Prepositions after "famed"

famed for, as, in or throughout?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 88% of cases famed for is used

Arugam Bay is famed for it's surfing.

Famed for something else now - it is true.

Nature has been famed for this tropic hideaway.

The people of Fujian are famed for their diligence, courage, industry and hospitality.

Famed for its epic terrain, it's one of those places that looms large in ski mythology.

The third was the ' sling-shot of the Sun God Lugh ', famed for its accuracy when used.

As Pamplona is famous for its running of the bulls the West is famed for the practise of running through the midges.

A composer famed for his ability at the piano, who in turn wrote the vast majority of his music for that instrument.

Acharjya or Gonka shora from Kailara, Shariatpur: a genre now being produced by artists famed for the Faridpuri style.

Famed for its often copied but never beaten Sacher Torte, Gurtler tells us why their torte really is the one and only.

In 5% of cases famed as is used

London was rebuilt and famed as a port in 700 A.

He was also famed as a mathematician and astrologer.

Tarantulas are famed as the giants of the spider world.

Became the agents to buy food grains for the Government and famed as a trusted merchant.

Philolaus is also famed as the first person who we know to propose that the earth moves.

Louis and Mary Leakey discovered the archeological site that is famed as the ' cradle of mankind '.

People also thought that it was a good idea to drink three mouthfuls of sea water which was famed as a mild laxative.

It is famed as the site of a dramatic assassination attempt on the dictator by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg in 1944.

The 1st Michigan would become famed as part of George Armstrong Custer's Michigan Brigade, which were known as the Wolverines.

In 2% of cases famed in is used

Even as we learn, mentor is very famed in the present day.

Whatever the reasons, only the hardiest men famed in the Westwood.

At Black River she became famed in the making of cakes and patties.

Getting to know the local culture Tanzania is famed in East Africa for its spirit of egalitarianism.

The capital city of Sarawak was famed in the early days as a river port ruled by legendary White Rajahs.

The castle is an inspirational place, commanding the shores of Galway Bay and is famed in story and song.

Another good thing to learn during the winter season is to cook local dishes that are famed in the country where you are staying.

The Kearney brothers are famed in Clongowes College for their roles in the schools cups and are both considered stars of the future.

The Arvadites were famed in the old world for their skilful seamanship, drawing for this even the grudging admiration of the Assyrians.

Another largely unknown passion of this singer is his acting talent for which he was quite famed in his secondary school days in Lagos, Nigeria.

In 1% of cases famed throughout is used

The harsh and arid region is famed throughout the world for only one product -- soldiers.

During the Middle Ages, English artisans were famed throughout Europe for their embroidered church vestments.

This shamballa distinctive model is extremely considerably famed throughout diamond model in addition to because of this, which is why.

I go from here to Timpanagos Storytelling Festival Utah (famed throughout US storytelling circles for its friendliness and fun atmosphere).

Famed throughout the world, the park's 10,000 squre miles suppoort a myraid of wildlife, including leopards, hyena, cheetah, girraff topi and lions.

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