Prepositions after "external"

external to, as, in, of or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 84% of cases external to is used

Nothing is external to the Self.

Exogenic: external to the Earth.

Many of them are external to the Bible.

Yet, since it is external to us, it is possible to be sceptical about its existence.

The art-work exists through the spectator (or listener ), and is not external to him.

Users of financial information may be both internal and external to the organization.

Code generators are extra-linguistic -- they require using a tool external to the programming language being used.

Aysnchronous signals are delivered to running processes and are generated by something external to the process, e.

Links to External Websites This website contains links to other websites that are external to the CrimTrac Agency.

In 3% of cases external as is used

Crosses may be external as well as internal.

This is from external as well as internal forces.

And to value the external as opposed to the internal.

Artifacts reflect external as well as development concerns.

And of course these sheep paths could be external as well as internal.

External as well as internal injuries commonly occur through abuse or torture.

He is neither an efficient Minister in handling both external as well as finance.

We all know India's transformation to a modern nation happened after lot of struggle, external as well as internal.

In order to get the maximum results it is a must you get the proper external as well as the internal medication together.

Christianity does appeal to a solid truth outside itself; to something which is in that sense external as well as eternal.

In 3% of cases external in is used

External in this context means outside of Ireland.

Instead, the danger is external in the form of Obama.

Nothing that is external in space and time can be complete in itself.

Look up Richard Lewontin Internal and External in Biology with google, for crying out loud.

If possible, put at least one reference to the external in the bibliography, but GET IT RIGHT.

These resources can be internal, such as emotion levels, energy, etc, or external in the case of food, money, etc.

It is easy to understand why internal communication is as important as external in ensuring that consistent messages are communicated.

In contrast to offline design, autonomous innovation requires the agents of a system to create new norms without external interference.

Policies and decision making must become external in reach given that their impacts are now felt beyond the borders of the nation state.

Egypt became more external in its orientation at the end of the Old Kingdom, and more so during the New Kingdom when it became an empire.

In 2% of cases external of is used

There will also be no inquiry external of the military.

They were treated as external of the Sri Lankan state to a greater degree.

Also, Jihad is interpreted as the struggle against evil, internal or external of a person or a society.

Printing around winter period concept are almost simple while the focus in on wealthy external of the fabric.

The bat emergence on the evening of July 29 was observed in the Lemon Ridge Passage and the area external of the Lemon Ridge Entrance.

Alternatively, if your main entrance is level to your external of the house, you could consider a specially made semi-circular carpet e.

The recent social movements in the Middle East demonstrate that Muslims are ready to find a solution external of American foreign policy.

Whereas an Accu-Roll Guidance System is external of the standard size roller frame, a Keyway Roller has what we call an internal Guidance System.

The most external of goods correspond to what we call now wealth; of the internal goods the most bodily are what we call health, and to the most spiritual we give the name wisdom.

Value of exterior painting needs to be given its due importance as the external of your own home helps make the first impression with your visitors a long time before they ever step in the door.

In 1% of cases external for is used

Note to self: you bought an external for a reason.

I made a mistake of using the first external for *everything*.

Sexual experimentation can use something external for a turn-on.

The option of internal or external for the -20C regime in not clear.

Alphabetical: what added appearance As be But by contributed difference does external for from God high important judge makes me men message my no not nothing of.

Since the division of the Subcontinent, the Government of Pakistan has been utilizing all available resources domestic as well as external for rapid development of the manufacturing sector.

Each and every religion, its sects and sub-sects cancel each other out as belief systems of a bye gone era that acted as scaffoldings both internal and external for the modern global civilization.

In 1% of cases external from is used

I can't separate them, but as an American, I can't pretend I'd external from it.

Its both external from exposure to the toxic environment we live in and internal as a result of the natural process by which our cells make energy.

The Judges -- all external from MJF, had a tough time in selecting the best creations and finally the Edithara group from Peliyagoda emerged the champs.

Chertok differentiates external from internal motivation and said studies show that people who set goals based on intrinsic motivation are more successful.

So we have both internal and external from the perspective of the dream individual just as we have internal and external from the perspective of the waking individual.

In 1% of cases external like is used

Tai chi is viewed as an internal martial art form as opposed to external like karate.

Something cant come from nothing and has to be created by something external like God.

Awww, he doesn't like to be defined by something external like size, he prefers to be known for his PERSONALITY.

Some of the challenges are local but some are external like the global economic and financial crisis and the high food and fuel prices.

Another way whales reduce both heat loss and drag is to internalize their genitalia, instead of it being external like most terrestrial mammals.

BOGGLED!!! So, now the crime on this thread isn't that we're encroaching on Joe's Free Speech, or that we're hurting Joe, or anything external like that.

It is indispensable if you want to engage in professional transactions -- whether external like sales or service-based deals, or internal like employment contracts or benefits administration.

In 1% of cases external rather is used

Focus on the external rather than the internal.

And in that sense they are the external rather than the inner.

Relying on the external rather than experiencing happiness within.

Methinks it didn't works, or at least the bad spirits are external rather than internal.

Thus the majority text advocates--Hodges included--prefer a more objective approach, one based on external rather than internal evidence.

If you are concerned about losing both, I would lean more towards getting an second external rather than going to a third-party off-site solution.

This is a symptom of an approach that emphasizes external rather than internal values, causing children to rely on shallower means of comparison and acceptance, rather than deeper values.

In 1% of cases external with is used

No! Wash the external with soap, and rinse well, but don't be inserting fingers trying to clean out (what are you looking for).

Featuring external with slight extend, it helps optimal mobility during any activities even though the energy fleece support offers the warmness you crave for.

I have a lot of data (almost 450GB on current Macbook Pro and about 850GB externally) but was thinking of going with the SSD and carrying a bus powered external with me.

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