Prepositions after "fatal"

"fatal to" or "fatal for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases fatal to is used

This can be fatal to your dreams.

This can be fatal to your evidence.

It can be fatal to them so always put.

The introduction of cats, rats and so many other threats were nearly fatal to the bird.

Such implantation is inevitably fatal to the woman if her pregnancy progresses too far.

If a baby inhabits this while still in the womb, it can be fatal to the unborn child or can cause major birth defects.

In many projects, these mistakes are often individually survivable, but they become fatal to the project in aggregate.

It was the attack on the Masuda Shemtov synagogue that proved fatal to the continuation of the Iraqi Jewish community.

Just over 1 litre of water can be fatal to a 100 kg calf, depending on the toxin present in the blue-green algae bloom.

In 22% of cases fatal for is used

This can be fatal for a hard drive.

One wrong step can be fatal for the retirees.

Generally though it was a fatal for the Drone.

So avoid any absurd data or piece of information which would be fatal for the readers.

Name the most common mistakes in a job interview which prove fatal for a candidate? Mr.

If this happens, the death of the CDM could prove fatal for the voluntary carbon market.

The weather can get intolerably hot during the summer months, and prolonged exposure to the sun can be fatal for some.

Furthermore, the ' new ' bowling order set by Indian captain with five forefront bowlers has proved fatal for the team.

However, it could be fatal for North American businesses to think that Chinese simply follow the footsteps of Westerns.

Also, if a person is not sure how much concentrated nicotine his body can stand, overdose can be very fatal for health.

In 14% of cases fatal in is used

Nothing is more fatal in politics.

The condition is fatal in 50% of cases.

These gases can be fatal in very small amounts.

This drug was determined to be performance enhancing and also proved fatal in some instances.

I always thought that joining ESO would be fatal in the long run for our national telescopes.

Legionnaires ' disease can be fatal in 5 to 30 percent of cases, depending on who it strikes and where it is acquired.

Epidemic dysentery is fatal in about 5 -- 15% of cases -- particularly to children, the elderly, and the under-nourished.

And while exposure to toxic pollutants is rarely fatal in humans, the effects-both direct and indirect-can be debilitating.

Women often ignore the warning signs of a heart attack, even though heart attacks are more often fatal in women than in men.

In 1% of cases fatal as is used

Sadly, a paracetamol overdose is fatal as the liver will never recover.

The consequences are fatal as the pathogens can now spread within the organism without hindrance.

Their caution would prove fatal as the Thai striker let fly with a right-footed drive from 25 metres which flew past Khairul into the top corner of the net.

Although by this time The Runaways had lost both Cherie Currie and Jackie Fox, it was by no means fatal as the fabulous Joan Jett took over the lead vocals.

Injuries from this kind of force could result in long term disability and in some cases it is fatal as the spinal cord may stretch, tear or detach from the spine.

In 1% of cases fatal at is used

Fatal at very high concentrations.

It can be fatal at concentrations exceeding 1000 ppm.

Most often, the outcome is disastrous and fatal at tyms.

His injuries were not fatal at the time, but Jack the Buck.

My cancer was stage three, but it could have been fatal at stage four.

Among all pains neck and back pain are most common and fatal at the same time.

That is not an easy task as mixing up different genres could prove fatal at times.

When Turlough was 18 years of age he contracted small pox, a disease which was usually fatal at the time.

Detectable health effects are observed beyond a dose of 500 mSv, and may be fatal at doses of 3000 mSv and above.

There is no hard-and-fast rule as to what is too high: AMS has been fatal at 3000m, although 3500m to 4500m is the usual range.

In 1% of cases fatal of is used

Pride is the most subtle and spiritually fatal of diseases.

Eating disorders are the most fatal of any mental illness and over 1.

This ridiculous weakness is perhaps one of the most fatal of our faults.

Insert the exposed copper mineral wire into the G fatal of the a thermostat base-plate.

This is probably the most fatal of the arguments against divine command theories of ethics.

Overexposure to UV is believed to be contributing to the increase in melanoma, the most fatal of all skin cancers.

Force feeding should not be done with the patient it may cause fatal of the patient as they have the problem of swallowing.

That is one of the most fatal of the false simplifications in this collective human brain-storm which is the Russian revolution.

In 1% of cases fatal on is used

More than one hour it is fatal on spot.

Even a 20 seconds discrpency is fatal on such a line.

Also vapor or liquid could be fatal on penetrating clothing.

From building paper to no building paper! None of the changes mentioned so far would have been fatal on their own.

Normally used to prevent auth errors from being fatal on the client side, and to permit username/password requeries in case of error.

Pneumonia, however, the accompaniment of influenza, which is worse than the disease itself, supervened, and proved fatal on January 26, to the in tense grief of M'Kenna.

In 1% of cases fatal with is used

Doing nothing is fatal with a predatory govt so it's kill or be killed.

It is almost always fatal with those affected usually dying within 1 or 2 years of diagnosis.

The effects of Black Magic become more chronic, dangerous and fatal with time, if untreated, like a horrible disease.

And honestly, if the results pointed to something fatal with no known cure or treatment, I'd prefer to enjoy my time with my baby while I had it,.

Even walking abroad could be fatal with travellers being killed as they fell down embankments and into ditches, without the predation of wolves and bandits.

Fifteen percent of 1909 cases had infections which are almost never fatal with appropriate treatment in 2009, including tuberculosis, diphtheria and syphilis.

The meta-pattern is most globally fatal with the planetary ecosystem, but has played out catastrophically on the social level in Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and South-East Asia since 1990.

In 1% of cases fatal within is used

If left untreated, 80 per cent of cases are fatal within a year.

Left undetected and untreated, it can be fatal within seven to 14 days.

Untreated general paresis is fatal within two years or so of it? s onset.

This heart defect is usually fatal within the first days or months of life without treatment.

In particular, you want to avoid contracting cerebral malaria, which can be fatal within 24 hours.

It attacks the nerves that control voluntary muscles and is often fatal within a few years, but Mr.

These are highly invasive, aggressive/malignant cancerous tumors that are often fatal within months of appearing.

Once the signs appear, the disease is almost inevitably fatal within weeks of symptoms appearing, if not treated.

If a hair ball forms, and the bunny can't pass it, he will go into Gi stasis which can be fatal within a very short time.

Prognosis Whether by infection, dehydration or suffocation, harlequin ichthyosis was once absolutely fatal within days of birth.

In 1% of cases fatal without is used

It is always fatal without treatment.

This is eventually fatal without prompt treatment.

Had she not been checked by the Doctor; the situation could have been fatal without any doubt.

Luckily, he was wearing a helmet, and both he and team doctors acknowledged the injury might have been fatal without the headgear.

Rabies is spread by any mammal via a bite, scratch or lick of an open wound by an infected animal and is 100% fatal without treatment.

Two of them would knock me off the transplant list were I to need a heart, and one will likely develop and become fatal without treatment.

In 2003, after the birth of her daughter, Grace, she suffered a postpartum hemorrhage (PPH ), a rare postlabor complication that could have been fatal without access to emergency medical care.

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