Prepositions after "expensive"

"expensive for" or "expensive in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases expensive for is used

Expensive for a tinted lip balm.

They were expensive for the day.

Expensive for what it has become.

This makes the regular maintenance on the car much less expensive for the new owner.

I think that the book is a little expensive for the information you will find in it.

Sergio, her whole point was that Tilt-Shift lenses are EXPENSIVE for most consumers.

Granted, that could get expensive for the EU, though its leadership seems to think the investment is worthwhile.

An obvious solution was to build more Colleges -- but this would have been extremely expensive for the University.

Incidentally, pursuing a libel action in England/Wales isn't necessarily prohibitively expensive for the Claimant.

Fact was, that by passing on the taxes to the general public, whiskey had become too expensive for the common man.

In 24% of cases expensive in is used

This is very expensive in time.

Expensive in stunt ships though.

Expensive in any country no doubt.

If you use this equipment frequently, it may end up more expensive in the long run.

If you make that the most expensive in the world, how would you nurture the sector.

Australian cities regularly feature in the list of the most expensive in the world.

It's just a shame they are so expensive in the shops and as yet we haven't enough plants to supply all our needs.

I suggest wind power will also be stranded when gas is prohibitively expensive in the latter half of the century.

Labor is relatively expensive in the West compared to the bare subsistence levels paid in much of the third world.

Randomized controlled trials, which are very expensive in the offline world, become very cheap in the online world.

In 6% of cases expensive at is used

A room with AC is expensive at Rs.

The beer too is expensive at 160/-.

Yes these are expensive at 100, but.

Sure it's expensive at north of R28 000, but sometimes quality is worth paying for.

Parking was expensive at $34 a night but I guess that's fairly standard here again.

Expensive - Drinks are super expensive at the Sound Academy for no apparent reason.

Of course, including externalities, such as the loss of sea-ice, makes fossil fuels quite expensive at any price.

A tad expensive at $130 a round on the weekend but then probably worth a once off just to say you've played here.

In many developing countries, education is expensive at all levels, whatever the formal commitments of the State.

If packs weren't so outrageously expensive at Rogers I wouldn't go thru the trouble of getting a mexican sim card.

In 5% of cases expensive to is used

It's so expensive to snowboard.

OK, it is too expensive to you.

Can be quite expensive to some.

By then, if the original brand is not quite right, it's incredibly expensive to redo.

In fact, an expatriate is more expensive to a foreign investor than a local employee.

In Guyana bauxite is found deep under some solid, thick rocks and is expensive to mine.

The hospitals have agreed pay increases with the labor unions, new technology is expensive to instal and operate.

The image is proving expensive to the point that it is driving us faster to becoming what we are really becoming.

So basically GO AHEAD and criticise older nukes, how expensive they were to build and how expensive to decommission.

M &S; Is the reason for ditching celebs this year because they make ads look expensive to struggling families? Maybe.

In 3% of cases expensive of is used

Riaz is the most expensive of those.

Gaming is too expensive of a headache.

Subsidizing cars is expensive of the city.

The room was the least expensive of them all and did not have any air conditioning.

It's the most expensive of the recommendations so let's get it out of the way first.

I don't want them to think that humor comes at the expensive of another human being.

He took out a ring, not the most expensive of rings but attractive nonetheless, and slowly slid it into her finger.

Stalin managed to sell off 250 of the greatest and most expensive of the artworks so he could finance the military.

Cristiano Ronaldo (80m ), Zinedine Zidane (50m) and Kaka (56m) are the three most expensive of a total of 48 signings.

The LX is considered to be the less expensive of the two, although its features and handling are still very luxurious.

In 3% of cases expensive on is used

Food is also expensive on the beach.

It's less expensive on weekdays at lunch.

Clutch expensive on the market in many forms.

A quality mower on the other hand is only expensive on the day you buy it, it is an.

WASHINGTON - Taxi rides in the District could be more expensive on inauguration weekend.

When we cross over into Singapore, you feel it is safer but more expensive on the pocket.

So they know this is a PR issue, and it's more expensive on a per transaction basis, yet the AVS remains disabled.

