Maria De Gregorio Be Fit For Life Client Dublin 15 Resident You need to stick to the plan to succeed.

Fit for Love is a guide to navigating through the sometimes dark forest of life and love, using our own inner compass.

When kings - Which is, when the ground is fit for the march of soldiers, and brings forth provision for man and beast.

In 6% of cases fit with is used

Good fit with corporate culture.

It fit with our campaign narrative.

Cause its fit with worldwide system.

The sound is simpler and more raw, but it fit with the anger and strength in the songs.

The ethos of the DUP membership will not fit with Conservative policies and principles.

The handle can be adjusted to have the best balance and can be fit with a counterweight for pumping up to 100 m deep.

It's about the natural right of every person to live their life as they see fit with minimal government interference.

A chinaware is an integration of gold, wood, water, fire and soil (five element theory) and is fit with Yin and Yang.

And a truly custom, 360 anatomical fit with less negative space gives you a fit and feel not found in any other skate.

In 5% of cases fit in is used

They are not fit in this party.

Mum was having a fit in the shower.

If we had to follow the fit in fig.

At Chelsea, Torres has to fit into their system of play and have more depth in the squad.

Young can benefit in politics since they are young, their minds are fresh and innovative.

Come expecting to join the mission family for the time you are there and just ' fit in '.

I don't feel fit in the society without a degree and my dream is that I one day become a professor just like you (Prof.

Lloyd's fit in the offense is clear and he should quickly pick up the scheme as he is an intelligent, polished receiver.

If Frankie never really found a fit in the movie world, then this was more amusing than some Britiish comedians ' tries.

It's a vaguely spiritual song that could've fit in nicely with the tunes on Exit Strategy and it's one of my favourites.

In 3% of cases fit into is used

I could def not fit into it though.

He's fit into the squad quite well.

He has fit into my plans and ideas.

U can view and try the sample codes to see how it fit into the CRM portion of Compiere.

Chris gazed in the darkness around the grubby little flat he had fit into so seamlessly.

I never thought this sleep pattern was a problem, as it fit into my lifestyle quite nicely.

She has filled me with enough stuff that would have fit into the Keyhole universe to make another movie all together.

There were those idiosyncrasies that made them not fit into society as it is, so they can't just fit into the puzzle.

An orthopedic inset is one potential solution that can be fit into any shoe without the need to purchase a full range.

The media will never show you the normal folks because it does not fit into the agenda that they have set for themselves.

In 3% of cases fit to is used

All The News That's Fit To Print.

I'll smack him when I see fit too.

Gerrard isnt fit to lace Messis boots.

Sure it happens but only because the league sees fit to discipline players not officials.

Even when I had got out of everything, one cantankerous creditor saw fit to be malignant.

The College was granted the power to examine and license doctors as being fit to practice.

It means continual massive deficits brought on by increasing corporate tax cuts for little benefit to Canadian citizens.

LOL my sister, who sees herself as smart and soon rich, saw fit to defriend me on FB is spitting blood over Obama's win.

Further concerns have been raised regarding whether many of those regarded as ' fit to work ' are in fact able to do so.

If I am deemed ' fit to work ', I know I won't have the strength/ability to fight it - it will probably be the end for me.

In 1% of cases fit after is used

Or, Fox might be fit after all.

He will be fit after the forthcoming international break.

Yesterday, Carlton House was declared fit after a knock to a near-fore joint.

I already wasn't fully match fit after the match versus Turkey, but I thought I would be alright.

Lets hope its not as bad as it first looks and he is back fighting fit after the international break.

Isn't it about the survival of the fittest after all? Evolution does not mean survival of the strongest.

Because of the very nature of the political animinal it is too much to expect National to be fighting fit after a 2017 defeat.

She thought she was fit after riding 4k to the shops now and then, but she was stunned at just how much fitter her ' old ' dad was.

READ MORE Yesterday's Cheshire Forest meeting at Tabley had to survive two inspections before it was passed fit after overnight snow.

Chesterfield Cubs Box Clever Thursday 26th May 2011 Cubs in Chesterfield are fighting fit after taking part in Derbyshire Constabulary's Ozbox.

In 1% of cases fit as is used

I was fit as a person could be.

You're not fit as a leader cos of your views.

I bike and run to stay fit as a soccer referee.

