Prepositions after "fine"

"fine with" or "fine for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases fine with is used

Fine with them but not with me.

I am fine with the explanation.

I was fine with the whole thing.

I'd be fine with the distance, but I haven't cycled with a heavy load for a long time.

I installed RaspBMC and I can watch avi and mpg movies just fine without that license.

Jane - posted on 08/12/2010 1,040 5 I think it's fine with the door opened at that age.

All the older people seem to get along fine with the younger crowd, although they can be terribly annoying at times.

Maybe even xsqueeze could control it although using the Web interface or an android controller would be fine with me.

Such a busway would work just fine without an extension right to town, although it sure would be even better with it.

In 22% of cases fine for is used

I was then fine for four years.

The original works fine for me.

It's certainly fine for players.

Even digital cameras are now showing up with bluetooth so one connector is fine for me.

Special thanks to Jem Finer for passing along some lyrics and correcting some mistakes.

It was fine for the first month or two, didn't have a period for most of the month then came on my period for a week.

Should be a fixed penalty fine for NOT merging in turn and using the whole road in roadworks/lane closure situations.

I would propose a $1 billion dollar fine for the state and a $2 billion dollar fine for the dominant political party.

And, in the sense of something that was once shiny but has now lost its gloss, ' dull ' will do fine for Key as well.

In 13% of cases fine of is used

A conviction and fine of $5,000.

There is too fine of a line here.

Sometimes you can work your fine off.

A fine of P500 to P1,000 and jail term of up to six months will be imposed on violators.

Under FAO 193, violators now face the following penalties: a fine of not less than P500.

Driving under influence of alcohol: A fine of Ksh 500, 000 or ten years in jail or both.

This firm could have the finest of the services but also this corporation could possibly be in excess of your funds.

Drivers who are caught without a breathalyser kit face a fine of 9 yet there will be a period of grace until November.

The finer of these particles, when breathed in can lodge in our lungs and cause lung damage and respiratory problems.

In 11% of cases fine in is used

Always boots fine in safe mode.

Fine in a Near Fine dustwrapper.

Large format, fine in d/w 28 300.

Things struggle to keep smooth in the open world, but it? s mostly fine in the missions.

It is, however, permissible to impose a fine in addition to a good behaviour bond: s 14.

Gig: Beach House at Melkweg, Amsterdam Oh yes, I was more than fine in the dalla-dallas.

It's been swimmies all the way for me since then! I think that the girl looks absolutely fine in the swimming cozzies.

The most memorable factor behind this folly, one of the finest in Britain, is the legend of how it came to be built.

Front end and back end riders get class leading space and the fit and finish is still not the finest in the section.

But that doesn't make the genocidaires fine in the first place - they created the chaos as well as the mounds of dead.

In 6% of cases fine on is used

Which is fine on the open road.

He looks just fine on the tape.

Everything works fine on GoDaddy.

Therefore, a 568B patch cable should work fine on a 568A cabling system, and visa-versa.

Initially we did face some problems while playing on it, but now we are doing fine on it.

That is why you need to make sure that your site works fine on the most popular browsers.

I have noticed that I can see my profile picture fine on my own facebook business page when I comment, add posts, etc.

Cheese (ideally low-fat ), nuts, and occassional fried food (ideally without a ton of breading) are fine on this diet.

Once in Florida, he started off fine on the top line, but when Kris Versteeg returned, Wolski was back to bricklaying.

While everything is running fine on your system you will rarely see any security center activity, even less any alerts.

In 5% of cases fine by is used

Hugo Rifkind Ali -- fine by me.

Fine by me! Just want some TLC.

Ross: Fine by me, hope she wins.

Terry was given a four-match ban and a 220,000 fine by the FA for using racist language.

Im definately a big steaming pile of BUT mad as hell still (which is totally FINE by me.

Fundamentals of Recent Economic Growth Are Not Fine By Niraj Chokshi -- NationalJournal.

As cuts were afoot, it was fine by me to make way for younger lecturers with careers, mortgages and kids to deal with.

But I can bypass it with one of these? SAM Fine by me Cut to Monty Python opening animation with Sousa? s Liberty Bell.

If you don't pay the fine by the date on the penalty reminder notice, the SDRO can take enforcement action against you.

For the IOC, as long as there's not a monopoly on certain sports by a few countries, then it's fine by them to keep it.

In 3% of cases fine to is used

She sounds perfectly fine to me.

But that questioning is fine to me.

It's in fine to very fine condition.

I don't mind about background pictures they are seem fine to me i wouldn't complaint etc.

Btter still they could have given a fine to the driver and tell him to take away his car.

Naturally, the NHL quickly responded with a fine to the team (reportedly worth $250,000).

Asking players what color hair they want their fem Shep seems fine to me as its a cosmetic change nothing too massive.

