Prepositions after "favourable"

"favourable to" or "favourable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases favourable to is used

It seems even to be favourable to generation.

I'd sure the result will be favourable to you.

Favourable to workers if they choose that path.

The choice of Nicaea was favourable to the assembling of a large number of bishops.

This is surely not favourable to you, so it would be logical to choose the other path.

Such conditions are exceptionably favourable to the release of loosely attached electrons from the atomic system.

That assessment was essentially favourable to the Complainant and led to the preparation of a return to work plan.

And, in most cases, the violence of enemies is favourable to ambitious projects, as well as the zeal of partizans.

It has been represented by some as far too favourable to the Company, and by others as most unjust to the Company.

In 23% of cases favourable for is used

But this is less favourable for me.

It is not favourable for my full existence.

This is not very favourable for sea anemones.

Regards of what charts say, demand and supply is favourable for this asset class.

A three-cornered fight will certainly not be favourable for any opposition party.

Conditions are favourable for widespread thunderstorm activity over many parts of the North Island again today.

For example, Plymouth was voted as the city most favourable for cycling in (Plymouth named most cycle friendly).

By the square-cube law, the surface to volume ratio becomes less favourable for cooling as the brain grows bigger.

In 4% of cases favourable in is used

The cosmetic result was favourable in 83.

Visuals are favourable in terms of retention of learning.

No doubt his chances appeared favourable in the commencement.

A deep squad will also be favourable in our pursuit of silverware on all four fronts.

Since the pregnancy of these babies, God has been so merciful and favourable in my family.

The compromises appear not to be favourable in that one will block your view and the other.

Out of 37patients who underwent conserving surgery with this technique, the cosmetic result was favourable in 83.

Our original expectancy was that the natural course of schizophrenia would be favourable in a rural area of China.

Small-scale LNG distribution to end-users is particularly favourable in regions where waterways play an important role.

Our first impressions from the Bay of Suez were distinctly favourable in contrast with our first impressions of Bombay.

In 3% of cases favourable towards is used

Public opinion became overwhelmingly favourable towards women.

Therefore be favourable towards my young men, since we come at a festive time.

Of course, people are always favourable towards metrics that make them look good.

The operating characteristics of PSA are well-known and favourable towards cancer detection.

The implication looks like he is asking for money so he'd be favourable towards the lobbyists.

It concluded that hill walkers were more favourable towards wind farms than tourists in general.

I'll see what you think when someone you're more favourable towards is the one on the receiving end.

Students were more favourable towards field supervisors if supervision was provided on a frequent basis.

The student visa conditions only changed in April and are favourable towards higher education but not VET students.

In 1% of cases favourable about is used

It is not a crime to write something favourable about the W.

Rabid Tamils, particularly from diaspora, for being too favourable about DJ.

Initial reviews have been generally favourable about the play and about Carmichael's performance.

In 1% of cases favourable at is used

Such conditions are often not very favourable at Tongariro.

The conditions are not favourable at the moment to contemplate fresh operations.

Exchange rates are somewhat more favourable at local banks, and better still at special money-changing offices.

Police say that as the road and weather conditions were favourable at the time, the collision appears to have been caused by speed and drunken driving.

Exploration has shown five or six of nine 600 million-year-old kimberlites will be economic and the volcanic deposits are unusually favourable at mid-level.

We will still incorporate planting in the Western region, though will utilize less trees in the Western region as conditions are not favourable at the moment.

In 1% of cases favourable of is used

I do agree, however, that the advanced metrics are probably favourable of Amir.

The constellation of Pushya is supposed to be the most favourable of all the 28 constellations.

His reports were also very favourable of the living conditions and the premises and accommodation.

In the most favourable of conditions in the Maritime Antarctic, growth rates reach 1 cm or more per 100 years.

I have spoken to some PRs from India and they are favourable of staying on in our milk-and-honey country for the long term as opportunities are very limited back in their own country.

In 1% of cases favourable on is used

However, the right proved favourable on rare occasions, allowing some spectacular come-backs.

Taking the first option is okay but financially? It is not favourable on my part as of the moment.

I wish I could say the same about the Scottish weather; it was not very favourable on some of the days.

We view that King's comments are not substantially enough to cause a sharp decline in GBP due to the UK economy continuing to appear favourable on a relative basis to the eurozone and US.

One of the biggest reasons is perhaps the interest rate and repayment schedule is more favourable on a second mortgage, as opposed to refinancing an existing first mortgage into a larger loan.

In 1% of cases favourable with is used

The climate is favourable with lots of sun and warm sea.

EMPIRE must take the favourable with the not so favourable.

Only thing changed was the brake bias to something a bit more favourable with me.

Previously, when conditions were favourable with plentiful rain, the Maya civilisation expanded into large cities.

The situation is much more favourable with regards to the Post-Secondary level (VEC) Colleges as their fees are fairly low.

GBOCO he help me with goodluck spell that we make me to be favourable with anything that i'd doing and i order for the spell to been cast on me.

While most of the rugby powerhouses get decent breaks of 7-8 days and in NZ case the host's draw is favourable with a minimum of 7 days and two lots of 8 day rests.

The habitat of the European Turtle dove became less favourable with the disappearance of small scale agriculture: hedges and small scale landscape elements got lost.

Immediate impressions of the Kent BMC Comment was generally favourable with particular praise for the gender balance, the pair of Turing lectures on the opening day and the workshops.

Green Bay seems to look more favourable with 56% positive sentiment and only 15% negative, while their rivals from Pittsburgh only have a 50% positive rating and a higher negative rating at 16%.

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