Prepositions after "fascinate"

"fascinate by" or "fascinate with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 76% of cases fascinate by is used
    I'd fascinated by their culture.
    Steinbeck was fascinated by marine biology.
    I was immediately fascinated by their website.
    I'd fascinated by the ghosts within the footballing machine, and their influences.
    I told them I was fascinated by the beach when I saw it online that's why I'd here.
    Thanks Aziz! I'd glad to hear I'd not the only one that is fascinated by this event.
    Even I was fascinated by the IQ from those retro looking Leica cameras and longed that I would buy that one day.
    I'd always fascinated by why people laugh when there is turbulence in a plane and you fear you're going to crash.
    I am fascinated by the passing of time, and I'd interested in the way in which topography is depicted in fiction.
    Aged two or three, I was fascinated by the garbage truck, and driving such a wonderful machine seemed like a dream.

    In 19% of cases fascinate with is used
    He has been fascinated with Irene.
    People nowadays are fascinated with science.
    I am fascinated with your views on the vote.
    I have always been fascinated with twins and wished I was a twin.
    She had been fascinated with all my travels and where I had been so far.
    He has been fascinated with Irene for 7 years, but she won't give him a tumble.
    She edited reports on China and became fascinated with the country and its culture.
    Why wouldn? t America be fascinated with the lives and loves of Orange County's rich and fabulous.
    I'd fascinated with how disasters keep affecting people long after the event, in ways we don't even think about.
    I've always been fascinated with the Jim Crow era in America, and eyewitness stories of those who lived through it.

    In 2% of cases fascinate in is used
    Speaking of which, I'd continuously fascinated in the history of the American Revolution and Civil War.
    But it makes me very uneasy - I'd getting myself fairly stuck into climate change stuff at the mo, and have been particularly fascinated in a car-crash way with events in the US.

    In 1% of cases fascinate about is used
    His followers may do it now, but who cares! And this was the main reason why I (personally) got fascinated about him.

    In 1% of cases fascinate towards is used
    Indian stories may be too common for them and that is why perhaps the Indian readers are fascinated towards foreign stories.
    While we're on the subject, Pi was very much fascinated towards a Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker right from his childhood, who was living in his Zoo.

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