Prepositions after "firm"

"firm in" or "firm with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases firm in is used

They are firm in their actions.

The rope was now firm in every part.

But I was somehow firm in that idea.

Rod Mitchell or ever smiling but very firm in evaluations and day-to-day guidance of Ms.

He is always in doubt, and at the time of death, he can not remain firm in such a belief.

Cox is firm in his support for the Italian but so too are the rest of the squad, he says.

But PKR has been limp-wristed in bringing Zulkifli to heel whereas Umno had been firmer in disciplining Ahmad Ismail.

If interruptions start to take place be firm in your tone and express that you will not tolerate that type of behavior.

If after this period of Iddat, a man is still firm in his stance, his wife shall be considered as separated permanently.

In 16% of cases firm with is used

As our father was firm with us.

Be polite but firm with everyone.

You have to be firm with squirrels.

Do we love them, yes, as well as be firm with them that their lifestyle is not of God.

You have to try and be firm with them, or have someone who can be an advocate for you.

LMT Georgia: No, it is not a crime to be firm with a contract, but that works two ways.

Also removal is so easy, you just need to press a bit firmer with your nail polish remover to remove the stickers.

If you are one of these people and have someone close to you who is depressive, I suggest you be quite firm with them.

The ideal sleeping surface is one that is firm with some give in the top to support the natural curvature of the spine.

I begin to take small strides towards the coast, grasping my weapon firmer with every step I make as I say to myself.

In 14% of cases firm on is used

He is very firm on that matter.

They decide to be firm on Sri Lanka.

Our philosophy is very firm on that.

IF THE DEVELOPER IS FIRM ON PRICE Negotiate for what you estimate to be a realistic price.

May Allah purify the heart of every struggling soul and keep us all firm on the straight path.

Regardless of the things he went and did behind her back, he was firm on not letting her go, i.

The Conference of Parties has been firm on ensuring that tobacco industry representatives are kept at a safe distance.

Stating that he was firm on its decision, he said that he was not willing to speak to anyone regarding reconciliation.

But if the Sox are to hold firm on not dealing their best prospects, it limits how much they can acquire through trade.

You have created me and I am Your slave, and I am firm on Your covenant, and (awaiting) Your Promise, as much as I can.

In 8% of cases firm about is used

You just need to be firm about that.

Be firm about not wanting their help.

Be firm about squabbles but be neutral.

It is important for parents to be very firm about children staying in their restraint.

It's just too complicated and mysterious a relationship to say anything firm about it.

I saw her picture and read her profile and she was pretty firm about her age preferance.

One of the matters I was firm about was that we should acknowledge Prabakharan's death and conduct a week of mourning.

Your mw can't give you anything unless you agree to it so if you don't want pethidine just say no and be firm about it.

When we assured Bal Thackeray that we were firm about our decision, he agreed and announced his support for Pranab babu.

Once you have begun the process, be polite but firm about these boundaries, and make it clear that they are non-negotiable.

In 7% of cases firm to is used

We must hold firm to our position.

That's when they're firm to the touch.

Jews survive today because they hold firm to values.

We must hold firm to our beliefs and the high standards that Christ calls us to live by.

There should be no brown spots and the veggie should be firm to the touch but not too hard.

Feeder and restocker steers lost some ground as feeder heifers sold firm to slightly easier.

As president, he should extend an olive branch to his opponents but he must also hold firm to his values and principles.

Though they were imperfect, the Holy Spirit's power enabled them to hold firm to their faith in spite of persecution and death.

Flip and cook for an additional two-three minutes, or until that side is browned and crisp and the chicken is firm to the touch.

Transfer to the prepared sheet pan and broil on the bottom rack of the oven until the fish is firm to the touch, about 10 minutes.

In 5% of cases firm for is used

He held firm for sixty seven balls.

The bed was a bit too firm for my taste.

I found the mattress to be too firm for my liking.

The chassis is neither stupidly firm for carving corners, nor is it dumbly floppy for comfort.

This record stood firm for 138 years until the 2000 US Open when Tiger Woods won by 15 strokes.

We didn't find the beds too comfortable, they were a bit firm for our liking but comfortable enough.

Herman also describes the fact that other diets are too challenging and too firm for individuals to adhere perfectly.

The puree was made from tomatoes which were designed to stay firmer for longer, leading to less waste in harvesting.

One of the negative comments that has been made about the 750i is that the suspension is too firm for a luxury vehicle.

The latest report suggests that Tata has also held talks with the higher ups of the Gaydon based firm for a potential buyout.

In 2% of cases firm against is used

That we hold firm against the tide.

We never made love because we are firm against sex before marriage.

The lap belt should be firm against the body and low across the hips.

The harness has to be fitted firm against baby and blankets tucked in over top.

Sterling is firmer against the US dollar, as is just about every other currency.

Hong Kong has its back resting firmer against the motherland, and is in a position to take advantage of its strategic location to achieve win-win results.

The turns of the wire should be kept at an angle of 45 degrees and quite firm against the branch, be careful not to tear the bark or worse, snap your branch.

Allah's hatred to those who are reluctant to join Islamic jihad Quran- 9:73, O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the Hypocrites, and be firm against them.

In 2% of cases firm at is used

Price is firm at $350, no trades.

The rupee closed firmer at 131.

The rupee closed slightly firmer at 128.

A good chef knife should be firm at the base.

It should be very firm (not hard) when cold, but firm at room temp.

Meanwhile, his ' Worry Dem ' video continues to hold firm at the No.

Rooms are really comfy especially the bed, soft yet firm at the same time.

So much of it, in fact, that the ground was officially firm at post time on Saturday.

The price of gold has risen above $1,350 per troy ounce and has been reasonably firm at that level.

In the meantime, her other hit single Good Up remained firm at the #7 spot on the the HYPE TV charts.

