Prepositions after "fantastic"

"fantastic for" or "fantastic in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases fantastic for is used

But it's been fantastic for me.

And email is fantastic for that.

It was a fantastic for a few days.

He injured his wrist in the first week and to take the stage is fantastic for him.

Walking and running outside is fantastic for your health and for burning calories.

It would be fantastic for the EU to include such an economic power into the group.

This unit comes in at 642 square feet and would be fantastic for a young professional, or first time home buyer.

Fantastic for towing caravan, very torquey engine and fuel economy not really affected by the additional weight.

Fantastic for anyone with a shorter inseem or in fact anyone who's looking for that low slung factory custom ride.

As for exercise, there are distinct varieties of exercise that are soothing yet certainly fantastic for your body.

In 19% of cases fantastic in is used

It was fantastic in early labour.

Really fantastic in so many ways.

It looks fantastic in your photos.

Javier Hernandez is fantastic in the penalty box and it's got us three goals today.

The park is fantastic in its natural beauty and unequalled in its scientific value.

Rolles looked fantastic in that fight and completely destroyed Sapp in record time.

These are all fantastic in their own right, but more by luck than prior planning we chanced upon Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Also the organisers are fantastic in not only putting up a start list, but putting each persons previous best up.

NZB REGENT LAD also was fantastic in the dressage and scored 25 and finished on that score to win his section too.

Maarten Stekelenburg: Nearly 6 ' 6?, in the peak of his development at 28, playing fantastic in the last few years.

In 10% of cases fantastic with is used

The set is fantastic with gaming.

Danny is fantastic with that aspect.

It is fantastic with some good bread.

The atmosphere around school is fantastic with so much positive energy abounding.

I hear the costumes are fantastic with a contemporary pop score by Frank Wildhorn.

This was fantastic with a great mix of old and young and the band were incredible.

The maestro quickly dominated and influenced the entire genre before moving on into the fantastic with Suspiria.

The end of the day was fantastic with a get together in the club rooms, food, drinks and the prize presentations.

It looked fantastic with the Mustang tearing across the top of screen trailing smoke over the Colorado mountains.

These repeated Louis Vuitton Hand bags look fantastic with a lot of the various appearances inside your wardrobe.

In 9% of cases fantastic at is used

Harry isn't fantastic at sharing.

Lucas is fantastic at what he does.

He is fantastic at deluding himself.

Some are fantastic at technical aspects, whilst others are brilliant link builders.

Mizzou's defensive coordinator has been fantastic at making adjustments this season.

She was great with the kids, and fantastic at directing everyone for the best shots.

I might be fantastic at shape but not so great with numbers but I will be in the same mathematics group for both.

You can have a system that's fantastic at touching millions of people, with an idea that does little for the brand.

Highlights As far as I'd concerned, Dartmoor is fantastic at any time of year -- but March is one of my favourites.

There were other people who did their bit, but Shanks was the football man, the front man and he was fantastic at it.

In 7% of cases fantastic on is used

They look fantastic on the dogs.

Looks fantastic on dark timbers.

The AC was fantastic on warm days.

What you must carry out is normally discover a fantastic on the internet internet site.

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge (and hopping a subway back) is fantastic on a sunny day.

Reply MatBlue July 19, 2012 at 2:00 pm - By the way, the new kit looks fantastic on telly.

Don't get me wrong, pops and rock sounded fantastic on this can too, just now they sounded better than ever before.

I personally love the typography I think the subtle serifs work really nicely (they look fantastic on the jerseys).

Whether Le Prof uses him in a central role or not remains to be seen, but he was fantastic on the wings last season.

Some of the most flattering foundations I've found are somewhat peachy (Purminerals Porcelain looks fantastic on me).

In 3% of cases fantastic as is used

It looks fantastic as a piece of room furniture.

Miller is fantastic as the impressionable Walter.

Plus, Matt Smith is rather fantastic as The Doctor.

The walk was fantastic as the roads winded through the forest and around by the lake.

Worn with jeans These also look fantastic as a causal shoe worn with jeans or shorts.

This is fantastic as a beginning for more open discussion on the culture of death in Spain.

Tasmania -- This is usually a flip-flop this thinks and looks fantastic as well as your children will adore this.

That is also fantastic as a outcome of they will in return offer you with a back once more-hyperlink in your website.

Carlyle is OK as deranged terrorist but Sophie Marceau is fantastic as the first really prominent female Bond villain.

Michelle Pfeiffer is fantastic as the family matriarch, although her character does not get nearly enough screen time.

In 3% of cases fantastic to is used

NCsoft has been fantastic to us.

The fans have been fantastic to me.

That was immensely fantastic to me.

When that occurs, one finds that medical assistance runs from fantastic to useless.

As an Iowan and a past machinist apprentice these last 2 emails are fantastic to me.

I know this might seem utterly fantastic to you but they didn't plan on getting caught.

The software offerings run the gamut from fantastic to poor -- depending on whom you ask at what hour of the day.

I was actually not excited over the rouge as they doesn't look fantastic to me and I'd not really a gloss person.

I know it's early days but already the crowd reactions have been fantastic to the all songs we've been performing.

It would be fantastic to one day read a book written by yourself on Alonso as the book on Schumacher was excellent.

In 2% of cases fantastic about is used

I feel fantastic about the decision.

Fantastic about the possibility of casing.

There is nothing fantastic about the cake by the way.

The only thing fantastic about Fred will be the sheer amount of manure he produces.

What is even more fantastic about this news is how all of these exploits are userland ones.

There is just something fantastic about standing on the highest point of a hill or mountain.

And that's what's fantastic about it, it's women, young, older, going out together and saying we've had enough.

There isn't really anything magical or fantastic about these alternate realities, which is what makes it exciting.

