Prepositions after "expected"

expected of, for, in, from or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases expected of is used

His action is as expected of a Chief.

Level 5/6 is the level expected of most 14 year olds.

Is that expected of all new and re-elected politicians? No.

I used to feel I had to go along with this and do what was asked and expected of me.

Rosberg also has a very solid race for 5th, well beyond what i expected of mercedes.

Maybe too much expected of him so soon and he didn't get a summer's rest under his belt.

We had a ball, heard some fine stories, and left in good order: not much more can be asked or expected of any bar.

In addition, it is also not clear what is the ' action ' expected of an intermediary upon receiving such a request.

Test: The percentage of eligible pupils achieving Level 4 or above in the test - the level expected of 11 year olds.

Level 5 or 6 is the level of achievement expected of most pupils at the end of KS3; and the average point score (APS).

In 11% of cases expected for is used

I least expected for it to be this F.

A final and more thorough report isn? t expected for months.

The prices are as expected for Harvey Nichols, but not over priced.

The rear seats are as expected for small people or short drop- off's.

The transaction log file grow expected for bulk or long running operations.

This is the amount of warming expected for some of the lower emission scenarios.

I'd guess that in such countries, it's more expected for a woman to have children.

The results went about as well as expected for her and she's carried a grudge ever since.

This is not the brutal mountain-fest that some feared expected for the Tour's 100th edition.

SEC provides a weight that is close to that expected for a dimer, whereas AUC shows a peak for the weight of a tetramer.

In 9% of cases expected in is used

Beating ai nt part of d ' WORSE ' expected in marriage.

It is the reason no new brand ever does as well as expected in Kenya.

Ford announced a decision that was feared as well as expected in Belgium.

Some of his films that haven't fared as well as expected in India are blockbusters abroad! 2.

Nothing is more expected in the 2012 that the glorious return of the GODS of the k-pop BIGBANG.

If not for the unexpected increase in government revenue, our budget deficit would have been a shocking 7.

The iron ore explorer is currently drilling at the northern end of Shymanivske, with 20,000 metres expected in the next year.

Reports from December, 2006 state that the Chinese have contracted to buy 4 Westinghouse AP1000's with start up expected in 2013.

Under normal conditions, the FM would have left the indirect taxes also untouched, considering the GST roll out expected in 2012.

Chief province is a very good example? deferred to interview from the case about only 3? 4 months? greatly exceed the expected in speed.

In 8% of cases expected from is used

And that, my friend, was what i expected from D I A B L O.

Nothing spectacular expected from the ' below average ' category.

This is letdown as so much is expected from the talented director.

We learnt more than i expected from this in how to present the work.

I found that the food was very good, way better than what i expected from an all-included.

Instead, a lob or a drop is more expected from your opponent (unless they can do a jump smash).

Criticism directed at Gandhi seems expected from the three previous sources, criticism from an Untouchable seems surprising.

Here I would like to point out a very questionable drawback in the film which was not expected from a director like Dibaker.

It is completely ridiculous from the ethical point of view, while at the same time quite expected from the performance point of view.

Breakfast buffet had all the expected from western to asian and the egg station was super quick so there is something for every taste.

In 4% of cases expected by is used

And its expected by some to sell worst then the PS4 AND XBOX Next.

That is the norm, its expected by both parties, its acceptable and understood.

If that means that if DLC is becoming expected by the consumer, THEN ITS BLOODY WELL EXPECTED.

Amahdiyya believe that he was the ' Promised Messiah ' and the awaited ' Mahdi ' expected by Muslims in the end days.

At any time you discover any signs that seem strange or haven't been talked about as expected by your doctor, give them a get in touch with.

As higher literacy levels are becoming expected by employers, poor literacy is a growing reason for people being held back in the work place.

I decided nevertheless to return in France to work for FRAM during the high touristic season from August to October as expected by my company.

Skipper MS Dhoni bit the bullet finally, doing the expected by dropping an out-of-touch Virender Sehwag for the big game, but it was a bullet that came back to hit him.

In 4% of cases expected with is used

It is acceptable to question Susan Rice, its expected with the Job she has.

This is a minor risk in a game that depends on balancing the expected with the unknown.

Everything was as expected with wonderfull Coquilles Saint Jacques on a spuma of cocos and citron.

Always, it is a painting on a wall, splashing the expected with something some people understand and others do.

Together, not only did we believe in the unseen, but we prayed, we donated, we approximated the expected with all our abilities.

Considering these points squandered, the match was in fact closer than many expected with a respectable all-round performance from the Scots.

Again, this is genuine and I am certified by my doctor and other than that my performance has been as expected with all other aspects (my work and on time etc.

In 1% of cases expected at is used

The game will be broadcast on NBC with kick off expected at 6:40 PM.

The jobs market has done a lot better than many expected at the start of the downturn.

I don't love the soulfully sassy persona so many women in this genre seem to cultivate -- like it's way too expected at this point.

Talks and consensus such as expected at the SNC are encouraged by the international law or community for peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Swansea v Sunderland -- Liberty Stadium, 3pm BRENDAN RODGERS ' DEPARTURE has not seen the dawn of collapse as many expected at Swansea with the club thriving near the top of the table.

In 1% of cases expected on is used

Mr Osborne is surrendering the right to make economic forecasts at each Budget, including the one expected on June 22.

Aside from obtaining a result better than most expected on Monday night, the Jets finally get some of their injured players back.

Thursday looks like a repeat performance, cloudy and damp with much the same expected on Friday although the wind will pick up lifting the mist and fog patches and it will feel fresher too.

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