And then what happened? The judge increased the fine to 500 and warned future infringement could result in imprisonment.

I infer from the silence elsewhere that people either think its fine to subject children tomthisnornthey just don't care.

I don't get to see TV commercials so I have no idea how much games get promoted there, but it all seems pretty fine to me.

In 3% of cases fine without is used

It was fine without, but still.

They were doing fine without me.

But it should be fine without it.

Meanwhile Ford Motors is doing just fine without taking any bribe money from Obama.

They're pretty much fine without that show because seriously, they don't need it! 5.

South Korea turned out fine without any links to their nearest neighbour North Korea.

EDIT: To make matters more confusing, the Databasecreate function now seems to work fine without any adjustments.

And the mud hut will be fine -- my partners here will take good care of it, and will be perfectly fine without me.

We have signed quality players/leaders to replace him, and I am very comfortable that we will be fine without him.

Guess I shouldn't have bothered donating to the RPG Kickstarter, either, since it was funded just fine without me.

In 2% of cases fine at is used

I hope things are fine at home.

Insults are fine at this stage.

I'd sure HP will do fine at USH.

A care home that didn't care, but was fine at presentation - that's why I put her there.

For example: Showering and bathing are fine at any time in the medical abortion process.

Offenders are liable on conviction to a fine at level 4 and to imprisonment for 2 years.

As an Aspie person, I can tell you, very honestly, that we are just fine at making meaningful connections with people.

This seems fine at the moment, but I have a feeling it will start to get annoying, especially with apps like Messages.

I've just had it changed on a Jag which wouldn't stop from speed but was fine at lower speeds &; just passed it's mot.

I'd fine at suspending my disbelief and rolling with a well-told story, but I don't believe this is a well-told story.

In 1% of cases fine about is used

He was absolutely fine about it.

Brad's 141, he's be just fine about it.

At first I thought I was fine about it.

We were fine about it, we were eager to help so we were like yeah whatever we will help.

And you should feel fine about trying to find that sweet spot between selfish and saintly.

I find with children if you just tell them openly in a nice simple form they are fine about it.

It is really important for people to hear from women who have had abortions and who really feel fine about it though.

I think the most important thing is that when I go home tonight, I can look in the mirror and feel fine about myself.

The master and everyone was fine about this as the hunt was leaving from the end of my road, so would be on home turf.

That's fine about getting some votes from ex-LP members, but the problem is that it still remains a small enough number.

In 1% of cases fine after is used

FBP should work fine after that.

The snake was doing fine after surgery.

All still work fine after years of use.

If it's fine after work I will spin around the block with my daughters on their bikes.

My sore throat was fine after 2 days too but there was swelling in my throat for about 1.

A subsequent fresh VP shunt was inserted and the baby was doing quite fine after surgery.

A spokesman for contractors More Control UK said: ' The engineer in the cradle was fine after a nice cup of coffee.

I closed a lot of apps except for BBM, still same problem, I had 400+mb ram free, it worked fine after closing BBM.

He was ordered to pay 500 costs and a 70 fine after pleading guilty to the charges brought against him by the RSPCA.

The support cast mostly enables the audience to better understand the lead couple starring in this fine after dinner wine.

In 1% of cases fine as is used

But he is doing fine as the WK.

I was treated fine as a student.

But stovetop will work fine as well.

If a retailer is found to be selling fur goods, they will receive a fine as a deterrent.

Bu if he does something a little bit wrong, and just has to pay a $100 fine as a result.

Well written Speider! Criticism is a gift, which if you get along fine as a web designer.

Which is fine as the odd hoot is nothing like so disturbing at night as the roar of lions and trumpeting of elephants.

Fruit juice is fine as a starter, but, boy, a mouthful of cornflakes and a swig of Tropicana jars with a mighty clang.

You can't get to Punta Rucia by public transport but if you have your own car it's fine as the roads are much improved.

It may be fine as a standalone game but it still won't be Resi Evil no matter how much guff propaganda they throw at it.

In 1% of cases fine from is used

But, it works fine from VMware.

Then I think I'll be fine from there.

The program works just fine from there.

Oceans will be calmer off South Maui, but weather should be fine from Kahana on south.

I got rid of it and turned off windows firewall and updates worked fine from there on.

Have tried different smtp settings, all of which work fine from my other email clients.

An unauthorized trip back home to Brazil in January 2010 reportedly earned him a 80,000 fine from Sir Alex Ferguson.

North Carolina recently raised the potential fine from $200 to $1,000 and the possible jail term from 20 to 60 days.

Therefore if anyone has ever received a parking fine from a insensitive African Warden this Blog is dedicated to you.

Firstly, non-compliance with the Cookies law could leave you facing prosecution and a mighty 500,000 fine from the ICO.

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