Prepositions after "fashionable"

"fashionable in" or "fashionable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases fashionable in is used

Sectors become fashionable in turn.

He's fashionable in the States, I hear.

That is why they are so fashionable in Asia.

Botox has become very fashionable in age defying circles for a variety of reasons.

There is a studied ignorance that has become fashionable in certain circles of late.

It has become fashionable in some quarters to dismiss the benefits of economic growth.

Ruskin certainly wrote poetical prose, which may not for the moment be fashionable in an age of prosaic poetry.

When pink became fashionable in office-land I didn't buy any because I reckoned they'd be out of work in a year.

If it was very fashionable in its own time, you can pretty much guarantee it is still just as fashionable today.

Samadei has won admiration from her clientele for maintaining quality as well as fashionable in her end product.

In 18% of cases fashionable for is used

Fashionable for any lady in any era.

He's just not fashionable for some reason.

Jeans were just becoming fashionable for women.

Fashionable for choosing a video game gaming gaming system is usually bettering.

Being killed for being a Christian has been fashionable for over 2000 years now.

The Norfolk jacket remained fashionable for shooting and rugged outdoor pursuits.

Slimness is fashionable for smartphones with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X leading the way.

It is one which every so often becomes fashionable for a few weeks, and then goes on to suffer years of neglect.

An excellent example is the Gucci and the Louis Vuitton handbags that are classy and fashionable for every woman.

It's become quite fashionable for English football fans to have a weekend in Germany and take in a Bundesliga game.

In 10% of cases fashionable at is used

It was also very fashionable at that time.

It don't remember it feeling fashionable at the time.

The colour of blue isn't so fashionable at the moment.

They are, to use a word very fashionable at the time the film came out, alienated.

Fashionable at the moment is a social casual gaming, mobile gaming has just started.

Maybe because fashion has so many looks that are fashionable at the same moment in time.

With Belgians being fashionable at the moment, don't bet against him joining his friends in the Premier League.

Relativism is fashionable at the moment, and that may hamper you from thinking about taste, even as yours grows.

Is that more of you estate sale fabric? Just wondering, because the colours are so very fashionable at the moment.

It seems a little too committed to ideas which were fashionable at the time and which have less currency nowadays.

In 6% of cases fashionable among is used

What if depression became fashionable among executives.

Nowdays ugg grows more and additional fashionable among ladies of every age group.

In Locke's time Sir Robert Filmer was fashionable among royalists and Hobbes was not.

It has become totally fashionable among managements to play with the timing of expenses.

It became fashionable among the British aristocracy to copy the French and eat a light meal in the evening.

The covert Frankfurt School Marxism was becoming very fashionable among our intellectuals and political elite.

Allegory was fashionable among pagan scholars of literature in Alexandria, and Origen had been influenced by it.

Hindus have burned their dead for centuries; it was common and fashionable among ancient wealthy Greeks and Romans.

From the a real kindergarten player to some capable technician, everyone is apathetic by fashionable among the nfl.

In 5% of cases fashionable with is used

The makes them fashionable with business questions.

Be comfortable and fashionable with your boat shoes.

But I still try to keep it fashionable with Juicy sweatpants.

I find Hansen Leather Goods to be very fashionable with its simple yet rugged beauty.

There's a chance that certain styles might become fashionable with a dash of retro hip.

Gruber hasn't changed, but being anti-Apple has started to become fashionable with nerds.

Seeing that you've look at this fashion suggestions, you can become fashionable with out considerable time and cash.

This jacket is chic and fashionable with its fun button and buckle belt feature, as well as four convenient pockets.

This design shows the richness of the country's colours and it's fun, fashionable with eye catching geometric details.

This white t-shirt is not only fashionable with jeans, but also is perfect for lounging around in your sweats or pajamas.

In 4% of cases fashionable as is used

Palin is doomed never to be fashionable as a writer.

Sideboards became fashionable as a way to display plate.

Many persons imagine these Boots as not fashionable as the boots appear peculiar to look at.

Moncler coat, like a manufacturer coat, is among the the majority of fashionable as well as beautiful overcoats.

Today entrepreneurship is going beyond mere social acceptability and even getting to be fashionable as a career choice.

This event was truly a hit and the shoes at CALL IT SPRING are trendy, fun, fashionable as well as the prices are great.

It's no surprise that this buy-one-give-one (BOGO) business model is becoming just about as fashionable as the TOMS shoes themselves.

Beads for example that used to be only worn by the elderly in African society are becoming fashionable as part of earrings, bracelets etc.

Clothing for particular occasions is especially fashionable as a result of folks tend to only put on it only a couple of times before they sell it.

Then the glittering world of the stars dawns into the life of the boy, not thin and rustic as then but as macho and fashionable as a model, a celebrity.

In 3% of cases fashionable to is used

What is fashionable to you may not sound fashionable to others.

It's very fashionable to not like Barca so no one will get angry.

What's fashionable to you? Chaliss: Mixing up girl's clothes with boys.

By the 90 's, it became quite fashionable to sip tequila and its production soared.

This bird became expensive and fashionable to breeding in courts of Spanish and English kings.

Perhaps Tagore is fashionable to them because in some way he signifies classiness and cultural awareness.

It's become fashionable to rant about chiefs making more than premiers (though no one could make that claim here).

It's become fashionable to rant about Chiefs making more than premiers (though no one could make that claim here).

Every Thomas Sabo bracelet necklaces product is as distinctive as the female whom has on that: from sophisticated fashionable to simplified minimalist.

By wearing jewelry that is comfortable and fashionable to you along with the appropriate wardrobe, makeup and deodorants, you can make a difference in your audience's lives.