And I love how devoted the NFL is to the communities it supports, and teams are fantastic about giving what they can.

What was fantastic about UNICEF's relationship with Barcelona, is that it was the fans who were saying we don't want the money.

In 2% of cases fantastic from is used

The boys were fantastic from day one.

The car felt fantastic from the start.

The second goal was fantastic from Podolski.

It's a massive event, the support has been fantastic from the fans, it's sold out.

So far, the feedback has been nothing short of fantastic from all who have seen it.

To be certain your garden appearance fantastic from year to period, plan in advance.

This is why some manufacturers are still using trans fats - they are fantastic from a food science perspective.

On the bright side, I expect this match to be very action-packed and fantastic from a story-telling perspective.

It was fantastic from beginning to end! Next year my entire family will be attending, the talent of these 6 men is amazing.

First of all, I have to say the animation quality is fantastic from this film, eventhough it's not considered groundbreaking yet.

In 1% of cases fantastic after is used

Your laundry will smell fantastic after a day in the sun.

Hopefully he will be fantastic after a confident start, pre -- season.

I think though that most people HAVE to find it fantastic after expending such a large amount of money.

She says she initially felt fantastic after having the implants done, but now deeply regrets her decision.

This would be a fantastic after dinner dessert, birthday/celebration cake or, of course, a lovely cooling summer treat.

In 1% of cases fantastic against is used

They were fantastic against Argentina.

He was fantastic against the mancs and well against us last year.

They played fantastic against Australia's World Cup team where they lost in the last two minutes.

VVS Laxman was always fantastic against the Aussies and it was ironic that his last tour to Australia was a disaster.

He was not at all class against Chelsea and more so he was not fantastic against us apart from a few dribbles and some dart runs.

For example eye creams containing a combination of vitamin e and hyaluronic acid are fantastic against the exhaust of eye lids and crow's feet.

This Supercharged Levin was another image of beauty, Deep dish meshes and Crystal Body Yokohama arches looked fantastic against the silver body.

Sagna was fantastic against City and the only reason you're on the Eboue bandwagon is because he performed admirably at left back against Newcastle.

This is a very tough one for Trimble to take but you can not argue with Gilroy being selected as he was absolutely fantastic against Fiji last weekend.

In 1% of cases fantastic by is used

The second was fantastic by (Lukas) Podolski.

Feb 28, 2010 Fantastic by: Kylie Thanks so much.

People glance fantastic by means of short skirts.

The group shared a few plates of nachos, which are fantastic by the way.

But it usually ends up fantastic by the end, which is why I'd still watching.

I'd currently using the More Fields plugin (which is freaking fantastic by the way).

Best season yet (not as good as Steamboat Springs) but fantastic by local standards.

I have just bought the fourth season of Fringe on DVD -- half way through it -- fantastic by the way.

Not only is the wine fantastic by itself, it also matches up very well with the oysters and the hairy crabs.

Having it reconised is fantastic by ' Anything Left Handed ' because we can buy things that make life easier.

In 1% of cases fantastic of is used

Wishing you a day filled with the most fantastic of colours.

I have to thank the club, it's fantastic of them to do that.

They had kept the station open specially for me which was fantastic of them.

I realize that regardless how fantastic of a time that I had away, this is my home.

Creation of Adam is perhaps the most fantastic of all the creations of heaven and earth.

Lillian runs Northeast Wines and Spirits in fabulous Hong Kong, and they sell our wine in that most fantastic of cities.

November 16, 2012 at 3:35 am (50) Katharine says: I too just love Will &; Sonny and think that it is fantastic of DOOL to show us such a wonderful love story.

On our first trip with Kate and Jim we, and all of the tourists lucky enough to be on board, were treated to the most fantastic of whale watching experiences.

Now one fine day, having just encountered on the road that most fantastic of apparitions, a cyclist perched on a tall velocipede, my horse took fright and bolted.

That could be hence interact healthier, which means that outstanding Tiffany Bracelets, and therefore fantastic of all of the jewelries glossy previous to your own view.

In 1% of cases fantastic over is used

You've been fantastic over the past couple of years.

Fantastic over the top action with Milla doing what she does best.

Overall it's a fantastic language which has grown ever more fantastic over time.

Wide belts look fantastic over dresses, cardigans and other pieces that you'd like to look more fitted.

What about Jonny and how do you think he's come on? Jonny has been fantastic over the last couple of years.

Their elegance is understated and charismatic and we have quite a few fantastic over seventies in this country.

Vegas has seen plenty of players look fantastic over the last decade only to disappoint when the games start to matter.

The black would be fantastic over a black jumper - tapping into this season's trend for mixing different textures of black together.

Thibaut Courtois (Atletico Madrid ): Courtois was absolutely fantastic over the weekend, as Atletico stayed tied with Barca at the top of the La Liga table.

Those were just a couple of minor gripes that I wanted to get out of the way before I finally say a Big THANKYOU to all the customers who have been fantastic over my13 years with the company.

In 1% of cases fantastic throughout is used

Arteta 8- Was fantastic throughout the game.

He was fantastic throughout the election cycle.

My teammates were fantastic throughout the season.

The sexual buildup is fantastic throughout the story and really leaves you hanging.

Working for a large company, my boss had been fantastic throughout all of my treatment.

The service was fantastic throughout the hotel, including in the on-site bars and restaurants.

However we all can agree that the production and even the plot created was fantastic throughout the movie.

Not always a good thing to be stuck within earshot of an infant! The Emirates staff were fantastic throughout the flight.

I'll also have a few media interviews while I'd in that area -- the local media there have been fantastic throughout my stay.

This will bring back the remembrances that you had along with them, that will make you really feel fantastic throughout the day.

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