In 2% of cases firm of is used

The two became the firmest of friends.

The firmest of these relations is the womb relation.

The firmest of forbiddances of failing to fulfil one's promises.

After studying careers for close to a decade, I am firm of my belief in this regard.

At that time Yeddiyurappa was almost removed from CM's post as all top BJP leaders were firm of his removal.

Although his week-to-week grip has not been as firm of late, Djokovic has still won the last three major tournaments.

Types of Pillows Latex Pillows Latex pillows are the firmest of pillows, so if you like a soft, squishy pillow steer away.

Please, don't worry, take it from me, as long as you call on Allah, He will be there to hold you in the firmest of embraces.

Instead the two countries became the firmest of allies during WW2, an occasionally strained alliance that continues to this day.

In 1% of cases firm without is used

It was firm without being harsh.

He is always polite, but firm without any disrespect.

You can eat them like an apple while still firm without that pucker effect.

My belief in Eeshvar remains firm without these meaningless rituals of idol worship.

I'd able to be firm without being punative, and able to respond to challenge with reason, not retribution.

For a smaller man, Blair's hand was broad and muscular and his handshake was firm without being overpowering.

Ajay Devgn tried every trick in the book to upset Late Yash Chopra's last directorial venture but as always YRF stood firm without saying any nonsense.

The Normans realising that they could not overcome an enemy so numerous and standing so firm without great loss to themselves, retreated, deliberately feigning flight.

In 1% of cases firm upon is used

He was firm upon the Sunnah, not compromising - if he knew something to be the haqq, he would hold to it with his molar teeth.

He is the One Who teaches them what they did not use to know and guides them with a guidance that keeps them firm upon the Straight Path.

I ask Allah to make us and you all firm upon it, and to provide us true knowledge and insight of the religion, verily our Lord is the one who hears and answers the prayers.

In 1% of cases firm up is used

I also don't think you can firm up the breast my doing lots of bench press.

That opportunity helped him firm up his aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur.

Groser said New Zealand wouldn't firm up its pledge until after the Doha talks.

You can also firm up the suspension for brisk road work and adjust the car's ride quality to taste.

Provide technical assistance that helps them firm up their operations by making them more sustainable.

Hey guys, this is worth a shot if you're looking at how EXERCISE can help firm up your physiques/breasts -- especially you women.

Just stick to the info that is certainly presented in this article and you should sometimes have the ability to more firm up what you already know or put it to use.

Some sections of the fan base may have mixed feelings on the result because victory will only firm up Wenger's belief that this squad is good enough to challenge for honours.

In 1% of cases firm under is used

Gravel will be firmer under wheels.

Her neck felt soft but firm under his hands.

Arch support: The feeling should be firm under your arch but not too much pressure.

If the ground is soft, place something firm under the ladder, such as a sheet of plywood.

Hopefully, the more robust infrastructure will hold firm under the weight of our combined taps.

And if these backstops will be a Eurozone liability, it is natural that bank supervision is firmer under common Eurozone control.

Boys and girls, we all need a little help to look firmer under our clothes regardless of size! And as fabric technology has improved, so has control underwear.

In 1% of cases firm like is used

If it's a little firmer like your lip, it's cooked medium.

The steps are firm like porcelain, and have a tinge of carmine.

She was very firm like a manager setting a deadline for a target.

It was thick and white like udon but was more firm like ramen and more chewy.

The mixture should be firm like peanut butter and easy to mold into a small disc in your hands.

Abu Talib and Khadija had stood by him firm like two rocks till the end and now they were no more.

My stock has a kit of gelatin so it is firm like Jell-O I refrigerated my stock then remove the fat and freeze my stock in snack size baggies/ about a cup of stock.

In 1% of cases firm from is used

However, I think it was a little bit too sweet and too firm from over chilling.

Hi I am planning to move to Canada as a permanent employee of a Canadian S/W firm from India.

The hotel's link to royalty was firm from its very inception: King Sisowath Monivong himself graced the hotel's opening reception, while Sihanouk was a frequent visitor.

In 1% of cases firm by is used

Shares in BHP Billiton (BHP) are firmer by 0.

Mid-session, the All Ordinaries Index (XAO) is firmer by 21.

Telstra (TLS) shares continued to be well supported, firmer by 1.

The Qur'an says: Among His Signs is that heaven and Earth hold firm by His command.

In May, we'll send out invitations and have our list fairly firm by the end of June.

The Qur'an mentions that: Among His Signs is that heaven and Earth hold firm by His command.

Financial stocks are holding up well, with the S &P/ASX; 200 Financials sector firmer by 0.

I may well be wrong, but I think we'll hear something firm by the beginning of 2013, since filming will have to begin by the middle to the end of the year.

Global Development Partner Steven De Backer is referred to as a commercially-minded young lawyer who internationalised the firm by opening an office in Burundi.

SNR Denton launches as a top 25 firm by lawyers and professionals worldwide, spanning the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the CIS, South-East Asia, and Africa.

In 1% of cases firm as is used

He wasn't firm as a man should be.

They can become firmer as the practice is continued.

I have been working in private firm as a R &D; Engineer for 2.

The kind and gentle Gandhiji could be firm as a rock at times.

He was also firm as a father who believes in a disciplined society.

I am a business postgraduate and working in a Danish it firm as a Graphic designer last 7/8 years.

Details of an Intel deal are less firm as the company has its own murky financials to contend with.

Such a man is as firm as a tree and as unique as a rhinoceros, and he might quite easily be as stupid as either of them.

David is thankful Ashleigh is guiding him on what to get, however, Ashleigh believes he needs to be firmer as a leader.

Before she makes a decision, she waffles back and forth to a frustrating degree, but ONCE she makes her decision, she's firm as a rock.

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