Prepositions after "equip"

equip with, for, as, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 88% of cases equip with is used
    The buses are equipped with bathrooms.
    equipped with a spy eye to ID a suspect.
    The bus may not be equipped with a bathroom.
    Like many of HP's products these days, the Ultrabook is equipped with Beats Audio.
    The vehicle comes equipped with power door mirrors and a sleek body with a spoiler.
    They built a new bird feeder equipped with sensors, a camera and programmable brick.
    Meanwhile, the horsehead is made from a mule's skull, equipped with and articulated jaw, and attached to a pole.
    It was equipped with many catapults and skinned with wood and leather to protect the troops inside from archers.
    The kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave, fridge, hot plates, kettle and all kitchen utensils and crockery.
    GRAIL consists of two identical spacecraft, recently named Ebb and Flow, each of which is equipped with a MoonKAM.

    In 7% of cases equip for is used
    You have to be equipped for dust storms and heavy rains.
    They looked well equipped for the hill, expensive goretex jackets, treking poles the lot.
    Growing up in a multicultural country makes Australians especially well equipped for the new global economy.
    Learners inheriting the Earth whilst the Learned find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists.
    Between 1580 and 1600, at least 22 Basque vessels equipped for the fur trade are known to have crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
    Susantha recalls how he was well equipped for his travels, being fluent in three Asian languages and four European languages.
    When it comes to contemporary lighting Miami, there is no other lighting store better equipped for all of your needs than house.
    Why? Because they initially believe they've been properly prepared, trained, and equipped for the demands ahead, but they soon realize it's not true.
    In principles, this is even true about revelation (???) of prophets even though we may not be practically equipped for carrying out such a study at present.

    In 1% of cases equip as is used
    Third, Obama spoke of wanting a civilian security force as well armed and equipped as the military.

    In 1% of cases equip in is used
    Our camps are equipped in the East African tradition - they are private and exclusive for you and your party.
    KNUST has always housed bright minds and with the partnership of Vodafone Ghana &; mFriday, we are well equipped in building the.

    In 1% of cases equip on is used
    The reason why I called this meeting and the consultants is just for us to understand the bill and to be fully equipped on the details of the bill.

    In 1% of cases equip to is used
    These hats will increase certain stats of the characters that they are equipped to.
    Hats Hats are wearable accessories that, when found, can be equipped to any Skylander.
    Ensuring that the regulators are equipped to pre-license designs for new build proposals (the Generic Design Assessment process).
    Some workshops were equipped to the level of ordnance factories with capacity for manufacturing a wide range of equipment, material and spare parts.
    Desiring all of your laptop information saved to help harddrives, Windows Vista Activation, that you are equipped to the Microsoft windows 7 Migration.
    The facilities are shared between the forward and starboard guest cabins and, although different in layout, this bathroom is equipped to the same high standard as the owner's.

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