Prepositions after "etch"

"etch in", "etch into" or "etch on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 43% of cases etch in is used
    You are missed and forever etched in our hearts Dion.
    There is very little ' etched in stone ' in anyone's existence.
    These are battles that are forever etched in America's memories.
    The graphs, etched in white, appeared in rotating sequence, and each one bore a name.
    The names of the women Rishis (RishikAs or Lady seers) are etched in the annals of the Veda manthrams.
    Fantasy, seems to be a word etched in the minds of Nigerians irrespective of social class, intellect or belief.
    Every hour is a moment to be etched in history when u have the warm comfy support and bond of your family and friends.
    Many hard battles, now etched in the collective memory of the nation, were fought along the route to the German heartland.
    I'd sure that the sensory experience from this aroma will be etched in my memory like so many scents from past experiences.

    In 25% of cases etch on is used
    Names of 400 Jews are etched on it.
    Names of all the victims have been etched on the walls of the memorial.
    The Tracking Code is the unique series of letters and numbers etched on the item.
    Pain, triumph, exhaustion, sadness and pride is etched on their faces and in their gazes.
    With a place firmly etched on the face of world football, the home of Real Madrid is sacrosanct.
    Patterns are etched on the surface, exposing each colour according to the requirements of traditional patterns.
    Perhaps even older records of the Comet, still unnoticed, lie etched on the Babylonian clay tablets stored in the British Museum.
    To do so, you will need to write down the Trackable's Tracking Code (the unique series of letters and numbers etched on the item).
    With a wide grin etched on my face and feeling rather pleased with myself, I put on my headphones and started humming to some music.
    The agony etched on the faces of those in the auction rooms in Chinhoyi, watching helplessly as prized possessions go for a song, tells a very different story.

    In 21% of cases etch into is used
    Chrome spokes are etched into a shield of gloss black.
    Large banana leaves have been etched into the granite.
    Inside it, intricate lines and swirls were etched into the flat surface.
    One of those CDs that after 1 or 2 listens the tracks are just etched into your memory.
    One of those CDs that after one or two listens the tracks are just etched into your memory.
    So many of you put your lives on hold, rearranged your schedules and took me on a beautiful hike that will remain etched into my soul.

    In 5% of cases etch onto is used
    The piece weaves together three photographic images that are then etched onto glass.
    The cabalistic diagram etched onto skin by monks derives from auspicious yantra designs that also come on cloth or taxi ceilings.

    In 2% of cases etch with is used
    Each Trackable is etched with a unique code that can be used to log its movements on Geocaching.

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