Prepositions after "exclusive"

"exclusive to" or "exclusive of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases exclusive to is used

I won't be exclusive to the studio.

These are exclusive to the box sets.

Exclusive to our Readers! Go to www.

I tried to think of some urban myths exclusive to the Dems but nothing came to mind.

Both of these albums are EXCLUSIVE to this Pledge and will be strictly made to order.

Dubber Side also includes 4 bonus remixes (as well as 2 additional bonus tracks exclusive to the iTunes release).

Turn based strategy series Civilization is heading to the Asian market with a planned MMO exclusive to the region.

All of this being said it's important to keep in mind the fact that 4G LTE is in no way exclusive to the iPhone 5.

None of these are exclusive to the Wii U, but Nintendo is trying to change the perception of what its consoles are.

In 23% of cases exclusive of is used

Any such prices are exclusive of VAT.

He's a Japanese exclusive of some sort.

They rapidly became exclusive of others.

The owner of a thing has the right to possess it, to the exclusive of all others i.

It was also exclusive of other huge contributions from the affluent church members.

Just as evidently neither is exhaustive or exclusive of the other's simultaneous use.

The prices of all products offered on the Web Site are exclusive of all other local taxes and duties if required.

Terrestrial green algae are found in at least six major clades (classes or orders) exclusive of the embryophytes.

Unless otherwise stated, prices are in US dollars and are exclusive of value added tax and any other tax or duty.

What people will probably come to realize is that religion and evolution don't have to be exclusive of each other.

In 5% of cases exclusive for is used

These are exclusive for Allah (S.

So, it's like an exclusive for the DJ.

There are sites exclusive for such deals.

Do not move backwards when leaving because such action is exclusive for the Ka'bah.

The value of this ISIC benefit is 117 Euros and is exclusive for ISIC card holders.

Women employees rarely make it to the top, a club nearly exclusive for men in India.

This country is cricket mad and they have a 24 hour channel exclusive for cricket and they host the 20/20 games.

The boy's club is exclusive for a reason; even the most submissive, dick-kissing doormat could be a double agent.

In August of last year on PTV National channel they announced for new channels exclusive for provincial languages.

Ubisoft also released another AC game, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, that was exclusive for the PlayStation Vita.

In 5% of cases exclusive in is used

We are always exclusive in quality.

Second Life is not exclusive in this regard.

The two aren't mutually exclusive in my book.

This goes on everywhere, but it appears to be tighter and more exclusive in Ireland.

Violation of border rules is not the exclusive in this region; it happens everywhere.

They're just adorned with exclusive instances in the process for daily be dressed in.

He has the beautiful-looking Kajal Agarwal for organization and is exclusive in the loving interludes and figures.

Make sure you pick up a copy and see what all the chatter is really about - currently exclusive in all DTLR stores.

Mind you, these are not exclusive in the sense that you are not welcome in there if you don't look or sound similar.

In 4% of cases exclusive with is used

She tried to take the exclusive with her.

This option is mutually exclusive with -q.

This option is mutually exclusive with -o.

NEWS-ONE has an exclusive with all final four contestants, starting with Atimbilla.

In an exclusive with SFX, Rathbone talks about closing out the series on a high note.

None of that is mutually exclusive with us having made the same mistakes as Americans.

I went exclusive with amazon for awhile, showed no increase in sales, made something like $20 bucks that month.

Of the three, Home House is arguably the most exclusive with a reputation built on luxury, service, and privacy.

Availability I went exclusive with Amazon/Kindle for launch so that I could offer the book for free for five days.

In 3% of cases exclusive on is used

Not that they have an exclusive on it.

Catch it live and exclusive on BoxNation.

First, it is exclusive on Theological grounds.

Watch the whole bill live and exclusive on BoxNation, the Channel of Champions, Sky Ch.

He won two Walkley awards for his international exclusive on the Iraq hostage Thomas Hamill.

Karl Stewart: We announced at the Microsoft press event that we have a timed exclusive on Xbox.

