Prepositions after "entrench"

entrench in, on, by, within or after?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 79% of cases entrench in is used
    How entrenched in the politics of colonialism.
    Forgive my being entrenched in my lower-middle-class ways.
    entrenched in her political system is a republican form of government.
    The Dominion government seemed firmly entrenched in its position, unwilling to budge.
    This system of cooperation for a specific goal is historically entrenched in our society.
    One that saw the virus entrenched in those remote parts of Africa, just like it had done before during colonial times.
    It's only getting more firmly entrenched in the game, with year-round interleague action on tap for the upcoming season.
    With visions of the famous Indian comeback (a la the South Africa series) firmly entrenched in my mind, I resumed my coding work.
    It was hardly going to be Harlem Globe trotters stuff was it? Meyer built a dynasty at the Bulls, entrenched in that conserative style.

    In 4% of cases entrench on is used
    The deployment of these systems has become widely entrenched on land, sea and air.
    Abu Soofyan drew near to the spot within calling distance of the Muslims rallying around Rasulullah; entrenched on the slopes of Mount Uhad, and called out to them: ' Is Muhammed with you? '.

    In 2% of cases entrench by is used
    A In the middle of all this he also promised to tackle the scourge of corruption as it had got entrenched by then.

    In 1% of cases entrench at is used
    By the late 2000s, his once-renegade tech company, the David to Microsoft's Goliath, was entrenched at the uppermost tier of American business.

    In 1% of cases entrench over is used
    Couples in Quebec are continuing a long provincial tradition of skipping formal nuptials and starting common-law families, a trend that is becoming more entrenched over time.

    In 1% of cases entrench rather is used
    Where regional location tracks distributive inequities, this approach entrenches rather than loosens those regionally grounded claims on social power.

    In 1% of cases entrench throughout is used
    Although based on myth and misconceptions, discrimination remains deeply entrenched throughout our society.

    In 1% of cases entrench with is used
    Largent It is only becoming more and more obvious that the US is rapidly becoming a Fascist regime as the congress and bureaucrats become more entrenched with industry.

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