Prepositions after "escalate"

"escalate into" or "escalate to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 33% of cases escalate into is used
    Sometimes, it escalated into armed conflicts in the entire region.
    The protests escalated into a rebellion that spread across the country.
    Disputes between the two unions escalated into violence earlier this year at another mine.
    In a few instances these spirited celebrations and protests escalated into full-scale riots.
    Serious discussions about money or love become passionate and easily escalate into disagreements.
    Chik claimed he and his wife had numerous arguments before, some of which had escalated into violence.
    This is where the child starts raising his or her voice and this eventually escalates into shouting or screaming.
    In contrast, a narrow focus on military strategies fosters the kind of mutual suspicion that can escalate into costly rivalry.
    What starts off as a laborious team-building excursion swiftly escalates into something more sinister, as they meet the locals.
    Unless resolved, it is bound to escalate into a wider regional conflagration as other clans related to one side or the other take sides.

    In 22% of cases escalate to is used
    Don't think it will escalate to that yet.
    The nuclear threat in Iran has escalated to high levels.
    Similarly, page locks are always escalated to table locks.
    It then escalated to a bruised collarbone and several bruises on my ribs.
    The geo-political situation remains tense; indeed it can escalate to war at any time.
    If the war escalates to a point where it can not be contained, it will give US / NATO forces to enter Pakistan.
    I swear by Allah Most High I did not realise that the situation would escalate to such a degree that they would want to kill you.
    Problem wasn't escalated to senior management, so some grunts on the ground and/or lower level managers have chosen not to push it up the line.
    I'd wondering if you could address those issues, your concerns, and how you think that they could be addressed so that they do not escalate to more tensions and conflict.
    When a baby's signals are ignored, and they escalate to cries that are not responded to, the baby fails to develop the understanding that he can regulate his own emotions.

    In 9% of cases escalate with is used
    This tax has not been adjusted for inflation since 1993, yet costs of highway projects continue to escalate with the costs of labor and materials.
    From that, it pays the players ' post-season bonuses on a scale that escalates with each round (the players ' regular pay concludes at the end of the regular-season.

    In 3% of cases escalate by is used
    Internal prices escalate by two methods.
    Though it isn't being much discussed, that threat is, in fact, being escalated by the policies of this administration and its allies.

    In 3% of cases escalate in is used
    With violence escalating in the Sunni belt, many residents (read Sunnis) will opt not to cast their votes because of anger at the U.
    At the same time, President Barack Obama spoke separately to Israeli and Egyptian leaders on Friday night as violence escalated in Gaza and Israel signaled a possible ground invasion.

    In 3% of cases escalate out is used
    Worse, even a small attack could lead to large response, and then escalate out of control.
    When a country is disrespected publicly before a global audience the reaction can escalate out of proportion to the insult.

    In 3% of cases escalate over is used
    With positive reviews and good word of mouth, the business did escalate over the weekend.

    In 2% of cases escalate at is used
    I urge Matt Baugh to do something regarding the conflict that can escalate at any-time regarding Sool, Sanag and Ayn Regions in Northern Somalia.

    In 1% of cases escalate without is used
    If that happens, all bets are off and it could escalate without warning into a nuclear conflict.

    In 1% of cases escalate after is used
    Fulmination and posturing escalated after the 14th September purchase of the islands by Japan.

    In 1% of cases escalate up is used
    The DSE turnover escalated up to Tk 421 crore against Tk 383 crore recorded on Wednesday.

    In 1% of cases escalate throughout is used
    The enhanced use of the two surround channels plays an increasingly central role as Kerins ' theorising escalates throughout the book.

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