Prepositions after "fair"

"fair to" or "fair in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases fair to is used

Very much unfair to many of us.

We have to be fair to everyone.


So it would be unfair to me and all of the other kids who do well to extend school time.

To be fair to the pollies, most people don't think long term either so the system works.

It would not be fair to the cat to live with you if the rest of the family don't want it.

Anonymous Posted October 10, 2012 Fair to good read Good character development but the ending was disappointing to me.

I have a son who excels in Math but was told he can not work ahead because it is NOT fair to the rest of the students.

And I do understand that selfish people like me causing the internet traffic to jam and it's unfair to the other users.

There are no technical challenges in doing this but our feeling is that it would not be fair to the sponsored children.

In 17% of cases fair in is used

That only seems fair in my eyes.

Fair in complexion, slim, Age 30.

He was going to the fair in Galway.

He says when he started working for the fair in about 2005 that number was about 30,000.

What's fair in this case? I think the case can be made for charging a premium for video.

After the 1840's the factions fights became fewer and farther between; the last recorded one was held at a fair in Co.

But it was an Armenian, Pascal who was successful in marketing the dark, invigorating liquid, first at the fair in St.

Go to a job fair in the Bronze Age, and it was basically one booth for sheep herding and one booth for making pottery.

Be fair in tracking time: For hourly jobs: when you're tracking time, always make sure that you are doing it honestly.

In 16% of cases fair for is used

It's not fair for the teachers.

I don't think it's fair for you.

It's not fair for the expectations.

Maybe you know where you want negotiations to end and think it is fair for all parties.

But think about it -- just 20 years ago -- it was standard fair for women to stay home.

Pachuca value Herrera at 10 million, which is more than fair for a player like Herrera.

But it would have been fairer for you to note that the body of the press release quotes the relevant passage twice.

I think it is not fair for you to say that all American black women mothers had men coming in and out of their homes.

Enterprise Rockers want to make life better and fairer for micro business owners and achieve recognition for the 4.

Some were the second shots I'd take when buying a round of similar fair for my friends, some were their shouts to me.

In 7% of cases fair on is used

To be fair on the gamer points.

Lets be fair on a young player.

That's just not fair on the lad.

It is not fair on the agencies who follow the correct process and earn their commission.

I fceel its so unfair on his family that cos of him theyre loosing contact with the kids.

The moment that she cant feed anymore i will have to end this because it isnt fair on her.

It is not fair on our children to be hampered and held back by a class full of children who can not speak our language.

Given that you previously haven't responded well to my request for evidence, I think this is more than fair on my part.

Don't let him push you into anything, its not fair on you like that, you should make decisions you both are happy with.

Luckily, the first was for a friend of Erik's so he took himself off to that sleepover party after the fair on Saturday.

In 4% of cases fair of is used

It's not fair of her to decide.

He was at the fair of Rathclare.

State Fair of Texas Wine Garden.

Others are often expenditures of the face, the fair of the english innocence being used.

Some of their women were very beautiful, very fair of complexion, with shining fair hair.

Many years were yet to roll by before we found Him Who is the fairest of ten thousand.

The academics should seek what is realistic and the state should concede what is reasonable and fair of these demands.

It wouldn't be fair of me to prohibit your comments in reply, but please don't start any back-and-forth arguments here.

The audio system includes the usual fair of CD, AM and FM along with USB iPod connectivity and Bluetooth audio streaming.

I've never been to a fair of any sort so the CNE was a fantastic way to reclaim some part of my long forgotten childhood.

In 4% of cases fair with is used

Don't try to equate fair with equal.

Once I went to the fun fair with Amy.

He said he wanted to be fair with us.

But at the same time, you need to know whether your employer is playing fair with you.

Ask the one who is honest and fair with you and would keep the secret in the long run.

He is right, let us wake up and treat each other as humans again and be fair with all.

He was fair with his critique and always ready to toast a job well done or to help you decipher lessons from missteps.

Meanwhile we stringently and sincerely argue over what is polite and fair with regard to attribution of intention, etc.

