Prepositions after "extrapolate"

extrapolate from, to, about, across or beyond?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 65% of cases extrapolate from is used
    Much can be learned and extrapolated from their labor.
    But I was extrapolating from experience, just like a child.
    There is no way to extrapolate from an unknown /facepalms RosieB: Quite.
    Readers should extrapolate from his statement and draw their conclusions.
    Since this was not available, they decided to extrapolate from rainfall data.
    extrapolating from even less and less, that puts all these comments in a different light as well.
    He's extrapolating from some of the conclusions of much recent work (including mine) on mutation rates in humans.
    All of which is just to say that there's a limit to how much can be extrapolated from the conclusions in these studies.
    Clearly, I was just extrapolating from current policy, which could have been very effectively turned to facilitate Obama's reelection.

    In 15% of cases extrapolate to is used
    Our results should not be extrapolated to comprehensive echocardiography.
    Similarly, the physiological differences between humans and other animals prevent the results of animal tests from being accurately extrapolated to humans.

    In 5% of cases extrapolate about is used
    This, an idea copied from Lauren Leto's blog, is a short list of what you might (and should) extrapolate about a person once you hear them.

    In 3% of cases extrapolate across is used
    Imagine that extrapolated across a few dozen shops.

    In 3% of cases extrapolate by is used
    After all a boson is like a fermion in a kind of BEC extrapolated by the mind.

    In 3% of cases extrapolate with is used
    I used wind as a proxy for all renewables, because it has a very healthy growth curve, and one that can be extrapolated with some degree of confidence.

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