Prepositions after "feasible"

"feasible for" or "feasible in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases feasible for is used

I said it's not feasible for me.

However, it just isn't feasible for me.

At 200 it just isn't feasible for many people.

Nor is it necessary or economically feasible for it would mean enormous extra cost.

For getting prestige, it will be feasible for you to get SAP cbt online exam through.

Maybe it's feasible for the very centre of town, say the area bordered by Cashel St, Manchester St and the river.

If you feel like some tasks are not going to be feasible for you, ask for help from your colleagues or superiors.

It would however, not be feasible for the law to prescribe all the details guiding the treatment of this subject.

This study has therefore revealed that activated clays are technically feasible for the treatment of surface water.

In 19% of cases feasible in is used

This is feasible in small plots.

It is not feasible in this plane.

Anything is feasible in the future.

Another question is to know whether this intervention is feasible in routine practice.

When compared with all the options, it is more feasible in a number different methods.

They're going to find a way to do what they want regardless of whether it would be feasible in unhindered markets.

Concentrating solar wasn't feasible in 1981/1982 when I looked at the SERIWA research establishment North of Perth.

In America, payday lending is legal and regulated in 37 states, either illegal or not feasible in another thirteen.

In 6% of cases feasible with is used

But this is not feasible with reciprocal links.

Not sure if that is feasible with the Hub Admin.

Not that it's even feasible with the current owners.

But it should become feasible with a new generation of ultra-sensitive telescopes.

If a language class is too expensive or not feasible with timetable, there are free.

Conversion into veneer and plywood is feasible with no specific processing requirements.

At the same time, they need to be applicable and operationally feasible with relatively large and complex datasets.

Plus I'd rather pay the least possible price for the device and I think that might be more feasible with a desktop.

For example, large-scale recovery of thorium from granite rocks is economically feasible with a very favorable EROEI.

Development that would be too expensive and risky with closed-source AI products could be feasible with open-source AI.

In 5% of cases feasible at is used

Pantaron is not feasible at this time though.

That is desirable but not feasible at the moment.

Personalization is normally feasible at this point.

Mr Mudavadi argued these were the only two options that were feasible at the moment.

However, on some roadways, minor widenings may be feasible at the time of reconstruction.

China has made it clear that an early resolution with India is not feasible at this point.

Decisions made at a policy level, may not be practically feasible at field level because here people act differently.

However, if you are just starting out on your business venture, producing the big funds isn? t feasible at this stage.

At 1500 K (the sort of temperature in a lime kiln) ? G is positive and the reaction is not feasible at this temperature.

In 4% of cases feasible to is used

None of these were considered feasible to Mrs O.

It is also feasible to book one for your wedding or a party.

I'd not qualified to decide either way, but it sounds feasible to me.

On these grounds it may be feasible to pigeon-hole B? lachandran as a lone maverick.

In summary, the paper answers the following core questions: Is it feasible to have a.

Is Your Project Feasible To Import? Feasible To Import From China? Complimentary Check.

Little and simple things like using a timer in every exam room to track waiting times sounds pretty feasible to me.

The goal of this study was to determine whether or not it was feasible to setup such a business in (North) Hartford.

It will never be feasible to sequester CO2 from individual vehicles powered by fossil fuel, including even aircraft.

With the state of the economy, and many people doing what they can to save money, travel doesn't seem feasible to many.

In 2% of cases feasible as is used

That's feasible as a route for more story-based content.

Gwadar is not feasible as a project and it never will be.

That is not feasible as the stock market is not a lottery.

So, while I like updates, I can understand if they are not always feasible as a business unit.

This has turn into feasible as a result of existence of fully set up under refrigeration vehicles.

Making the task feasible as a midterm meant that the lecture on wargames had to be in the first week of term.

It's the answers to these key issues that really determine whether the idea is feasible as a real business opportunity.

But defunding might be politically feasible as a way to obviate that legacy, and force a merger of the two systems in practice.