Illitch would be fair with the players, but that isn't the same thing as representing the interests of the entire league.

You just have to be honest, legal, fair with your principles and successfully complete the two steps (envelopes and ads).

In 3% of cases fair at is used

It was considered fair at that time.

I thought that was fair at the time.

We spent the day at a fair at Bellas Gate.

To be fair at that age I remember being traumatised at the mere thought of PE at school.

We go to a little country fair at the end of September and always have a really good time.

The business apartments offer everything for an extended visit to the fair at Messe Munich.

He encouraged the creation of a fair at Lyons that was eventually to gain European fame as the leading fair in Europe.

Chester's Savannah bar- (this bar used to be inside the Ghana trade fair at La) Now back to Nyaniba estates (AGAIN ),.

This seemed fair at the time, but on reflection our approach seems to have exaggerated the differences between phones.

So far I've spent the weekend catching up on chores as well as visiting Living North Fair at the Newcastle Race Course.

In 2% of cases fair by is used

But to be fair by the US/UK etc.

They are not fair by the people.

To study more fair by representation writer.

In previous elections, none of which were judged free and fair by Western observers, Mr.

I was fully aware that I was not being fair by not giving Frodo a chance to shine on this date.

The man said he was lured to the jobs fair by the prospect of more money and a little adventure.

All the three parliamentary elections were considered by and large free and fair by local and international observers.

To be fair by your predecessors, Satellite, they may have been autocrats to some extent, but even they didn't try that.

He was reelected president in October 2001, this time in an election viewed as free and fair by international observers.

It has to be fair by her and we must allow her to explain and clear herself from those allegations as she has indicated.

In 1% of cases fair about is used

There's nothing fair about that.

There is nothing fair about this.

Let's be fair about assigning blame here.

Take the case for cuts: nothing fair about asking the next generation to pick up the bill.

To be fair about it all, it's not like he has held many long-term grudges for the practice.

When they criticize a home state team they seem to be fair about it without being obnoxious.

That is the message I would give, if you want to be fair about what the data is showing and our state of the science.

Surely, that wasn't your intention? CHRISTINE MILNE: Well, anybody who is polluting -- you have to be fair about this.

And as many others, including USADA's own arbitrators, have found, there is nothing even remotely fair about its process.

What's so fair about that? We have to assume that, give or take, the procurement cost to each vendor was roughly the same.

In 1% of cases fair as is used

They are actually very fair as to the polls they use.

It's just not doable and it isn't as fair as it sounds.

The artists also organised a Fair as part of Fleadh 2012.

And that's why her attacks on FAIR as an organisation are imho unfair (no pun intended).

It's in this place whereby people took time to talk about the fair as a place of business.

He said the first exam was Civics which was fair as the questions came from the topics they had already learnt in class.

Hewitt: Can the mainstream media ever be fair as a result? Edsall: Well, you know, you're asking, I think, a wrong question.

But there are times when I do report because I think its only fair as a user to take some responsibility for the way threads are.

Maureen O'Sullivan, who used to work with Charlotte Cotton in LA, was at the Fair as part of her work arranging collector's tours.

In 1% of cases fair from is used

It wasn't everything fair from their side.

We really don't want what is fair from God.

I am glad it's fair from where Louis is standing.

Education fair from the education of children a fair start, and laid a good foundation.

Smithfield was also the site of the annual Bartholomew's Fair from the 1600's until 1855.

MAKING THE MOST OF THE FAIR The London Graduate Fair from The Careers Group and TARGETjobs.

But being a blog owner, it is only fair from a medical standpoint, that we make you aware of the risks you run in managing one.

They are actually rarely such organisations that support providing an opportunity to rent the limo at the fair from the terminal.

James Fair from the BBC's Wildlife magazine is working on a 18 page supplement on Sri Lankan wildlife to be published next month.

One Sri Lankan Tour operating company as well as a hotelier Connaissance de Ceylan participated in the fair from the tourism industry.

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