Prepositions after "existing"

existing in, on, as, at or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases existing in is used

Existing in this moment is enough.

Men of the secret! Existing in silence.

Living is existing in the activity of life.

Existing in community offers you the benefit of encouragement, help, and motivation.

So questioning the value of existence is dependent upon existing in the first place.

P was also the only one currently existing in his own house, instead of at the dorms.

It is not enough to justify their GM corn existing in the world at all, let alone being fed to any other organism.

No worker is bound to work more than the working hours prescribed under the different Acts existing in Bangladesh.

There is no ebb and flow of birth and death, and there is no existing in this world and later entering extinction.

Existing in such a legal twilight, they can act as extensions of the state without being subject to public control.

In 8% of cases existing on is used

We're all existing on some kind of crosssubsidy.

There is nothing like evil existing on God's side.

Some Malays families are still existing on kicap and rice.

Instead of existing on one record, the journey will unfold over the following months.

Therefore, studies of content existing on the Web have a time-sensitive aspect to them.

So a substance must be a determinate individual that is capable of existing on its own.

Hence, existing on its own or existing on imputations is what we are dealing with now and those arise from imprints.

Items would go from existing on a shelf to existing on a hard-drive, made-to-order perhaps even at the point of sale.

As Maitland noted, the Church never developed its own separate legal system, just existing on the edges of Common Law.

Marianne Weston sees all research as existing on a fluid scale between traditional research and ideal feminist research.

In 6% of cases existing as is used

I picture Obama existing as a far away sort of presence.

Israel existing as a wholly Jewish state I don't agree with.

Be cautious of the existing as well as long term stroller requirements.

This certainty of the fact of our existing as an individual is the activity of the ego.

It must be existing as a complete answer to the incomplete quest of the human individual.

Purpose is your reason for existing as a business and that reason must be clearly defined.

Black is createdby mixing all colors similarly White is when no ink is existing as a result blank canvas or paper.

Due to constant economic challenges, a lot of changes have been seen in the existing as well as new sourcing deals.

In her lecture, she expressed a dilemma between working through representation rather than existing as a presentation.

It was a surreal experience, to cease existing as a bodily figure, to only have thoughts float around in a dimensional realm.

In 6% of cases existing at is used

Meta Existing at a different logical level to something else.

Ice, liquid water and vapour coexisting at the freezing point of water.

All of these layers of the nature of the gaze are existing at the same time.

Rather x ' s existing at t is an event of temporal becoming: x comes into being at t.

You're existing at the moment when you could be living life and actually enjoying it.

So, you won't need to be personally existing at their business office all of the time.

Levels III nursery models are generally typically existing at massive general hospitals or small children hospitals.

It just means you can transfer your existing AT &T; SIM to the new phone without extending the contract or any other changes.

As a minimum, this shoul d include perpetuation of safeguards on nuclear material and items existing at the time of withdrawal.

He said that everything is moving and nothing is existing at any particular point, even for a moment, like the flow of the waters of a river.

In 6% of cases existing for is used

This can make the finest Seasonal existing for kids.

There are laws already existing for family planning.

People aren't living longer so much as existing for longer.

Existing for another day isn't too hard, and all you have to do is keep doing that.

We've found a way to solve this obstacle, a concept known and existing for 20 years.

The habit's most common illnesses have had an affect on smoking existing for so long.

So apps that aren't existing for PB right now, may probably be available on BB10 - we'll just have to wait and see.

The latter can be considered as not existing for the particular sensory apparatus attempting to make the observation.

Now you have to give these other sites all of your personal information which existing for nothing more than selling.

From the smash-up new particles emerge, some of them existing for just an instant before decaying to other particles.

In 3% of cases existing without is used

You can't just be existing without a vision.

The city can carry on existing without those prjects.

As well as monitoring services will stop existing without programs.

Existing through the loan system means existing without foundations.

It is hard to imagine the cities we have built existing without cement.

Existing without these two commodities makes for a very dull life, indeed.

Have you seen a house that come to be without someone building it or a human existing without parents.

The longer it goes on, the more the government of Iraq becomes incapable of existing without US support.

I've heard it said many times that in doing so it enables the atmosphere to go on existing without being stripped away.

It's quite possible to imagine the exact same technology and paradigm shifts existing without hacker culture ever arising.

In 3% of cases existing within is used

I will think of him as existing within the animating life that insures existence.

That means that you end up with disjointed isolated sub states existing within other states.

Existing within any society is a balancing act between the individual and the expectations of the culture.

