Prepositions after "evict"

evict from, in, by, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 64% of cases evict from is used
    Nancy had lost her job and they had been evicted from their house.
    I've asked the Yessers several times for feedback about refugee kids getting evicted from Lissbrook in Galway.
    An estimated 350,000 families have been evicted from their homes since Spain's property market crashed in 2008.
    If it is, the target will cause a few cache-line-sized blocks of the attacker's instructions to be evicted from the cache.
    She spoke up for the Palestinians, a taboo in American politics, and Israeli money got her evicted from the House of Representatives.
    So I've adapted to the multi-culture, even been evicted from an international tea party for my Irishness (although I was mainly there to steal food).
    About a month ago, my parents were evicted from their apartment and of course came back here, I may have been at a place where I could forgive what she did but unable to forget.
    Should that then count against them when it comes to being evicted from their council house? Something certainly needs to be looked at so I've put it into a consultation last week.
    The series is relatively strong, with an overall arc concerning a male nurse, unfortunately called Mr Tikell who, thanks to a public health care bill, was publicly evicted from his home.

    In 7% of cases evict in is used
    TBS head honcho Ekelege was finally evicted in May after several attempts to have him ousted failed.
    He added that beautification of the town is a part of development, and the pavement hawkers had to be evicted in the process.

    In 4% of cases evict for is used
    Question Time is then stopped and on the video evidence, anyone found interjecting on the opposite side of the chamber is immediately evicted for an hour under Standing Order 94a.

    In 4% of cases evict on is used
    James and Nuhu solved the riddles at the same time, but James beat Nuhu to retrieving the map, hence, Nuhu got evicted on the spot.

    In 2% of cases evict within is used
    A property that is let without the mortgagee's consent may be recovered by the mortgagee, and as a tenant you face the risk of being evicted within a fairly short period.

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