Prepositions after "expound"

"expound on" or "expound by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 37% of cases expound on is used
    I expound on a few of them on this post.
    I'll use bulleted copy as a basic outline and briefly expound on each item.
    Speak with authority; however, only expound on the obvious and proven facts.
    It expounded on core material that was already hot and turned it into something blistering.
    It also explains why some preachers have taken to expounding on the passage that seems to justify this double-mindedness.
    Star Cinema produces dozens of these movies yearly so I know you know what I'd talking about and will not expound on it anymore.
    When he expounded on this Dharma Six hundred myriads of millions of billions Exhausted the limits of all suffering And all became Arhats.
    Once you learn an issue that is certainly legendary then simply there will be a protracted and massive story that'll be expounding on that.
    And watching from the wings is Professor Gervase Fen - scholar, wit, and fop extraordinaire - who would infinitely rather solve crimes than expound on English literature.
    In this online interview with Weekend Editor COSTANTINE SEBASTIAN, its African Region trade practice leader, PAUL BRENTON, expounds on future support and other integration issues.

    In 25% of cases expound by is used
    This was expounded by John in Rev.
    The Dharmas expounded by any one sect is only one of many, many ways to attain Buddhahood.
    This has been expound by Krisnamurthi explicitly in his writings on our inherent nature as humans.
    In this article I examine two such responses, recently expounded by Feldman and Sumner respectively.
    Citta, after hearing the Dhamma expounded by the Venerable Sariputta, attained Anagami Magga and Phala.
    Although these difficulties were expounded by Struble and Doyle to ComNavFE, and by ComNavFE to General MacArthur, they were at first of little effect.

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