Prepositions after "exceptional"

exceptional in, for, at, about or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases exceptional in is used

Are we exceptional in every way? No.

Joseph was exceptional in so many way.

NYC is rather exceptional in many ways.

The fact is that alpha survivors could well be exceptional in one way or another.

So far, except for the beauty of the poetry, there is nothing exceptional in this.

Frazier's value to the Reds certainly can't be understated, and Miley was exceptional in his first season, too.

I've worked with some who had no personality when working with others but they were exceptional in their fields.

Religiously motivated, they were exceptional in their time for their interest in the education of their children.

In 14% of cases exceptional for is used

Pretty exceptional for retirees.

So it did exceptional for its genre.

The boy was in some exceptional form.

I won't ignore it, but the posts have to be exceptional for me to go back again.

A plain, half sleeved kurta is exceptional for advertising, traveling and parties.

Similarly, the US is in no way exceptional for the level of residential investment.

I wanted to pass along compliments about our guide, Norman, for being exceptional for the entirety of the tour.

Peter's diet is on par with the best I've seen and his blood pressure is 120/75, which is exceptional for his age.

This is exceptional for Vespa bicolor, although nests of Vespa affinis and Vespa velutina regular reach greater sizes.

The shuttle service driver was exceptional for getting us (12-15 people) to and from our wedding and out to breakfast.

In 9% of cases exceptional at is used

I'll Have Another was exceptional at that.

Raina was expectedly exceptional at cover.

Seriously, Darren Bent Is Exceptional At One Thing.

If property is your passion, then great, but make sure you are exceptional at it.

He is exceptional at drawing up offensive plays and leading the offense to success.

You can do ballroom / WCS all your life and become exceptional at it if you start now.

It's not that we do anything exceptional at Christmas, but we just incorporate it into what we're already doing.

That being said we are in situations that are absolutely exceptional at the global level and of course at the European level.

Cyrus is supposed to be exceptional at what he does, but Twitch who had to learn this style to dance with him, out danced him.

Know that in my experience that you're good at a tremendous amount, great at a lot, and absolutely exceptional at a few things.

In 5% of cases exceptional about is used

There's nothing really exceptional about it.

There was nothing new or exceptional about that.

What is exceptional about these people is the fact.

In a sea of men with identical hairstyles, there was nothing exceptional about him.

Still, nothing stood out as exceptional about the place once it was full of people.

There's nothing exceptional about the information that Chesterfield Tea has excerpted.

There's nothing unusual or exceptional about it, despite what the so-called ' experts ' will try and tell you.

He supports multiculturalism and has said he doesn't believe there's anything particularly exceptional about America.

We have to infer that there is nothing exceptional about them that takes them outside the general rules set out above.

Part of what is exceptional about magic is that it solves a great deal of problems, but is in the end a tool in itself.

In 5% of cases exceptional with is used

The iron content is exceptional with 5.

Not because I was doing anything exceptional with it.

The gym is exceptional with an amazing view of the harbor.

Staff are exceptional with your comfort always a priority and faultless service.

Our room was exceptional with a view of the hotel entrance courtyard from our room.

Moreover, Malik's record as Pakistan's captain is exceptional with a test win % of 58.

Why? and to what end? Why this is exceptional with Ali that he inspires love and allures the souls to himself.

Evening Activity kevinpoh flickr The nightlife in Bangkok is exceptional with it's many nightclubs, bars, and parties.

Such impressive teamwork seems even more exceptional with the members uniting to make Eric's hidden camera episode a success.

In 3% of cases exceptional as is used

You are truly exceptional as a people.

Portraying the exceptional as the norm.

Americans aren't exceptional as a nation-state.

Americans can only be exceptional as individuals.

The acting is exceptional as well as the directing.

Our nation is no longer exceptional as a sanctuary for liberty.

Fairly often, they played Australia not long ago and he was exceptional as well as at the 2010 world cup.

He is exceptional as the only American President who went on to the extent of killing their own citizens through drone attacks.

The participatory and dialogic nature of the training programme was considered by many to be methodologically exceptional as a training mode.

There were times that he was exceptional as a leader in resolving conflict and his charisma continues to shine through and endear him to many.

In 3% of cases exceptional on is used

It is, however, exceptional on the new Golf.

Sound's so controlled, very versatile, exceptional on stage.

And this also is not exceptional on feng shui objects or enhancers.

Most are exceptional on the ball, quick, and generally hard working.

But it is best to be treated as exceptional on this particular date.

Green Screen is exceptional on FCPX and will be my 1st choice from now on.

Inside the cruises my family members and I've taken, the service has been exceptional on all of the main cruise lines.

Site content web pages must be exceptional on your website, particularly if you want your business to achieve success.

Content pages need to be exceptional on your web site, especially if you would like your enterprise to achieve success.

He needs to be exceptional on October 3rd and given his public performances so far I don't hold out much hope that he will be.

In 3% of cases exceptional to is used

Again, this seems exceptional to me.

This is exceptional to the assumptions above made.

The one exceptional to this rule were the Ghosh family.

In other words we've gone from being exceptional to being fairly close to ordinary.