He's fit as a fiddle and more athletic, he says, than he was at 19 -- just before the Oct.

Job Electrician, my wife 27 loves horses and keeping fit as well as nice clothes and food.

Social Darwinism: The doctrine of survival of the fittest as applied to human societies.

Vishnu said he was struggling to remain fit as the match progressed and credited Divij for keeping him relaxed and going.

She is cleared of any charges as self-defense sadly Hotchner as well as Gideon do not believe Greenway is fit as a profiler.

I am told that such fear is misplaced and that brain damage does not take place if your child gets a fit as a result of high fever.

This mortgage loan is principally vital for house owners or for individuals who want to avoid there house to get fit as a guarantee.

In 1% of cases fit at is used

It's important to keep fit at any age.

Getting fit at home has never been easier.

This might be a good trend to stay fit at work.

And counsel can not be prohibited from performing whatever function they see fit at that hearing.

They would have had a fit at the spectacle of atheist bishops, atheist vicars, atheist Christians.

Although obviously, there's still some original content to make it fit at this point in time, that was really excellent.

Until said acceptance of offer, the Company may cancel the reservation for any reason it sees fit at its sole discretion.

I am concerned about his **26;2564;TOOLONG and inability to get fit at the start of most seasons (barring injury of course).

Although I've been lighter than my current weight I feel that this is the most fit at 207 I've ever been (and my wife agrees).

In 1% of cases fit between is used

The key is the fit between you and the mentor.

In subject space we look for the fit between the variables and the factors.

Related The fit between modern election result and ancient border is almost perfect.

This will help to explore the fit between your brand, the content, and the media channel.

We would need to run the model on historical data to see if we have a fit between the model and historical behaviour.

Managing Challenge People perform best when there is a fit between their ability and the task difficulty, or challenge.

The aim is to ensure a fit between the nature of the problem to be solved and the god who is appealed to, for solutions.

In 1% of cases fit by is used

You can't get fit by eating chocolate.

I keep fit by walking, cycling and gardening.

The data points (in purple) can be fit by Eq.

During the twilight of his life he kept fit by walking around the picturesque Kandy Lake.

He, however, had claimed that he would be fit by the second group match of the World Cup.

The above time limit may be extended upto such time as deemed fit by the Chief Controller.

A player sent from the court can not be replaced and may be subject to further penalties as seen fit by the duty manager.

First, they found the data better fit by a curvilinear relationship between species and island area, rather than a threshold.

Here's what you can do to make your child more fit by following these simple health tips that will maintain their fitness levels.

We'll get punished against better teams defending like that though, but hopefully we'll have our full quota of defenders fit by then.

In 1% of cases fit of is used

Denilson is the fittest Of them all.

Greediness and fit of anger caused this mishap.

Make sure you like the feel and fit of the shoe.

Nike shoes are endowed together with the Nike logo which happens to be fit of this swoosh.

Even the strongest of all and the fittest of all may find this journey too much to bear.

Once already in the rear of the pony, modify your body with regards to the fit of the saddle.

Justine is an excellent walker and was probably the fittest of all and she would certainly keep an eye on her little sister.

I should probably do a post with my tips and tricks but in short -- only shop for brands you know you like the quality and fit of.

Be the Fittest of the Fit I think Daniel Craig encompasses this more than ever which being a modern Bond, shows how relevant it is.

Even if arsenals form comes back of which it only will if players like Rosicky are back in or Diaby if he can stay fit of which he wont.

In 1% of cases fit on is used

If he says he is fit on Saturday, play him.

Hopefully will be fighting fit on Saturday.

It is illegal to fix cameras in a fit on room.

The entirety of the data for the movie could have been fit on a couple of dual-layer DVDs.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing any member of the Stoops family pitching a fit on the sidelines.

This has its good points and it is a great way to save time and also stay fit on a schedule.

I regularly watch all the Sunday morning talk shows, and admit to initial skepticism about Amanpour's fit on This Week.

Brilliant, flattering fit on the more, er, hippy lady and don't gape at the waist, which is my main problem with jeans.

In his spare time Daniel is a passionate cyclist and can often be found keeping fit on cycle tours or playing basketball.

Insightful post! Wasn't expecting to find an article on keeping fit on a Nigerian site since being BIG is considered sexy.

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