I enjoy sitting by myself, taking in my surroundings, and simply existing within my own head and my own space.

Great if you're slacking off from some duty, whether it be work or existing within the sphere of the human race.

The torture, too, was part of the caring, and justified itself by existing within the sacred sphere of the family.

PAF, to which the author belongs, has been worst in this regard with a strong culture of aparthied existing within itself.

Seeing a live interpretation of his last two solo albums is like something existing within a different dimension altogether.

In 3% of cases existing of is used

Maybe we never realized the existing of each other.

In such process existing of the company becomes a question mark.

But the existing of you itself as my friend make me forget the past.

The name will not apply only to the terms already existing of the series thus obtained.

I can not picture a thought existing of its own volition independent of physical drivers.


Red tail monkeys live in groups of 7 to 35 individuals, usually existing of one male followed by numerous females.

The only means then existing of stemming the torrent of corruption and oppression was tried, and they failed, but the failure.

By saying this, a person nullifies existing of any false gods and delcares Allah Almighty as the one and only God and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His Messenger.

The original Botree, under which the Buddha gained supreme enlightenment is existing of this day at Buddhagaya, is regarded as an object of veneration to all Buddhists.

In 2% of cases existing between is used

It is existing between myself and the other person.

Use the money to buy new birds or upgrade existing between the waves.

It is their intention to erect two new toilets to add to the four existing between Havelock and Te Mahia.

Laws and systems of polity always begin by recognising the relations they find already existing between individuals.

The healthful restraint always existing between boys and girls in conversation is apt to be relaxed with either sex alone.

The loss incurred due to the distance currently existing between our beloved UGMS and the Alumni can not be overemphasized.

To gradually eliminate the inequalities currently existing between schools and to conduct only Primary and Secondary schools.

The system you advocate relies heavily upon the exploitation of social inequities -- mainly those existing between India and the U.

The harmony between the bitters, the sweet vermouth, and the sharp, musky whiskey rivals even that existing between gin and tonic water.

Of the second kind would be the question as to what movements these points would describe on the basis of the relations actually existing between them.

In 2% of cases existing under is used

Even today those tribal people are existing under the cloak of Buddhism.

What will happen to existing under age directors on implementation of the 2006 Act? A.

Existing under age directors will cease, with no notification to the registrar required.

The Rules of Origin structure as existing under the current arrangement should be improved upon where possible.

Representative Office A Representative Office is a foreign corporation organised and existing under foreign laws.

The wage relationship between males and females currently existing under Federal awards and determinations can not be completely sustained.

Al-Qaeda, which the Americans have created and existing under the direct command of NATO and spread terror throughout the world unjustly blamed Muslims.

Even with regard to corporations duly organized and existing under the law, we have in many a case pierced the veil of corporate fiction to administer the ends of justice.

These FTA commitments are important in giving investors and investments from FTA partner countries protection beyond that existing under general Singapore business law and WTO agreements.

Generally, areas designated under urban renewal schemes such as that existing under the Urban Renewal (Tax Relief) Act are characterised by high levels of unemployment and welfare dependency.

In 2% of cases existing with is used

He is always existing with brilliance.

By Karen Templin LOST SOULS Merely existing with eyes half-open.

Blackheads are typically not existing with Acne breakouts Rosacea.

Estimated have been recorded and existing with the first Qin Youming bronze, about 10,000.

For anyone who is existing with your companion, an evident hint could be any loss of money.

Lucy begins to realise with Life's help that she isn't living merely existing with no hopes and dreams.

But the person who puts the question about the position of the Heart considers himself as existing with or in the body.

Its key ingredients only existing with the magnificent transformation of the countryside into a rich palette of reds, yellows and deep browns.

You're focusing to much on the extremes without considering that there is nothing to prevent standard practices from still existing with the WiiU.

If you are like the majority of the folks, you are looking for any method to slash your price of existing with cost for the whole lot skyrocketing.

In 2% of cases existing before is used

It would be a new manner of existing before God.

This is a graphic proof of the Tajmahal existing before Shahjahan.

Existing before all time began, He began to exist in a moment in time.

The legal situation is then tantamount to that existing before the award was issued.

It is very important to have a clear understanding that there no existing before your start your own.

This goes back to that notion of the wider world, and specifically discrimination, not existing before 9/11.

All of the names there have been vetted as existing before 1600 ad, and it does also include arabic, japanese, and some other non-european groups.