Special thanks to Romina, Gretel and Lilliana for being exceptional to us during our stay.

The game was quite exceptional to the form we've maintained this season against bigger teams.

That will be a long story but you might find it interesting: U Phone Gyi was exceptional to me in many aspects.

Often women doing the job of a male at a mediocre level on the male scale will be viewed as exceptional to superiors.

Espy's play at 2B is exceptional to a level to be able to look past his short-comings at the plate, which are becoming fewer and fewer.

In 2% of cases exceptional among is used

Records show that the Ainu were early regarded as something exceptional among peoples.

Even a single day would be almost impossible because like it or not the US is exceptional among countries.

And this focus on individual rights is what makes America truly exceptional among the countries of the world.

That's why it's the world's most prestigious business accolade -- it recognises the most exceptional among a unique group of people.

The coracine is exceptional among fishes in deriving benefit from drought, and this is due to the fact that heat and drought are apt to come together.

Resemblances of this degree are altogether exceptional among fossil vertebrate faunas of continents now distinct (the only example known to me is given under E).

Or else to have lived, as I also have been lucky enough to do, for many years in France, which believes itself to be exceptional among the countries of the world because.

In 2% of cases exceptional by is used

I'd not exceptional by any means.

Such periods are exceptional by their very nature.

Make them exceptional by adding your personal touch to these items.

Most important, the geology appears exceptional by global standards.

The number killed was 568 horrific, yes, but not exceptional by the wars grim standards.

But in this book almost every character is exceptional by birth and by attributes, larger than life in some way.

Why is that? This year's Eton crew is exceptional by any standards - possibly it's the best school crew there has ever been.

The chrome key on the Lumia 800 is exceptional by just holding it down from anywhere in the phone and the user will only snap it in seconds.

As a Reform Rabbi I offer a neo-Hassidic gloss of Razi's opinion that Abraham was unique and exceptional by becoming himself a model spiritual-religious community.

In 2% of cases exceptional from is used

This meal was exceptional from start to finish.

Hoping to see something exceptional from all of you that may.

This makes the website exceptional from other and also user friendly.

Though exceptional from the age bracket, the AR on my small reputation isn't awful in any respect.

What do they all have in common? The ability to be highly exceptional from the pack of Internet Marketers.

The truly great are loved by the people and by students of art who can differentiate the exceptional from the excellent.

In addition, to be able to transform your Internet business to a successful story, you will require something that is exceptional from what others in your niche provide.

What makes The Essential Tagore exceptional from earlier, similar published works In 1964 and 1966 Visva-Bharati published the anthologies Boundless Sky and Tagore For You.

That's why Ernst &; Young's Entrepreneur Of The Year is considered the world's most prestigious business award - because it goes to the most exceptional from among a unique group of people.

In 2% of cases exceptional of is used

We stress that you should rely on this provision only in the most exceptional of cases.

All nations are exceptional, but some are more exceptional than others, and America is the most exceptional of all.

It does not make any difference if it is really a club or national crew the soccer jersey is normal and exceptional of the game.

Since we deal with our personal fatality, the notion of stretching out our lifestyle, while keeping an exceptional of existence, gets ever so important.

Tarangire like the famous Serengeti has a variety of game animals such as gerenuk, Oryx, greater and lesser kudu, eland plus the big five with the exceptional of rhino will be seen.

In 1% of cases exceptional because is used

America is exceptional because of its belief in American Exceptional-ism.

This drawstring number sort Lucky is rather exceptional because of the nearly fake pockets in front.

You say similarly that we should treat Israel as exceptional because of its own claims in this regard.

This expansion in leverage was also exceptional because of the extent to which it affected households.

The Austria Classic Hotel Wien is easy to reach and is exceptional because of its professional yet friendly hospitality.

I have traveled to Tanzania three times as I am the founder of a project there but this trip was exceptional because of Dennis.

In this American republic, what is the role of the people? The United States is exceptional because of its universal founding principles.

Third, it is exceptional because of the nature of the modern financial system -- that is to say, the high degree of international integration.

In 1% of cases exceptional rather is used

It was an ideal because it was the pursuit of the exceptional rather than an everyday behaviour.

There is no doubt that 17th C survivals tend to have survived because they were always exceptional rather than mundane.

My job was becoming steadily more difficult, and that nice constant height of 200 feet was becoming exceptional rather than the rule.

So: that kite flying is dangerous is just another anecdotal fallacy derived from our focus on the exceptional rather than the mundane.

The existence of great kingdoms and empires, such as Mali in the west and Ethiopia in the east were in many ways exceptional rather than typical.

In 1% of cases exceptional within is used

The exceptional within the ordinary.

Replica Wallets continue to be eye-catching as well as cause you to therefore exceptional within the group.

He was ten years older than Mary and was exceptional within Adelaide's Irish clergy in that he was an Englishman.

Due to the exclusive triangular shape, it cooks uncommonly -- from properly carried out on the corners, to moderate exceptional within the heart.

It is not suggested that Farren is fictionalizing any personal experience but the tone of the writing does not present this encounter as exceptional within the circles he is depicting.

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