You'll also be able to travel to multiple destinations, something that can be difficult and expensive on other trips.

But it seems like the gig is expensive on purpose, especially when you consider teepees and boutique camping options.

These packages are also featured on Resolume's site, but I believe that they are a touch more expensive on that site.

In 2% of cases expensive by is used

While wheat turned expensive by 19.

And the wine is expensive by pub standards.

And it gets more and more expensive by the hour.

These were very expensive by Indonesian standards and the portions were not very big.

New oil production in the US is expensive by world standards; shale oil even more so.

Take a picnic and make it look more expensive by using your best crockery and glasses.

A couple of comments: * Gas IS expensive by American standards (maybe not so much by English or other standards).

I know my prescrition and frames are expensive by Cebu rates so if he got told that much he was being ripped off.

Here are some pictures from the concert at Hong Kong Coliseum: Concert tickets was not expensive by USA standards.

Room small, breakfast basic hotel is expensive by international standards Did you find this review helpful? yes no 5.

In 2% of cases expensive due is used

It is expensive due to high demand.

China is becoming more expensive due to rising wage costs.

True increasingly expensive due to their quality of raw materials.

Bird's nests (swallow's salivia nests) are expensive due to the difficulty in harvesting.

Connection to email services may be unbelievably expensive due to browsing and downloading.

Kopi Luwak halfway there (Poop Coffee) The Kopi Luwak is expensive due to it's smelly process.

While it may be less expensive on paper, it is often more expensive due to dangerous side affects than the pill.

The products and services that do reach the BoP end up becoming more expensive due to distribution inefficiency.

While colour printing capability is necessary on occasion, it is also expensive due to the cost of colour toner.

Owning a home is really expensive due to the required maintenance expenses that, unfortunately, happens regularly.

In 2% of cases expensive because is used

Borrowing is expensive because of high interest rates.

They would be more expensive because of the increased risk.

Bronze is expensive because of the rarity of copper tin ore.

On the surface they are more expensive because of all the facilities included.

In some cases things we like will get too expensive because of unsolved problems.

Sports watches that are GPS enabled are definitely way more expensive because of its complicated technology.

Drilling costs make geothermal power plants look expensive because of upfront drilling and exploration costs.

If it is available when other sources of gas run out it will be comaparatively expensive because of scarcity.

Old gold coins are a bit more expensive because of purity, but they are also much easier to transport and store.

In 2% of cases expensive as is used

It is 5 times as expensive as a normal one.

The houses are awfully expensive as a result.

The result is expensive as well as disruptive.

But the drinks here are three or four times as expensive as the ones in the average bar.

This is expensive as well as inconvenient, since your privacy matters, &; time is precious.

The cost of organic chicken is about twice as expensive as the regular variety here, and those aren't inexpensive.

Private Cloud Hosting: Private cloud hosting is expensive as compare to public cloud-hosting, but is secure then it.

Coal may be the quick fix, but it? s becoming increasingly expensive as well as laden with carbon-emissions baggage.

This makes it extra durable and sturdy but makes replacement expensive as well as a task not meant for a first-timer.

In 2% of cases expensive with is used

Super expensive with calls averaging $5.

Everything is always more expensive with Apple.

It's relatively expensive with no breakfast included.

He also used to bowl Tuesday nights, but that got too expensive with having kids.

Ticket prices needn't be expensive with opera seats starting at 4 and ballet at 5.

Replicating those will be much more expensive with Office 2013, which is only available in single-license forms.

Common operations are fast, uncommon ones take on the order of seconds, key generation is most expensive with 5s.

Invest in Used Textbooks: Brand new editions of textbooks can be very expensive with some costing as much as N45, 000.

We have 3 teens and it's so expensive with clothes, cars, insurance, college, vacations, books, sports, school supplies.

In 1% of cases expensive during is used

It's therefore more expensive during the weekends than the weekdays.

African slaves were very expensive during the late 1600s (50 Sterling).

Rates will be more expensive during the high season -- as much as 15-25% more.