Commenting on the free Senior High School (SHS) policy, he reiterated that the policy is not feasible as the NPP wants us to believe.

Commenting on the free Senior High School (SHS) policy, he reiterated that the policy is not feasible as the NPP wants Ghanaians to believe.

In 2% of cases feasible because is used

One view was that CLT was not feasible because of China's specific conditions.

But sometimes that's not feasible because of the inconvience it may pose to your audience.

As for setting a timetable, Rodriguez did not think it would be feasible because of the many proposed amendments.

I got the reply that it was not feasible because of the occasional need to change details like addresses or photos.

However, MacRitchie's proposal was not found to be feasible because of unfavourable sea currents and tidal conditions.

It is feasible because of Felt's invention of a carry mechanism fast enough to act while the keys return from being pressed.

The widespread use of cold storage of yams is not yet feasible because of the high capital cost and the need for a technical support structure.

President gave the directive that the report be submitted today, we should have been man enough to say it is not feasible because of a process reason.

You are correct that for mobile computing or for environments where fixed links are not feasible because of mobility, remoteness, unstable environment (e.

Of course, shopping for cheaper interest rates has been possible for a while now, but it wasn't feasible because of the similar rates that most banks offered.

In 2% of cases feasible by is used

It is feasible by using real wallet manufacturers.

This appeared feasible by these low-cost cellular phone deals.

If I drove, I could do this errand that is not feasible by bicycle.

Secondly, it is about making content creation and distribution more feasible by rationalising cost.

Duodenal biopsy was not considered feasible by the ethics committee for pregnant women near delivery.

A day traders recognition of uptrending, downtrend or a trendless market is made feasible by this indicator.

He also called for long- term binding carbon-reduction targets and said curbing emissions by half is feasible by 2030.

It has not been shown feasible by computer simulations of population genetics, in a laboratory, or in field observation.

We EAPP believe localisation of energy production can be made economically feasible by building low-cost Biogas Plants to my designs.

But there are some principles there which could prove that this is possible, though they are not feasible by today's level of technology.

In 2% of cases feasible due is used

Protests are no longer feasible due to the police state.

However, this is not sometimes feasible due to several reasons.

But that is no more feasible due to donor fatigue and global recession.

A P/E ratio of 20 is not feasible due to the low entry point of the catering sector.

If that is no longer feasible due to the conditions of production, then something will have to give.

Review your plan: If frequent testing is not feasible due to resources and bandwidth, SMBs should at.

Right now large scale recycling is not very feasible due to high electricity costs, collection problems and lack of standards.

EXCEPTION: In alterations, the forward teeing ground shall not be required to be accessible where compliance is not feasible due to terrain.

But that approach is becoming less feasible due to the sweeping nature of these latest regulations at the already existing data management issues.

However, if such a connection is not feasible due to the earlier mentioned reasons, then the ReturnPool connectivity solution is a viable alternative.

In 2% of cases feasible from is used

This only drives the women as far absent as feasible from you.

So, with the right propulsion system, it's at least feasible from an astronaut standpoint.

And poverty removal is feasible from this god blessed land not by following western economics.

We will just have a dialogue with them and see in what way it can be interesting and feasible from both sides.

Your online visitors may wish to down load files quickly, which is produced feasible from a good data transfer rate.

During a busy schedule, it is feasible from a large car or truck rental agency you might get a totally free upgrade.

But what i am trying to say that the solution we are trying to put forward has to be feasible from their side as well.

I am all in favor of building on top of existing capital to make new initiatives feasible from both a technical and cost perspective.

You'd still be better off shifting as much of that as feasible from the ARRA funding, where a 50:50 match has been promised to the $2.

But was this idea feasible from an engineering point of view? Let us call to mind once again the Theory of Optimum Catch and what this must imply.

In 2% of cases feasible on is used

CCS has not yet proved to be feasible on a large scale.

Cater for 120 people? Cripes! Nowhere near feasible on our budget.

