Prepositions after "err"

"err on" or "err in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 50% of cases err on is used
    Always prefer to err on the side of science.
    To err on the side of caution, let's halve the number of people.
    Perhaps we should not blame him if he errs on the side of hyperactivity.
    Many rescues occur because of poor decisions on the roads -- please err on the side of caution.
    There is still a lot of uncertainty around what is and isn't natural so err on the side of caution here.
    Australia and New Zealand are both magnificent countries, but the cultures err on the side of the Western.
    Oftentimes, people err on the side of aggressiveness in order to try to establish the most favorable transaction on their part.
    Let's err on the side of caution! Anonymous We can always look at Russian history if we wish to allow government of the rich and powerful.
    It was a duel carriage way and the bit I'd been on HAD been 40mph, but I hadn't seen the sign and thought it best to err on the side of caution.
    Like any school counsellor, McLaughlin is encountering teenagers who are thinking about suicide, and she must always err on the side of caution.

    In 36% of cases err in is used
    The Court erred in its decision in the case, in my opinion.
    Thus, Kwon errs in drawing a parallel between P(NL) and P(NF).
    You work so hard as a bowler to obtain an edge that you can not err in execution.
    The government erred in their narrow application of the EU ' Bolar ' directive.
    He did NOT! And THAT is why Chief Justice Roberts erred in his stateing the proper oath of office.
    These churches err in their teaching, for Scripture has in no way ordained the first day of the week in place of the Sabbath.
    In its first judgment, the Full Court of the Family Court found the magistrate had erred in making the property settlement order.
    Some people who sketch, paint or engrave from their imagination, seriously err in showing the Samoans pulling their paddles, as the European oarsman pulls his long oar.
    Thus, according to counsel for QRA, the Court of Appeal erred in rectifying the written instruments in order to make them consistent with the parties ' tax motivations.
    And they say Ford erred in opting out of the Transit City light rail plan, which the provincial government committed to paying for, in favour of an unfunded subway scheme.

    In 5% of cases err from is used
    May that Spirit of truth be present with me, and so direct my mind and hand, that it may in no respect err from the truth.

    In 4% of cases err by is used
    Lets accept we erred by firing Siang'a and call him back.

    In 1% of cases err against is used
    And whoever errs only errs against it.

    In 1% of cases err of is used
    Maybe then they'll see the err of their ways.

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