Prepositions after "exemplify"

"exemplify by" or "exemplify in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 69% of cases exemplify by is used
    In the book he also criticized the static theories of war that was exemplified by the Maginot Line.
    This is exemplified by the fact that Joseph Kony and the LRA still roam the jungles of Central Africa.
    This is exemplified by the USA, a republic and one of the most stable and prosperous countries in the world.
    On the contrary, we are instructed not to keep dogs as pets and ' love ' them as exemplified by the non-Muslims.
    The result of Bush's tax cuts were HUGE, and are exemplified by the DOW peaking at 14,198 (almost DOUBLE the DOW of Dec.
    The 860-880 Lake Shore Apartments (and other Mies buildings, perhaps exemplified by the Farnsworth House) are consistent.
    Jinnah? s refusal to kow-tow was exemplified by his defying protocol by leaving functions in front of? Their Excellencies.
    Casey? And I appreciate your reports on the current status of Historical Jesus affirmations, as exemplified by Casey and others.
    This process best exemplified by the miner strike for instance saw the number of miners drop from over 200,000 to less then 30,000.
    This model is described in this section and is based on current font technology as exemplified by the OpenType specification OpenType.

    In 26% of cases exemplify in is used
    The ethos of the aristocracy as exemplified in the English public school greatly influenced Pierre de Coubertin.
    Gender Equality in the Qur'an The concept of gender equality is best exemplified in the Quranic rendition of Adam and Eve.
    Beyond this, the cross acts as a model for the use of power, or more specifically, the cross as exemplified in the life of Paul the apostle.
    Like the writing task exemplified in these images, the multiple boards provide extra flexibility for ' making the learning visible ' on a daily basis.

    In 1% of cases exemplify at is used
    This was exemplified at the highest manner by J.

    In 1% of cases exemplify through is used
    With these virtues exemplified through service of family, community and humanity, women can light the way.

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