This figure, however, does not represent the total number of jobs actually created, as it partly refers to jobs already existing before the opening of the Guggenheim Bilbao.

There is an intrinsical connection: The State regulates Marriage (plain and simple and existing before the State's actions) in certain respects (in certain respects he may do so).

In 1% of cases existing from is used

So by mere executing program you use existing from years invention.

This ' block ' in the thought process is existing from the grass root level.

Instead of merely existing from one day to the next, our goals give us reasons to start really living.

He used to profess the doctrine that the Qur'an is muhdath produced, originated--and therefore not existing from all eternity, but.

Keeping up with hobbies that bring you pleasure is the key to living a satisfying, full life, rather than existing from one cycle to the next.

But the predominance of one or other factor, conditioned by a psychic disposition often existing from early youth, deflects the reasoning function.

Donald Rumbelow's The Complete Jack the Ripper was published, and police files still existing from the investigations were made available to all and sundry.

Visit to Shwe Nandaw, the famous Golden Monastery, the only one building still existing from more than one hundred once standing on the palace grounds of Konbaung kings.

Consider these points: Foals should be examined shortly after birth and periodically during the first year to diagnose and correct congenital dental abnormalities (existing from birth).

In 1% of cases existing by is used

ClixSense is not the oldest PTC existing by any means.

There's no evidence of this group still existing by the late 70s.

Citizenship is definitionally something granted by a government, not existing by any natural or moral law.

He was on the run, living? underground? and existing by moving, one day to the next, through networks of friends.

The odds of it existing by accident are enough to make some scientists claim that there must be infinite universes.

No human being starts existing by being an old man/woman, then an adult, a teen-ager, a child, then an infant, and so on.

Chemtrails are not admitted as a threat or as existing by governments, but their existence occasionally comes out in the media.

Like most Apple products before their official unveiling, the iPad Mini has never been confirmed as even existing by the company.

The odds against life existing by luck is way beyond the realm of statistically impossible, even if we didn't already know that we have an intelligent consciousness.

Inside 2008, HDHPs are being existing by insurance companies in America with deductibles ranging from a smallest of $1,100 pro Self and $2,200 pro Self and Family coverage.

In 1% of cases existing outside is used

Existing outside of time he knew the end from the beginning.

This practice is not a matter of seeking the Buddha existing outside of oneself.

I was taught that ' eternity ' didn't mean ' lasts forever ' but meant ' existing outside of time.

As a woman of Aboriginal and European descent, I have often experienced the feeling of existing outside of either of my heritage backgrounds.

These fluid compartments are intracellular (contained within cells ), extracellular (existing outside the cell ), and intravascular (in the blood).

However much one may speculate about the inner essence of universities, it is impossible to imagine any real university as an ' ivory tower ' existing outside its historical and social context.

In 1% of cases existing rather is used

It's not safe because you are risking a life time of just existing rather than living.

That model, after all, uses existing rather than next-generation technology, and the OS that powers it is already out.

That it wasn't about breaking the cycle of fatalistically existing rather than freely being; I might never know the true nature of freedom.

In your case it is not so clear cut but it does sound as if the cat you have loved and cherished for so many years is now just existing rather than leading a full and happy life.

In 1% of cases existing to is used

This truck is existing to the radiative draught.

To go from existing to living is a wonderful, mysterious thing.

These finances are existing to the citizens in secured form and in unsecured form.

I can see if you do nt cook up controversy you are definitely not existing to anyone.

You are the sponsor in your network, so you require constantly existing to them the ideas being in your favor.

Are there any links to these Serious Problems, which have outcastes me since I was a child &; still existing to this present day.

The more the number of pupils within a class room, fewer will be the feature of teaching which is existing to the college students.

The traditional relationship with nature (still existing to a certain extent in the village of Bangladesh) should be continued in the cities.

From the stupid rich boyfriend who overstayed his reason for existing to the silly unknown child storyline -- ASP screwed over the show and all of us.

When we are going to provide a unique existing to a person for his or her unique event we try to provide them with the best available jewelry or the best available gift.

In 1% of cases existing among is used

You would find this existing among many cults and leader-centric ideologies.

Existing among our spaces was a subliminal taste of a bodily rise towards a ceiling that was opening up.

The warning to flee, and the means of safety, resemble a tradition recorded by Kompfer, as existing among the Chinese.

Unfortunately it seems that the Canadian society carries what we thought is only existing among developing &; underdeveloped countries.

A young man of two-and-twenty owning to no friends, and existing among them but by the fact of his criminality, he was respected and admired.

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