In 3% of cases fashionable by is used

Remain fashionable by carrying.

Ray Ban sunglasses are fashionable by on the new trends and designs.

Some applied eye black in the war-paint style made fashionable by Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper.

These subcultures have been shaped by marketing powers -- my god even the hippy ' soul ' surfer has been made fashionable by the big surf companies.

Mary's dress reminded me a lot of Elizabeth's -- a traditional full-length gown, with a drop waist and unshaped bodice, a style made fashionable by Coco Chanel.

Purchasing the replica handbags is actually the simple solution for normal class persons who wish to look fashionable by holding these types of fashionable handbags.

Maybe a return to these healthy pleasures could be made chic and fashionable by the same irresponsible governments who have hitherto pandered to corporate interests.

Capitalising on the worker chic movement as made fashionable by Danny Boyle at the Olympic opening ceremony, the Factory House aims to celebrate the age of the modern industrialists.

In 2% of cases fashionable amongst is used

It's fashionable amongst some to see this as unfair.

This area is very fashionable amongst the arty set and is chock- full of art galleries.

But my decision to forego meat was not out of any crusading zeal, although it was quite fashionable amongst my peers.

I personally renounced daily vehicle use for a bicycle years ago, long before it was fashionable amongst the self-righteous.

Marxism is not fashionable amongst Heads of Department, and Marxist concepts are not likely to smiled upon in the public sector beyond the university.

What is fashionable among 13 year old girls may be different to what is fashionable amongst 25 year old men, which may be different again to what is fashionable amongst 50 year old women.

In 2% of cases fashionable during is used

The town became very fashionable during the 19th century because it had a natural spa.

It's definitely a good idea when trying to look fashionable during frigid temperatures.

The lacy green foliage was especially fashionable during the autumn months when the leaves took on a reddish colouration.

Kanwar says he used to buy into the official multiculturalism which became fashionable during the reign of Trudeau, the Sun King.

Villa Sentosa The house, built during the first quarter of the century in the style fashionable during the era, has been converted by its owner, Tuan Hj.

The musician is dressed in the same Chinese manner as the seated musician, wearing robes and headgear that were fashionable during the early Heian period or earlier (Harich-Schneider 1973:142).

Long-standing brands such as Old Overholt from Pennsylvania and Rittenhouse and Jim Beam Rye, both from Kentucky, have become fashionable during the past five years along with many small-batch U.

In 2% of cases fashionable of is used

The Nike shoes are meaning the fashionable of stylish.

They played through vacation to the fashionable of eight cities.

Least fashionable of all is the case that Brown was right on the deficit.

For many years, the Deux Magots was the more famous and fashionable of the two cafes.

Innovation was recognised as possibly the most fashionable of social science areas way back in 1976.

He may not be the most fashionable of players, but Kuyt's commitment and work rate are second to none.

Otherwise known as the ' Tomboy ' or ' La Garconne ' (I wrote a post on this here ), boyish womenswear doesn't have the most fashionable of reputations.

Clubs like Sunderland, too, not the most fashionable of clubs, have somehow found great persuasive power, to attract ' Invest In Africa ' at 20 million a year.

I lived at West Egg, the -- well, the less fashionable of the two, though this is a most superficial tag to express the bizarre and not a little sinister contrast between them.

In 2% of cases fashionable on is used

Current trends and key tips on staying fashionable on a budget.

Track pants paired with solid coloured t-shirts would also look trendy and fashionable on the teen.

In this blog, she informs you of what is fashionable on the streets of Hong Kong as well as at the classy parties around town.

Pseudonyms may be fashionable on the internet, but they're less so in the realm of serious intellectual discourse; so please use your real name.

I have to say, ten (10) month's in and I still feel that joy in writing to my readers about anything fashionable on my own platform, proudly named Ease2Elegance.

In 1% of cases fashionable without is used

It was fashionable without being angular or spiky.

From the fashion shows or fashion weeks you can become fashionable without a lot of time and money.

The postmodern primitive can play at permanence when it is fashionable without any danger of commitment.

The double-breasted jacket was open to reveal a creamy silk shell that was fashionable without being flashy.

Instead of wearing my usual plain slippers, I can now treat myself to a comfortable wedge! Yes, it is still fashionable without sacrificing my comfort.

The smart-casual attire is fashionable without being vulgar, with even Manchester's very own Fashion Boy buying into the brand with a cobalt blue pair of chinos, as seen in the fashion show.

In 1% of cases fashionable about is used

At the time when we were trodding through there was nothing fashionable about locks.

In 1% of cases fashionable plus is used

Fashionable plus stylish purses are far more appropriate for social events.

Ugg cheap boots can be becoming the most effective and favorite boot footwear for fashionable plus beautiful women.

There are many discounted merchants on the net of which work simply during fashionable plus artist style sun glasses.

This Jenah may just be fashionable plus sophisticated by using semicircular shiny all steel metal critical in addition to braided provider aspect.

Whether you visit a departmental store or a local garment store or a boutique, there will be no end to the selections fashionable plus size wedding dresses.

In 1% of cases fashionable over is used

Please, don't mistake this body of writing as some sort of crusade against the perceived ills of the industry, as has become fashionable over recent years.

In 1% of cases fashionable because is used

Here are a few need to be various and fashionable because of other folks, they even make ugg boots within the 4 situations.

In 1% of cases fashionable around is used

This can help allow it to be very best for women who would like to conceal far more nevertheless wish to look fashionable around the beach or pool area.

In 1% of cases fashionable along is used

This is very fashionable along with convertible car and so.

Discovering glasses that are fashionable along with go with your deal with is frequently also trickier.

Your fashionable along with purchaser will need to keep in mind this willingness to listen is not going.

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