Toting a big camera around Joburg is just not feasible on a regular basis.

Therefore, an unlimited data allowance was never going to be feasible on 4G networks.

Although this is an interesting idea it does not appear to be feasible on a large scale.

Of course it may not be feasible on occasion to disclose such interests to the requester.

Most of the top solvers use a lot of pencilmarks (and guesswork at times) which is not feasible on huge flex sheets.

But that is not a criticism of the theory; it's only a recognition that it's implementation is not feasible on a large scale.

He praises local markets, but says the prices are simply too large for local fruits and vegetables to be feasible on a large scale.

That's because the scale of the immunization drives that have been part of the eradication effort are not feasible on a regular basis.

In 2% of cases feasible without is used

I just can't see how that's feasible without a passion for science.

This might not be feasible without the active cooperation of the local councils.

But what you advocate is not feasible without genocide and I can't be a party to this.

Ideally, this should be feasible without recourse to complicated statistical concepts.

This also means making more than one copy is not feasible without taking another picture.

I'd love to be able to ditch the gadgets but my lifestyle wouldn't be feasible without them.

I do not see this as being feasible without getting tangled up in the nano carbon ribbon tethering us together.

Access to phones and the internet makes the programme feasible without having to directly travel to those countries.

Spa certainly hadn't gone smoothly but, assuredly, he came away with the best result feasible without a Red Bull RB7.

I believe there are tools now online that could make this project feasible without breaking the bank, or privacy issues.

In 1% of cases feasible after is used

You may decide that your business idea is not feasible after all, which, while disappointing, can save you.

I was in fact thinking of applying for places like Imperial and Kings yeah, but again I'd just not sure if it's feasible after a year in industry.

It is anticipated that the options available to make good the public shareholding spread are more feasible after the completion of the Proposed Disposal.

The Research Foundation formerly received funds from the LGFA for ' Local Government research purposes ' and this was no longer feasible after the imposition of the TER.

Marginal note: Annual report (11) As soon as feasible after the end of each fiscal year, the Chair must submit to the Minister of Transport a report of the Board's operations in that year.

In 1% of cases feasible under is used

But the 5 aircraft I've suggested are feasible under current lease rates.

In terms of figures $20 billion trade volume is feasible under a free trade scenario.

The target of 60 million metric tonnes by 2007 would appear quite feasible under this scenario.

However, it would be more difficult under this scenario to extract the large savings feasible under Option 1.

I doubt that the needed transformation is politically feasible under current FAO objectives, functions and structure.

Some European politicians are now telling us that an orderly exit for Greece is feasible under current conditions, and Greece will be the only nation that leaves.

Canada has at least 80 billion t of exploitable coal using today's technology, with about 8 billion t classified as commercially feasible under today's conditions.

However, unfettered power of alteration has its own set of disadvantages and it is never feasible under any legal system to grant such power without any form of restraint.

In 1% of cases feasible within is used

If this is feasible within the city's constraints well and good.

This would not generally be feasible within the confines of a 1400 x 900mm refuge space.

Novel COD systems are feasible within a few years if they can use electronic data capture, mobile phones and the internet.

Any number of solutions are feasible within the range of feasible inputs and the range of the solution space is not known.

Annually, folks scour cyberspace wanting for the most effective offer feasible within the most preferred pieces of electronics.

Driving 336 miles on a single day was feasible, but climbing up Mount Whitney was not feasible within the time constraints we had imposed on ourselves.

Completeding therefore is actually feasible within seconds, as well as someone may select tunes proper to each person or selection someone specify each ringtone to.

Do you think that this is feasible within the ACCA or CAT tuition market? Comment on this matter - since I am thinking of creating this crash courses for ACCA/CAT students.

Even when business agrees to fund an automation project, the order of magnitude of benefits is small due to the potentially low levels of automation feasible within the project scope.

One of the priorities of the maritime component of the Look East policy is to be able to project force over increased distance so that such deployments become feasible within the next decade.

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