Prepositions after "envelop"

"envelop in" or "envelop by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases envelop in is used
    The end or purpose of action is, to it, enveloped in darkness.
    Instantly she fled, leaving a wet bundle still enveloped in foetal tissue lying on the ground.
    People are isolated in their electronic wonder-worlds enveloped in the perpetual-weather microcosm.
    Body cylindrical, enveloped in a loose transparent membrane through which the intestinal tube is apparent.
    I for a minute, got enveloped in my dreamy world of Kendriya Vidyalaya at various places in the past I have had been to.
    Atop the Ark was the Mercy Seat, a throne of solid gold where God Himself sat enveloped in clouds when conversing with Moses.
    The summits, many enveloped in glaciers, run from six thousand feet in the north to ten thousand feet west of Lake Tahoe in the center.
    Nelson was enveloped in a rosy glow for a week last month - a week which will be remembered as one of the high spots of the year in the city.
    On some days, Beijing is enveloped in a brownish-grey smog, so thick it gets indoors, stings the eyes and darkens the sky in the middle of the day.
    Having vivid view of nature, the whole project is enveloped in a complete serene environment, where you can find the nature's greeneries surrounding the complete campus.

    In 27% of cases envelop by is used
    These folded ranges run parallel to each other in the north-south direction and the hill slopes are generally enveloped by dense virgin forest.
    This event promises you an enlightening scientific programme whilst being enveloped by the mystic charm and various attractions that Sarawak has to offer.

    In 9% of cases envelop with is used
    Crunchy and precise drums are tightly woven around a funky bassline enveloped with sultry synth chords.
    At each turning of this empty house now, I exist in an illusion of a few seconds trying hear Rajani's voice until my body is enveloped with the renewed knowledge of her death.

    In 3% of cases envelop to is used
    The legislator was then asking Koffi Annan to forward the ' Waki ' envelop to ICC immediately.

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