Hotels and airfare are usually a lot more expensive during the peak summer months.

Or I think it's because everything is so expensive during summer so I just avoid it.

In general, the room rates are more expensive during the public and school holidays.

It would be advisable to not go during the spring break as the tickets become a little expensive during that period.

A flight to Jamaica will be more expensive during the high tourist season, which runs from mid-December to mid-April.

It was so expensive during Roman times it was known as the Imperial marble, as only the emperors were allowed have it.

Although solar panels or solar lights may be expensive during the initial purchase, but in long term one can save money.

In 1% of cases expensive from is used

But Poodles are pretty expensive from most breeders.

Whether they get a lot more expensive from here is a moot point.

The discounted tickets for schools is still expensive from experience.

And yet, odds are good that crude oil is only going to get much more expensive from here on.

It could be in single-seaters or tin-tops, as single-seaters just gets more and more expensive from here.

In addition to the monetary value, I see our democracy becoming expensive from the way politicians practise it.

Homeopathy isn't expensive from my understanding so they shouldn't have a problem getting the word of mouth going.

The seal kits where not expensive from motorworks and the procedure is relatively easy although a bit time consuming.

Accommodations and airfare in cooler-climate cities are often much less expensive from late fall through early spring.

In 1% of cases expensive like is used

It will be expensive like BDT 500.

Heard one of them say it was expensive like hotel.

They are NOT ludicrously expensive like you claim.

The Canon G11 is neither bulky nor expensive like a dSLR.

Laminate floors is not as expensive like people presume it is.

Boston is incredibly expensive like its larger counterpart New York.

Calculate your budget plan before buying anything expensive like home.

Even in Cambridge, the most prestigious UK academic city, houses are nt expensive like that.

Something more expensive like this makes for a great birthday present when you've been together for a while.

Any club that is free to get into is expensive like 4 a bottle whereas the ones you have to pay to get into can be 1-2 for a bottle.

In 1% of cases expensive over is used

This can be expensive over time.

It can be very expensive over a period of time.

Must have gotten awfully expensive over the years.

IGNORANCE HURTS and can be VERY expensive over a life-time of ignorance and FEAR.

This made it expensive over that term, but I now own the car and it is nearly six years old.

Of course, the down side of going to a hypnotherapist is, it can become very expensive over time.

You can rent cars in Los Angeles for under 100 per week, and petrol is still much less expensive over there too.

Sometimes stocks are really expensive, and they get even more expensive over the course of a year as bull markets roar.

The cheapest contract my operator had at the time with that model would have worked out more expensive over its 24 month term.

The aging of the population and rising cost of medical care have made these propositions significantly more expensive over time.

In 1% of cases expensive per is used

It was the most expensive per square metre.

Gas is less expensive per person, than beans and rice.

IAS is much more expensive per Mb than backing store is.

Company insiders claim that these kiosks are up to 60 per cent more expensive per photo.

Truly, our girls are expensive per say but remember that the word expensive is RELATIVE.

These favored bundles are quite expensive per MB per validity period when compared to others.

Though these may be less expensive per ounce, they can be more expensive overall if much of that food is discarded.

This is because whilst Nauru was expensive per person, there ended up being next to no persons left to spend money on.

Organic fertilizers are invariably expensive per kilogram of nutrient, not easily accessible and often in short supply.

So shipping energy needs to be vastly more expensive per unit than smelting energy before it makes sense to start trading.

In 1% of cases expensive relative is used

Gold is also expensive relative to worker pay.

Fruit &; veggies were expensive relative to crap food.

Things are going to get very expensive relative to income.

Programmers today are very expensive relative to the cost of computer hardware.

Not a few say that local stocks have become expensive relative to bottom-line potentials.

In almost every instance, KL is more expensive relative to income, usually by a vast margin.

And I'd also like to second something you said: much DLC is too damn expensive relative to what you get out.

And many countries did not want this since it would make their products more expensive relative to US products.

Computers are expensive relative to the incomes of most of humankind and communications costs are a factor too.

The other thing that makes our tickets so expensive relative to Vienna and Berlin is how they compare to incomes.

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