Although to be fair to me, I didn't think being a dev and a writter were mutually exclusive on this site - my bad.

The fans at home will also get the chance to watch the showdown live and exclusive on the BoxNation (Sky 456, Virgin 546).

Linking these two stories together in the New Scientist (metaphorically only) under a News Exclusive on Global Capitalism.

ATS doesn't have the exclusive on knowledge, it's not funded by a three letter agency, and we are left to our own opinions.

In 2% of cases exclusive by is used

When: Exclusive by it's own, once a week.

And faith and evidence are mutually exclusive by definition.

Harvard was not only exclusive by class but also exclusive by religion.

Be exclusive by knowing how to control your relationships with the opposite sex.

But the bomb never exploded, alleged the world exclusive by star WKMG-TV reporter Tony Pipitone.

So make is even much more exclusive by creating unique and personalised Do it yourself baby shower invites.

In the closed system of natural modality, there are exhaustively 15 integers; these are mutually exclusive by the laws of opposition.

A cynic might think Exclusive by Keith Jackson (even when it's ripped from another paper) was on a job offer from Paul Murray or something.

What you're basically doing here is making your prospect feel wanted and exclusive by getting them into a group that's closed for the others.

Also, they are keeping it exclusive by pricing a lot of folk out of the market, but it is a different experience and I am having a lot of fun.

In 2% of cases exclusive from is used

These are not mutually exclusive from each other.

See More -- ABC news exclusive from Barbara Walters.

Check out a live exclusive from Nigeria's Ice Prince.

It is not mutually exclusive from being amazed and inspired; that is a false dichotomy.

The concept of free education is not mutually exclusive from the ideals of quality education.

She told the paper that the university has no qualms with her other job as she keeps them exclusive from each other.

The few times I was fortunate to meet him he was, outwardly, a happy man, not mutually exclusive from his suffering.

I read through the requirement for submission but didn't find the conference is exclusive from the other conferences.

Yes and exclusive from the greatest chicken bigfoot researcher in the Bigfoot world, well besides my human grandpa Dr.

In 1% of cases exclusive about is used

But Christ is distinctive and exclusive about the way to God.

There's little exclusive about elite schools if anyone can afford them.

Jokers!!!! Marek Dvo? k What's exclusive about it? It cost same as for everyone.

There can be something quite exclusive about participating in an online community.

I agree that there? s? nothing mutually exclusive about choice and instruction-based reform.

The entire purpose of the IPCC is to be authoritarian and exclusive about climate change ' knowledge '.

What is so exclusive about this particular brand? Let us try and find out the response over the next few collections.

Unless you're writing exclusive about math formulas, your readers need to be entertain to a certain degree to be interested.

There's nothing mutually exclusive about essentially military style conflict and social revolution of the sort described here.

Contrary to the implicit assumption of Stern? s article, there? s nothing mutually exclusive about choice and instruction-based reform.

In 1% of cases exclusive at is used

Do not be exclusive at all times.

So is it safe to assume there will be no Exclusive at BB for the blu-ray version? It seems like they aren't going past 2000.

This lady custom makes the jewellery based on the amount one is comfortable paying -- (Grade: A+) Groom and his boys: Dressed by Delvis Exclusive at the mall -- (Grade: B+).

In 1% of cases exclusive behind is used

Exclusive behind the scenes spots will be launched on turtles.

I don't want intel or character models, I want exclusive behind the scenes footage from the movies.

Exclusive behind the scenes photo and video content will be released on both **27;2037;TOOLONG, which already has almost 1.

When you watch the exclusive behind the scenes clip below you get an idea of the fun Stillman and his cast had in making the film.

By supporting us, not only will I and my team be thankful, you will be a part of this journey getting exclusive behind the scenes updates on the film.

Fans of Mass Effect will also get an exclusive behind the scenes walkthrough of the up coming Mass Effect: Omega DLC with the team at BioWare Montreal.

Fully optimised videos on the site mean users can access some of ELLE ' s best beauty and fashion tutorial videos and exclusive behind the scenes footage at any time.

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