Prepositions after "fare"

fare in, against, to, as or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 41% of cases fare in is used
    In a poll of 370 gender experts on how well women fared in G20 countries (g20women.
    Additionally, ask yourself how equities and real estate will fare in an inflationary crisis or a currency catastrophe.
    Though grades obtained in an academic exam are rarely a pointer to how a person would fare in the real world, Geetika has been an achiever even before she kicked off her career.
    The New Zealand team also will be without their ace spinner Dan Vettori and it will be interesting to see how this inexperienced team will fare in the tough subcontinent conditions.

    In 12% of cases fare against is used
    And to see how our spinners fare against a top 5 side.
    This paper examines how the Reform Pilot, now operating in five counties, has fared against these universal measures.
    faring against a strong Indian batting line-up, D S de Silva and Tony Opatha sealed the deal for Sri Lanka by taking 3 wickets each.
    See how it fared against rivals such as Pantaloons, Westside and Shoppers Stop In our 10-city survey, we surveyed 12 major department stores, to reveal surprising results.

    In 8% of cases fare to is used
    fare to Glan, Sarangani is around PHP 85.
    We need to get the word out there for it to stop it's not fare to the one that know how to play the game.
    However, it will not book cross-border tickets to Butterworth or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, or the combined train+ferry fares to Ko Samui, or the combined train+bus fares to Phuket or Krabi.

    In 5% of cases fare as is used
    It's unclear why grads from top schools might not fare as well as others over the long haul, but one possibility is that the B-school world has changed.

    In 5% of cases fare on is used
    That said, some students from Group B told me they were worried about how they would fare on the course.

    In 3% of cases fare without is used
    They then watched how the organism fared without it.

    In 3% of cases fare during is used
    The Buddha talked to all the bhikkhus and enquired how they fared during the vassa.
    How's that for a depressing mouthful? It wouldn't hurt to take a look at how some other countries are faring during this downturn.

    In 2% of cases fare from is used
    Tell me, what is left to gloat about? Mattie, to tell the truth I don't even know how well the country is faring from tourism.

    In 2% of cases fare through is used
    Here's a look at how three three point guards have fared through the first month of the season: Nimrod Tishman 5 games, 0 starts 1.

    In 2% of cases fare about is used
    But students with a GED fared about the same: after six years, 66 percent had not earned a degree or certificate.

    In 2% of cases fare for is used
    fare for normal single jorney is HKD$36.

    In 2% of cases fare at is used
    How has Nigeria fared at 52? If you talk in terms of education, Nigeria has advanced.

    In 2% of cases fare among is used
    How does it fare among golfers? Well if properly looked after; it can be good to play on.

    In 2% of cases fare according is used
    Let us see how the frequentist interpretations fare according to our criteria of adequacy.

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