Prepositions after "essential"

"essential for" or "essential to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases essential for is used

Essential for the homesearcher.

Essential for graduate students.

Essential for energy production.

Copyright has also proven essential for the music, film and publishing industries.

Deep intakes of fresh air daily are essential for the maintenance of sound health.

On the contrary, I consider monarchies essential for the well-being of new nations.

One cookie that is essential for the operation of the site has already been sent; accepting further cookies will.

Smith even put in a claim for a patio heater, alleging it was essential for the discharge of her duties as an MP.

Essential for any person who is tired of UK grimness and wants a fabulous home abroad for a fraction of the cost.

In 41% of cases essential to is used

I t is essential to: Know the territory.

That is essential to what I will propose.

It was essential to the Jewish experience.

However, the presence of an artificer class PC was essential to the team's success.

Patience and a long-term view of politics is essential to make such a project work.

And, in fact, they become essential to following the motivations of the characters.

Securing the exclusive right to one's intellectual works is essential to the commercial exchange of that work, e.

This makes this understanding of and faith in the validity of the Old Testament essential to our salvation today.

Ownership of lands and resources is essential to create income and wealth for Aboriginal individuals and nations.

So if the intentional properties of conceivings are essential to them, intentionality must be in the head as well.

In 11% of cases essential in is used

It's essential in the Zen room.

It is essential in the relationship.

Essential in all forms of management.

Meat Meat is essential in the body as protein is one of the body's building blocks.

The cabinet believed emancipation for Ireland was essential in the national interest.

Essential in swallowing and gagging, the palatopharyngeus can also raise the larnynx.

What you should know is actually quality with flagstones tend to be more essential in comparison with their size.

A point of focus is how BPM has grown from being a mere concept to becoming an essential in the banking industry.

Global communication is essential in the world we live in, limitation of that should not be implied by any means.

Refuerzo Getting along well with your co-workers, especially with your boss, is very essential in the work place.

In 1% of cases essential as is used

Sparkboard was essential as a guide.

Essential as the cold sets in and to protect feet.

Movement of the joints is essential as years go by.

A versatile defender or a LB is essential as well as a DM Capoue would be my choice.

Learning to apply your own makeup to achieve different looks is essential as a model.

Yoga for the 50++ Movement and mobility of the joints is essential as you grow older.

This, he said, was essential as the tax revenue comprised the major component of the overall revenue of the state.

In summary, drinking water could be threatening and dangerous to Folk though it is essential as well as essential.

I happen to think the answers are both very exciting and also completely essential as the only just pathway forward.

E-commerce, therefore, may not be the be all and end all of buying, but it is still essential as part of the process.

In 1% of cases essential at is used

Mutual respect is so essential at work.

Safe sex practise is essential at all times.

Discretion is essential at this point of time.

Some of these tenets posses actually damaged or lost their essential at this point.

Nice article too -- checking the weather forecast has become essential at the moment.

It is essential at the end of the global trial process that decisions made are in the.

Regular visit to the doctor is necessary in this phase and after birth vaccinations are also essential at this time.

Dinner bookings are essential at Gantleys and complimentary transport from central Queenstown is available by arrangement.

Heels are essential at Fashion Week, this is the time to put your most glamorous feet forward and strut your stuff in style.

In 1% of cases essential of is used

That is the essential of a social network.

Water, last I checked, is an essential of life.

And the most essential of these supplies is beer.

The columns of new site then use the phrase and essential of video software details.

So it's important to have lots to say about the most essential of the essential criteria.

As always I am linking this post up for the most essential of essential link-up 's, IBOT.

It's written and spoken everywhere that the bare essential of a DJ is the connection he or she has with the crowd.

So you have in it everything that any system of thought can regard as the essential of a teaching on the Higher Life.

While the essential of a tablet pc is actually that make the hardware slimmer and slimmer and more and more software.

Mund, Open Markets, An Essential of Free Enterprise (New York, 1948 ); Paul Einzig, Primitive Money (London, 1949 ); F.

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